10 Amazing Pop Rock Martinis

10 Amazing Pop Rock Martinis

Pop Rocks are a candy that has thrilled, fascinated, and brought smiles to many faces for decades. Still, the fun of this explosively fruity candy shouldn’t be left only to the kids. The adults can have a little fun too, with a round of Pop Rock martinis! 

We know it might sound a little odd, but trust us on this, these cocktails are delicious. Basically, all you need to do is take your favorite fruity cocktail and pour it into a martini glass that has been rimmed with any flavor of Pop Rocks candy. It’s a sweet explosion in your mouth and one that’s perfect for entertaining. 

We’ve done a little searching and taste testing to find these ten amazing Pop Rock martini cocktails for you to try. Enjoy!

1. Pop Rocks Candy Martini

By Bite Me More

Pop Rocks Candy Martini

We love the color, and the taste, of this fun Pop Rocks martini. Serve this at your next cocktail party, and surprise your guests with the bright, fruity flavors plus the pop of the candy rim. This recipe combines lemon vodka, Cointreau, Bols blue curacao, and fruit punch for lots of fruity yum. 

This recipe from Bite Me More leaves the Pop Rocks flavor up to your discretion, but we think the tropical flavor or blue razz would be fun. 

2. Pop Rocks Watermelon Martini

By Whitney Bond

Pop Rocks Watermelon Martini

There’s something about this watermelon-flavored Pop Rocks martini from Whitney Bond that just makes us long for the lazy days of summer. One of our favorite things about this recipe is the combination of vanilla vodka Watermelon Pucker. Where others might have gone for watermelon vodka, the vanilla gives it a mellow creaminess that is absolutely wonderful. 

Lemon-lime soda gives this martini a nice bit of fizz to compliment the watermelon Pop Rocks that the glass is rimmed with. Sweet perfection!

3. Celebrated Pop Rocks Martini

By Foodtribe

The Celebrated Pop Rocks Martini 

If you’re looking for a Pop Rocks martini with explosive flavor to match the explosiveness of the Pop Rocks candies, this is it. It’s full of that sweet and sourness of raspberry, and it almost tastes like a raspberry-flavored candy in a glass. 

It all starts with Stoli Razberi Vodka that’s mixed in a cocktail shaker with Razzmatazz Schnapps, a little sour mix, and lemon-lime soda. But, before you shake and strain this beauty into a chilled martini glass, make sure you give the glass a good rim of lime juice with strawberry Pop Rocks first.      

4. Mind-Blowing Pop Rocks Martini Cocktail

By Spoon University

Mind-Blowing Pop Rocks Martini Cocktail

The best beginning to a great Pop Rocks martini is a heaping plate filled with explosive little candies. This is the first step to making your prepared cocktail glass that will be beautifully rimmed with jewel-toned candies that will pop and crackle every time you take a sip from the delightfully fruity cocktail. 

This recipe combines berry-flavored vodka, Cointreau, Bols blue curacao, a fruit punch of your choice, and a lemon wedge to garnish. Be prepared for tons of flavor packed into Pop Rock rimmed glass!

5. 4th of July Pop Rocks Martini

By Tipsy Batend

4th of July Pop Rocks Martini

With this fun cocktail, the colors in your martini glass instantly bring to mind America’s favorite summer holiday, plus the Pop Rock rimmed glass sets off an explosion of sweet fireworks on its own. This 4th of July Pop Rocks recipe for this cocktail is super simple, so it’s easy to make a large batch of them for your Independence Day celebration or a celebration any day of the year!

All it takes is watermelon vodka, blue curacao, lemon-lime soda, juice from a fresh lime, and some ice. Add it all to your cocktail shaker, shake vigorously, and strain into a well-chilled martini glass with a thick rim of festive July Pop Rocks-colored candies. 

6. Strawberry Pop Rocks Martini

By Chatelaine

Strawberry Pop Rocks Martini

This strawberry-infused Pop Rocks martini tastes as wonderful as it looks. There are two things that you absolutely need for this candied cocktail – the first is a luscious, fresh strawberry puree, and the second is a nice bowl or plate filled with strawberry Pop Rocks candies. 

Dip your martini glass in a little corn syrup to make the rim nice and sticky. Then add a nice coating of Pop Rocks. Set the glass aside and prepare to make a little magic in your cocktails shaker. Add the strawberry puree, vanilla vodka, creme de cacao, and shake it all up with some ice. This is a sweet cocktail that’s worth a spot on any dessert menu. 

7. The Pop-Rock-Tini

By Fairmont Moments

The Pop-Rock-Tini

Of all the martini recipes that feature a rim of Pop Rocks candy, this is the one that stands out as being the most unique. It strays away from the typical martini ingredients, including Bacardi Limon rum instead of vodka, but you could definitely switch it out for a citrus-flavored vodka if that’s your preference. 

In addition to the rum, you’ll want to add Parfait d’Amour, which is a liqueur that’s known for its deep purple hue. Some banana liqueur and cranberry juice round of the slightly tropical flavor of this beautiful drink. Don’t forget to line with your favorite Pop Rocks candy – cherry or tropical flavored would be perfect with this. 

8. Candy Corn Vodka Martini with Pop Rocks

By Boulder Locavore

Candy Corn Vodka Martini with Pop Rocks

This deceptively elegant martini is full of unexpected flavors and perfect to serve during the fall holidays or for a Halloween party. It features two types of infused vodkas, so honestly, you could call this one a labor of love, but it’s definitely worth it. 

You’ll want to infuse one batch of vodka with vanilla beans and the other with candy corn. We know it sounds weird, but the flavor is actually incredible. Mix both vodkas with some dry vermouth and bitters for perfection in a glass. If you can find them, seasonal themed Pop Rocks candy with green and orange colors for the rim is a nice touch. 

9. Pop Rocking Pomegranate Vanilla Martini

By We Are Not Martha

Pop Rocking Pomegranate Vanilla Martini

Pomegranate and vanilla are two flavors that go beautifully together, and the combination doesn’t disappoint in this tasty cocktail. You use a lemon-lime soda to add wetness to the rim of your martini glass so that the Pop Rocks adhere nicely. If you don’t have soda on hand, you can substitute lime juice, corn syrup, or any slightly sticky liquid. 

The martini itself is made of vanilla vodka and pure pomegranate juice. Shake well and strain into your Pop Rock decorated martini glass. Garnish with a few pomegranate arils for a beautiful finishing touch. 

10. Boston Pops Martini

By Group Recipes

Boston Pops Martini

We love the name of this fun martini recipe that features one of our favorite candies for the rim. We also love the simplistic approach to this cocktail, using only a few ingredients that marry perfectly together. The Boston Pops Martini is simply cranberry flavored vodka and blue curacao, mixed together and strained into a prepared cocktail glass. Get ready to call this one of your new favorite martinis. 

Get Ready to Add a Little Pop to Your Sip

Pop Rock candies make the perfect garnish for martini glasses that are just waiting to be filled with your favorite cocktail. With so many flavors of the candies, the options are practically endless. Choose one of these recipes or explore a little and create one of your own. Either way, have fun and enjoy!

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  1. I’d like to know what the drink is that is featured first in this article. Not the blue drink, but the beautiful one displayed in the picture. It’s sort of fushia color. The other drink recipes don’t appear to be the same as this drink.

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