Shots That Taste Like Candy

8 Shots That Taste Like Candy

What was your favorite candy as a child? Everyone has at least one type of candy, from milk chocolatey goodness to sour hard candies that they love. Incorporating those flavors into adult beverages is the ultimate way to get nostalgic and tipsy at the same time. These shot recipes don’t just taste sweet. They taste like candy!

8 Shots That Taste Just Like Your Favorite Candy 

There’s a common misconception that it’s too hard to make good-tasting drinks at home. That couldn’t be further from the truth! With the right recipe, ingredients, and a bit of practice, you can prepare shots so good they could be served in a bar. 

Check out these shots that taste like candy, and get inspired to start experimenting with new recipes in the comfort of your own home!

1. Pink Starburst Shots

by Homemade Food Junkie

Pink starbursts are known as the best Starburst flavor. They even started selling bags of only pink Starburst to meet the high demand for this fan-favorite candy. The pink starburst shots in this recipe require just three ingredients. 

Vanilla vodka, watermelon pucker, and sweet and sour mix are combined to achieve the perfect pink Starburst flavor. Rim each shot glass using simple syrup and pink sugar for a visual wow factor. You can even put a pink starburst candy on a cocktail pick to enjoy after each shot.

Junior Mint Shooter

by Mix That Drink

This junior mint-inspired shooter is chocolatey, minty, and unique. The recipe calls for white creme de menthe, white creme de cacao, and coconut rum. The coconut rum probably seems out of place when you read it, considering junior mints don’t taste like coconut, but trust the process!

The addition of coconut rum helps to sweeten the drink and make a more complex flavor profile. Such a small amount is used that the coconut flavor doesn’t come through enough to overpower the chocolate or mint flavors.

Mix everything in a cocktail shaker filled with ice before straining it into an old-fashioned glass that’s just the right size for shooters. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint on top to brighten the glass. Most people won’t eat the mint, but it still looks good! 

3. Sour Patch Kid Jello Shot

by Fairicare Farms

Sour Patch Kid Jello Shots

What’s more fun than brightly colored jello shots served with candy on top? This sour patch kids jello shot recipe features real sour patch kids in every shot! You’ll need vodka of your choice, shot glasses, jello mix in multiple flavors, and sour patch kids. 

Start by lining up shot glasses on a plate or cookie sheet. Place two sour patch kids in each shot glass. Stick with two of the same color to avoid a weird in-between color when the boozy mixture is added on top.

Next, prepare the jello mix with water until the jello dissolves. Add the vodka, and pour it into shot glasses. Put the shots into the fridge until set. Add whipped cream and a sour patch kid to the top of each shot for a crowd-pleasing and delicious drinking experience! You could also try this recipe with different candies, such as Swedish Fish.

4. Cotton Candy Milkshake Shots

by Tablespoon

 Cotton Candy Milkshake Shots

What’s better than cotton candy? Maybe a cotton candy milkshake? What if that milkshake was in a cute shot glass with a boozy twist? Now that your mouth is watering, we have the perfect recipe to create the cotton candy milkshake shot of your dreams. 

You need vanilla ice cream, cotton candy, milk, and vodka. Blend the ingredients before pouring them into your prepared shot glass. If you want a shot with more of an alcohol kick, swap out the milk for a cream liqueur like Bailey’s Irish cream.

 Cotton Candy Milkshake Shots

Prepping your shot glasses before making the shot is the key to this recipe. A chilled shot glass is ideal for keeping the milkshake consistency until you drink the shot. If you want to add a nice garnish, roll the rim of each glass in melted white chocolate. Roll in sprinkles while the chocolate is still melted, then put the glasses in the fridge or freezer to chill. 

5. Cadbury Creme Egg Shots

by Delish

Cadbury Creme Egg Shots

If you’ve got some leftover Cadbury creme eggs from easter, what better way to use them than by turning them into a shot? These delicious shots take a while to prepare, but the outcome is well worth it. Gather your Cadbury eggs, vodka, Kahlua, and milk. You can even use chocolate vodka in place of regular or Bailey’s Irish cream in place of milk for a stronger shot.

You’ll want to have two plates, a pitcher, and a butter knife handy. Start by cutting just the top of the egg off using the butter knife. Place the egg tops on a plate. Scoop out the creme filling and put it into the pitcher. Repeat this process with each egg, putting the empty eggs onto the second plate.

Add the rest of the ingredients to the pitcher and stir until well combined. Refill each egg with the drink mixture and serve! The tops can be gently placed back on top of the eggs for the perfect bite-sized shot that tastes like your favorite Easter candy.

6. Skittles Shot

by BlackTail NYC

Photo Credit:

Skittles are one of the best candy options when you want something sweet, tangy, and packed with flavor. Putting that into a delicious shot is a no-brainer! All ingredients in the recipe are used in equal parts, so it’s easy to prepare too.

To make this skittles shot, you’ll need Southern Comfort, melon liquor, sweet and sour mix, and pineapple juice. Put it all into a cocktail shaker, shake, and strain into shot glasses—double or triple the recipe using equal parts of each ingredient to serve a crowd.

7. Jolly Rancher Shots

by Delish

Jolly Rancher Shots

Jolly Rancher hard candies are the perfect sweet treat when you aren’t in the mood for chocolate. Naturally, turning that iconic Jolly Rancher flavor into a shot had a tasty outcome! The recipe calls for Jolly Rancher candies, vodka, and seltzer water. You can substitute the seltzer for lemon-lime soda for an even better taste. 

Start by unwrapping the candies and placing them in mason jars. Separate the candies by color for prettier shots. Pour the vodka on top, cover it, and place it in the fridge. The vodka will dissolve the candy when it’s left to sit overnight. Jolly Ranchers are just sugar and flavoring, so they will make the vodka sweet as they dissolve.

When they’re fully dissolved, pour into a shot glass, only filling the glass halfway. Fill the rest of the glass with the seltzer or soda, and enjoy! 

8. Strawberry Pop Rocks Kamikaze

by Tipsy Bartender

Strawberry Pop Rocks Kamikaze

Pop rocks are a classic candy, and a kamikaze is a classic shot. What’s not to love when they’re combined? This recipe starts with strawberry vodka and strawberry liqueur. You’ll also need triple sec orange liqueur and lime or lemon juice. 

Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake, and pour. Garnish your shots with strawberry pop rocks along the rim for a drink that comes with an interesting texture too! Prep the side of the glass using a lime or lemon wedge so the pop rocks will stick. Here are a few other pop rocks drinks.

Keep Trying New Flavors To Get Your Sugar Fix In A New Way!

Never settle for the same old shots and cocktails you’re used to. Keep stepping outside your comfort zone to try new flavors inspired by whatever you love! 

From sweet shots to elegant cocktails, check out more recipes on Cocktail Cafe and expand your list of favorite drinks.

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