7 Christmas Shots with Fireball

Twinkling Christmas lights, a roaring fire, and time shared with your favorite people are perfect ways to celebrate the holidays. The only thing missing is a warming cocktail to tie it all together. Christmas shots with Fireball are the perfect addition to your holiday gathering. 

With its perfect cinnamon flavor, Fireball Whisky makes for a very tasty shooter. We scoured the cocktail world to find some Fireball Whisky shots that are perfect for your holiday gathering. We’re sure your new favorite is on this list. 

Christmas Fireball Shooters 

Cinnamon Fireball Eggnog Shots

By Daily DIY Life

Not everyone loves eggnog, but we think it’s great, especially when you kick it up a little with a touch of liquor. Bourbon or rum are popular additions, but who can resist delicious rich eggnog with cinnamon-y Fireball Whiskey added to the mix?

Eggnog and Fireball are all that you need. This works best if you combine the two with ice in a cocktail shaker and give it a good toss or two before pouring it into the shot glass. Even eggnog haters can’t resist this! 

Cinnamon Stick Shooter

By Totally the Bomb

Cinnamon Stick Shooter

If you’re looking for a shot that impresses you for your next holiday cocktail party, this is it. These are large shooters, so they’re sure to be crowd-pleasers. The combination of Fireball Whiskey with cranberry juice and cream soda is super tasty. 

This recipe doesn’t call for a garnish, but we like to add a sugar rim to the shot glasses for a little extra sweetness. Then pour each component in, and top with a little whipped cream for a festive touch. Red hots or holiday-themed sprinkles are a fun addition. 

Pro Tip” Since you don’t stir or shake these, chill the fireball Whiskey, along with the other ingredients, so that they’re nice and chilled when you’re ready to serve. 

Spicy Hot Toddy Shot

by Love to Know

A hot toddy is a wonderful wintertime drink, but you can downsize the concoction to serve in a shot glass at your next holiday party. While there are different recipes, this one is easy, so you don’t have to fill up too much of your time with cocktail preparation. 

Fireball Whiskey, honey, and lemon juice are all you need. The recipe doesn’t call for anything to be heated, but you could heat it slightly in a saucepan – just don’t overheat!  

Cinnamon Roll Shooters

By Delish

The flavor of sweet cinnamon rolls in a shot glass? Sign us up! This recipe combines Fireball Whiskey with nothing but cream soda to produce a shot that’s pure deliciousness. Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, pitcher, or even a large measuring cup and stir. You don’t really need ice for this recipe. 

Pour into shot glasses and top with whipped cream before serving to your friends. 

Christmas Jello Shots with Fireball

Festive Fireball Jello Shots 

By Spicy Southern Kitchen

Jello shots are the perfect cocktails for your holiday party because they can be made ahead of time and keep up to a week in the refrigerator. Jello shots can be made with so many different types of alcohol, but this version that includes Fireball Whisky is divine. 

Boil water and add cherry jello. Mix until combined and transfer to a bowl. Add cold water and Fireball Whisky, which adds wonderful spice. Let set in the refrigerator, and once chilled, top with whipped cream, red hots, and sprinkles. 

You can use the little plastic disposable cups for these, but if you want to use a fancy shot glass, a rim of cinnamon sugar before you pour the jello mixture in is perfect. 

Mulled Wine Fireball Jello Shots

By XOXO Bella

A glass of mulled wine is a festive drink, but we’re big fans of turning our favorite cocktail recipes into shots instead, and this version by XOXO Bella is perfection. 

Start by making the mulled wine. While you’re waiting for the mulled wine to cool off, you can mix the jello with boiling water and get that part started. Pour the mulled wine into the jello and fill the shot glasses a little more than half. You want to leave some extra room for the garnish. 

You can use a variety of jello mixes in this, but raspberry, as the recipe calls for, really does work best. 

Fireball Orange Jello Shots 

By Three Olives Branch

Fireball Orange Jello Shots 

Orange and cinnamon are quintessential holiday flavors, so this idea of giving orange jello shots a kick with a bit of Fireball is pure genius for your holiday gathering. 

Once you pour these into the shot glasses and the set just a bit, garnish with edible glitter and little edible gold stars for the perfect holiday presentation. 

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What is Fireball Whisky?

Fireball Whisky starts off with a base of Canadian whisky that’s then blended with cinnamon flavoring and a touch of sweeteners to give it a smooth, slightly spicy bite that’s delicious on the rocks or in your favorite cocktails. 

What flavors go with Fireball Whisky?

Fireball Whisky goes amazingly well with a range of flavors, including rich, sweet fruit flavors, like cherry and orange. It’s a famous mixer for jello shots using cherry jello. It also goes great when combined with brandy, RumChata, Eggnog, ginger ale, and cola. 

Does Fireball Whisky go well with eggnog for Christmas?

A bit of Fireball Whiskey mixed into your Christmas eggnog is delicious! The cinnamon taste really compliments the nutmeg and warm spices found in eggnog.

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