Best pineapple juice for cocktails

Best Pineapple Juice For Cocktails

Find the best pineapple juice for cocktails with this list of canned, organic, spiced, and other variations. Using the right juice can make or break a pineapple juice cocktail, so we chose only the highest-reviewed products that would fit right in at a high-end bar. 

After we’ve shared the best recommendations, let’s browse some of the classic pineapple cocktails that never go out of style.


Dole 100% Pineapple Juice

Dole pineapple juice is our top recommendation to use in cocktails for a few reasons. First, it tastes great! There are no added sugars or artificial flavors, just 100% juice with added vitamin C. This sweet juice is also easy to find at most major grocery stores if you don’t have time to wait for shipping.

On Amazon, you can shop for 8.4-ounce cans or 46-ounce cans that come in packs of 6, 12, and 24. The price point for this canned juice is very affordable too. You can order 24 8.4-ounce cans for just $16.99!

Best Budget Friendly Pineapple Juice

Langers Pineapple Juice

Langers 100% pure pineapple juice from concentrate is a close runner-up to Dole. This offers an almost identical flavor and quality, but there are fewer options to order different quantities. 

A case of 8 64-ounce bottles costs $56.56, which comes out to about $0.88 per ounce.

Best Organic Pineapple Juice

R.W. Knudsen Organic Pineapple Juice

The R.W. Knudsen pineapple juice is certified USDA organic. To get that USDA stamp of approval, brands have to meet certain standards to prove their product is organic. Each 32-fluid-ounce bottle has no added sugar or hidden ingredients, just 100% organic juice. 

The juice is sold in glass bottles, so you don’t need to worry about a metal can or plastic bottle altering the taste.

The only downside to this product is limited availability because it is so popular and produced by a smaller, family-run company. It’s well worth the wait for this to come in stock, and grab a few bottles, though!

Best Organic Runner Up

Lakewood Organic Pineapple Juice

This juice from Lakewood is another organic option to use in your cocktails. The juice has similar glass packaging to the R.W. Knudsen juice, the same amount of juice per bottle, and more than 2,800 positive reviews on Amazon. This is fresh pineapple juice, not juice from concentrate.

Best Pineapple Juice Fruit Puree

Smartfruit Aloha Pineapple + Prebiotic, 100% Real Fruit Purée

This product from Smartfruit is a little different from the other recommendations we have, but it’s too good not to mention. 

Smartfruit creates real fruit mixes that combine flavors from different fruits to make a concentrated puree. The purees can be blended into cocktails, water, smoothies, and more to add a burst of fresh fruit flavor, plus the benefits of a prebiotic.

The Aloha Pineapple flavor has pineapples, banana, and coconut for a tropical puree that will take your cocktails a step above traditional sweet pineapple juice. The best part of this product is the versatility it will have in your kitchen.

Best Mexican Pineapple Juice

De La Calle Organic Traditional Pineapple Juice

Classic sweet pineapple juice is never a bad choice, but sometimes you want a little added flavor. The De La Calle juice is a certified organic fermented beverage of Mexico that can be enjoyed alone or with a cocktail. This traditional tepache recipe has a unique blend of aromatics and spices to create authentically spiced juice.

Best Pineapple Nectar

Iberia Pineapple Nectar

Iberia pineapple nectar has a rich pineapple taste because it’s made from fresh pineapple pulp. The pulp is mixed with water, sugar, and citric acid to make a sweet, refreshing nectar to add to cocktails or enjoy as-is. 

A 3-pack of Iberia nectar costs $12.99 with 33.8 ounces per container.

Best Pineapple Nectar Runner Up

Jumex Pineapple Nectar

Jumex pineapple nectar is very similar to Iberia nectar. The biggest difference is the packaging. Instead of coming in a large container, this nectar comes in a 24-pack of 11.3-ounce cans. 

The small cans make it easy to take it on the go or have just enough for a few cocktails without opening a large container of juice.

Pineapple Juice Buying Guide 

Pineapple Juice Buying Guide 


On this list, we’ve included a range of pineapple juices, nectars, and purees. All of these contain juice, but the texture and consistency are different with each. If you’re making a tropical martini or a shaken cocktail with pineapple rum, then pineapple fruit juices are your best bet. 

For frozen drinks on a hot summer day or drinks with a tropical twist that might be a bit thicker, purees and nectars add both flavor and texture to your pineapple cocktails. 

Added Sweeteners 

Pineapple offers several health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, It carries a nice dose of vitamin C. You might not be looking for a health boost from your pineapple Tequila Sunrise or Jungle Bird, but you might not want to use a product that’s all artificial flavors and added sugar, either. Look for all-natural juices with natural flavors and no added junk. 


It might seem like a minor detail, but the size and style of the container matter. Pure pineapple juices have a limited shelf life, so you don’t want a container that’s so big that you can’t make enough mixed drinks to use it all before it goes bad. 

Although it’s unavoidable sometimes, materials such as plastic or aluminum may affect the flavor, so a glass bottle is the preferred option if it’s available. 

Classic Pineapple Juice Cocktails

Pineapple juice is an important ingredient in some of the most popular cocktails. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to change up your order at the bar or you want to start making better cocktails at home, these classic pineapple cocktails are a great place to start!

Pina Colada


The pina colada is one of the most famous pineapple juice cocktails. The tropical drink is typically served as a frozen, blended cocktail, and the recipe is simple enough that anyone can perfect it at home. To make a pina colada, you’ll need pineapple juice, cream of coconut, light rum, lime juice, and ice.


by The Spruce Eats


The painkiller is a pineapple juice cocktail that’s quite strong, in case you didn’t get that from the name alone. It shares similar flavors with the pina colada but has a few key differences, like dark rum instead of light rum and the addition of orange juice. 

To make a painkiller cocktail, you’ll need dark rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut.

Bay Breeze


Bay Breeze

The bay breeze is a simple, easy cocktail with crowd-pleasing flavors. You only need three ingredients to make this cocktail, and it can be prepared right in the glass. No cocktail shaker is required. 

Vodka, cranberry juice, and pineapple juices combine to make a drink with just the right balance of sweet and tart flavor. 

Pineapple Mimosa

by A Couple Cooks

Pineapple Mimosa

If you want to change up your classic mimosa recipe for brunch, try a pineapple mimosa! Champagne, pineapple juice, and unsweetened coconut milk make a bubbly, sweet treat everyone will love. 

If you still want some of the classic mimosa flavors, try using pineapple-orange juice instead of just pineapple juice.

Bahama Mama

by Baking Beauty

Bahama Mama

The Bahama Mama is a cocktail that’s overflowing with tropical flavors and booze. It’s much stronger than some of the other classic pineapple juice cocktails and isn’t for the faint of heart. 

Dark rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, and grenadine are combined to create a vibrant, inviting cocktail.

French Martini

by Diffords Guide

French Martini

Drink pineapple juice in a more sophisticated way than ever before with a french martini. The recipe requires just three ingredients, and the final product is as beautiful as it is delicious. Pineapple juice, vodka, and Chambord black raspberry liqueur are shaken with ice before straining into a martini glass. 

Pineapple Margarita

by The Blond Cook

Pineapple Margarita

You can make a margarita in just about any flavor you can imagine, but the pineapple margarita has been a long-time favorite for tequila lovers. This cocktail is easy to make in big batches if you’re entertaining, and it’s almost impossible to mess up. Silver tequila, pineapple juice, triple sec, and lime juice are shaken with ice before straining into a prepared margarita glass.

If you prefer a frozen margarita, blend the ingredients with ice instead of shaking.

Pineapple Mojito

by Food & Wine

Pineapple Mojito

Mojitos are a summertime favorite known for their refreshing taste that’s only made better by the addition of pineapple flavor and sweetness. This recipe includes instructions to create your own pineapple syrup, but regular simple syrup can be used in a pinch.

Pineapple Upside Down Cocktail

by All Recipes

Pineapple Upside Down Cocktail

A pineapple upside-down cake in a glass might sound too good to be true, but it’s possible! This cocktail really highlights the dessert’s flavors, but it can easily be made with canned pineapple juice or juice from concentrate without compromising the end result. 

Blue Hawaii


Blue Hawaii

There’s something about a bright blue cocktail that’s impossible to resist. Embrace the temptation with a classic blue Hawaii cocktail featuring pineapple juice, vodka, light rum, blue curacao, and sweet & sour mix. 

You can use Malibu rum for a splash of coconut flavor, but it’s not required.


What pineapple juice do bartenders use?

Dole pineapple juice is the most common choice used by bartenders.

What alcohol mixes well with pineapple juice?

Whatever you want! Vodka, rum, and tequila are the most popular types of alcohol to mix with the sweet, tropical flavor of pineapple.

Can you use canned pineapple juice for cocktails?

Yes, canned pineapple juice is used by most bartenders.

What is the best pineapple juice you can buy?

Look for pineapple juice that has no added sugar if you want the best flavor. Fresh-pressed and organic juices are good but won’t have a big impact on the flavor of your cocktails.

Key Takeaways 

  • Pineapple juice is great in a variety of cocktails, including margaritas, mojitos, a Malibu sunset, or a piña colada.  
  • Pineapple nectar, juice, and puree can be used in a pineapple cocktail
  • Dole Pineapple Juice is the overall winner, but other juices earn high marks, too

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