11 Bubble Gum Shots

10 of the Best Bubble Gum Shots


Straight liquor shots don’t have the best taste. Instead, opt for a shooter that includes different flavors. One of our favorites is a bubble gum shot. It brings the sweet fruity flavors of bubble gum that we loved as a kid with an adults-only twist. 

Check out these ten bubble gum shots next time you look for something new that goes down easy!

Bubble Gum Vodka Shots Recipes

1. Bubble Gum Shot

by Tipsy Bartender

Bubble Gum Shot

The Bubble Gum Shot recipe by Tipsy Bartender is sweet, tangy, and not too boozy. To make it, combine equal parts vodka, melon liqueur, creme de banana, sweet and sour, grenadine, and orange juice in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. 

Shake until chilled and strain the mixture into a shot glass to serve. There may be a lot of ingredients, but they all work together seamlessly. 

2. Bubble Gum Shot Drink Recipe

by On The Gas

Bubble Gum Shot Drink Recipe

On The Gas has its own variation of a bubble gum shot recipe. It uses lemon or lime juice, bubble gum flavored vodka, banana liqueur, sweet and sour, grenadine, and melon liqueur. Just like most shot recipes, the ingredients get mixed in a shaker with ice and strained into shot glasses. 

Keep in mind that this recipe makes multiple servings, so you can either pour it into several shot glasses or pour it into a lowball glass to sip on.  

3. Bubble Gum Drink Recipe

by Have A Cocktail

Bubble Gum Drink Recipe

This Bubble Gum Drink recipe by Have a Cocktail creates a similar flavor profile without as many ingredients as others. It is also a layered shot which creates a beautiful serving presentation. Simply layer vodka, banana liqueur, peach schnapps, and orange juice in order in a shot glass. 

Though it tastes good either way, we like to chill the ingredients before making the layers rather than leaving them at room temperature.   

4. Bubble Gum Shot Drink Recipe

by Home Drink Menu

Bubble Gum Shot Drink Recipe

The Bubble Gum Shot Drink recipe by Home Drink Menu uses similar ingredients as other recipes but is more forward on the vodka flavor. In addition to vodka, this recipe uses banana liqueur, grenadine, melon liqueur, and orange juice. 

Of course, like the others, shake with ice until chilled, and then strain and fill your shot glass. 

Bubble Gum Flavored Jello Shots

5. Unicorn Jello Shots

by Sparkles to Sprinkles

Unicorn Jello Shots

These Unicorn Jello Shots by Sparkles to Sprinkles may be a bit more difficult to create, but they are simply stunning and worth the extra calories and work! 

For the actual jello shot mixture, pink and white layers are stacked. The pink layers are raspberry and bubble gum flavored using raspberry gelatin and bubble gum flavored vodka. The white layers are cream-flavored using sweetened condensed milk. On top of creating the unicorn head is whipped cream and fondant, which make the ears and horn. 

Sparkles to Sprinkles gives a lot of helpful tips in their recipe in case you get stuck, too!

6. Blow Pop Martini Jello Shots

by Tablespoon

Blow Pop Martini Jello Shots

Remember Blow Pops with a sweet candy shell and a fruity bubble gum center? Well, these Blow Pop Martini Jello Shots by Tablespoon. have taken those fond flavors and made them into a fun adult jelly treat. 

For this recipe, you’ll need frozen lemonade concentrate, bubble gum flavored vodka, sour watermelon liqueur, and sour apple liqueur, in addition to some accessories and equipment. Though you’ll have to do more than just mix the ingredients, in the end, you’ll have a unique boozy, sweet and sour bubble gum jello shot!

7. Spiked Gumball Jello Shots

by Easy Kitchen

Spiked Gumball Jello Shots

Easy Kitchen takes a simpler approach to their Spiked Gumball Jello Shots recipe while still creating a tasty shot. 

Start by dissolving gelatin in lemon-lime soda. Once it dissolves, add the bubble gum flavored vodka, agave nectar, and some pink food coloring if you want the classic gumball color. All that is left to do from there is pour it into some molds or cups to set!

Bubble Gum Shot Without Vodka Recipes

8. The Bazooka Joe Shot Recipe

by The Spruce Eats

The Bazooka Joe Shot Recipe

Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum is probably one of the most iconic brands and flavors. The Bazooka Joe Shot Recipe by The Spruce Eats nails the flavor perfectly and is simple. 

Combine equal parts blue curaçao, Irish cream, and banana liqueur, shake with ice, then strain the mix into a shot glass. Because of the blue curacao and banana liqueur, it comes out a beautiful bright teal color!

9. Bubble Gum Shot

by Difford’s Guide

Bubble Gum Shot

The Bubble Gum Shot recipe by Difford’s Guide tastes like bubble gum but with a creamy twist. It uses equal parts green melon liqueur and amaretto with just a bit of single cream or half and half. It is one of those drinks that wouldn’t seem tasty, but it definitely is!

10. Bubble Gum Bomber

by Bake Space

Bubble Gum Bomber

The Bubble Gum Bomber by Bake Space is one of those recipes that can be served in a martini glass as a drink or in shot glasses. We prefer it as a shooter. 

To make it, shake together 99 Bananas, which is a popular banana liqueur, triple sec, and just a splash of grenadine. Strain the mix into the glass of your choice.

Drink Responsibly

No matter which of these recipes you choose, you are sure to get rave reviews from any guests you serve it to. Just keep in mind that since bubble gum shots go down so easily, you’ll want to ensure you drink responsibly. Cheers!

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