Cocktails with Fireball

10 Cocktails with Fireball

Fireball pairs well with a variety of different flavors, from fruity to creamy, which means it is a staple that should be in any home bar. 

Next time you want something new and different, consider one of these ten fantastic cocktails with Fireball Whiskey

10 Delicious Fireball Drinks To Try At Home

1. Apple Pie on the Rocks

by Vegan Yack Attack

Apple Pie on the Rocks

First up on our list is the Apple Pie on the Rocks recipe from Vegan Yack Attack, and yes, it really does taste like an apple pie but with a boozy twist. This cocktail pairs Fireball Whiskey with vanilla vodka, apple juice, and just a bit of extra cinnamon. 

It’s simple to make, too. Rim your glass with brown sugar, add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice, shake it up, and pour it into your glass with fresh ice. You’ll want to sip and savor this one!

2. Fireball Orange Sweet Tea

by The Toasty Kitchen

Fireball Orange Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is a summer staple, but this Fireball Orange Sweet Tea recipe from The Toasty Kitchen takes it up a notch. 

Start with a tall glass with ice, then pour in Fireball, your favorite sweet tea, and orange juice. Stir to mix well and garnish with an orange slice. Though you can buy the juice from the store if you prefer, it has a more refreshing taste when freshly squeezed.

3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocktail

by Mantitlement

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocktail

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a popular cereal because the flavor is delicious! Mantitlement has brought that same flavor combination to this Cinnamon Toast Crunch cocktail recipe. 

With a cinnamon sugar rim on your glass, the creamy taste of RumChata, sweet vanilla vodka, and the great spicy whisky flavor of Fireball, it tastes like the grown-up version of everyone’s favorite cereal. 

You’ll want to shake this one to blend the milk consistency of RumChata with the other liquors. Don’t forget to garnish with a cinnamon stick. Sip this one with caution cause it is sneaky!

4. Fireball Old Fashioned

by A Couple Cooks

by A Couple Cooks

4. Fireball Old Fashioned

by A Couple Cooks

Fireball Old Fashioned

The Fireball Old Fashioned by A Couple Cooks is not your average Old Fashioned recipe. Though it is still made with some bourbon and bitters like a traditional Old Fashioned, here you will also add cinnamon whisky, which gives it an extra-warm, spicy bite. 

A Couple Cooks recommends using a large ice cube and garnishing with an orange peel and cinnamon stick. Our secret when we make this one is to bend the orange peel back and forth before adding it to the glass, so it releases fragrant and flavorful oils. 

5. Fire In Ice: Apple Cider Fireball Slushie Cocktail

by Go Go Go Gourmet

Fire In Ice: Apple Cider Fireball Slushie Cocktail

You may not automatically pair Fireball with a frozen drink, but despite the fall flavors in this cocktail, the slushie aspect makes it taste good all year. The Fire In Ice: Apple Cider Fireball Slushie Cocktail by Go Go Go Gourmet is both light and spicy. 

To make it, combine Fireball, apple cider, and a splash of ginger beer with ice in a blender. Let it go until it’s nice and smooth, and add a fresh apple slice if you want to get fancy. If you don’t have ginger beer, ginger ale will work just fine. 

This basic recipe is a Fireball drink you or your guests will never forget!

6. Angry Balls

by Fireball Whisky

Angry Balls

This recipe with just two ingredients comes directly from the Fireball headquarters and is one of those drinks that always attracts attention and not just for its funny name! 

Grab some friends, shot glasses, and pint glasses. Pour your Fireball Whisky into a shot glass and Angry Orchard Hard Cider into the pint glass, leaving at least an inch of room. 

To drink it, drop the whisky into the hard cider and enjoy it immediately. Everyone will be asking for one!

7. Fire Blood

by Spoon University

Fire Blood

We don’t know about you, but we didn’t think that Fireball Whiskey and a blood mary could ever be combined before discovering this recipe! 

However, we are mistaken because the Fire Blood cocktail by Spoon University has done it and done it well! Simply mix bloody mary mix and Fireball, stir with a celery stick, and add a lime wedge. 

It is one of the most unexpected cocktails but is now one of our favorite ways to enjoy Fireball. 

8. Caramel Apple Fireballs

by Court’s House

Caramel Apple Fireballs

These Caramel Apple Fireballs by Court’s House perfectly balance sugar and spice. It features Fireball Whiskey, caramel apple liqueur or caramel syrup, and apple juice to curate that great taste. 

To make them, rim your favorite glass with granulated or brown sugar, shake up the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, and strain into the glass.  

9. Campfire Cocktail

by The Soccer Mom Blog

Campfire Cocktail

The Campfire Cocktail by The Soccer Mom Blog is aptly named because it looks like a campfire with flames and glowing embers when you are finished. Despite being a Fireball cocktail, it is fruity with just a hint of cinnamon. 

Making this one requires extra attention to the directions. Start with grenadine in the bottom of a glass with ice. Then mix Fireball, bourbon, rum, peach juice, and cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker. The key is to slowly pour the juice and liquor mixture into the glass, being careful not to disturb the grenadine layer. Add a cherry or a sprinkle of cinnamon on top!

10. Cinnamon Roll Cocktail

by The Cookin’ Chicks

Cinnamon Roll Cocktail

Want something delicious and easy? Try the Cinnamon Roll Cocktail by The Cookin’ Chicks! Just combine one part Fireball with three parts cream soda over ice and stir—the easiest and tastiest cocktail in one. 

We like to take it one step further, though, and put a dollop of whipped cream on top. You could even add a dash of maple syrup, so it tastes like a cinnamon roll pancake! 


How much sugar is in Fireball?

There are 11 grams of sugar per 1.5 ounces in Fireball Whisky.

What mixes well with Fireball?

Anything that pairs well with cinnamon will mix well with Fireball, including cream sodas, some fruits such as oranges and cherries, lemonade, apple flavors, creamy vanilla or coffee flavors, and more!

What is the best way to drink Fireball?

The best way to drink Fireball is in a cocktail. There are a variety of different flavors you can create with Fireball as the main ingredient. 

What proof is Fireball?

Fireball Whisky is 66 proof and is liquor based, while Fireball Cinnamon is a malt-based beverage at 33 proof and 42 proof, respectively. Read the label carefully before you buy!

How many calories are in a shot of Fireball?

A shot, or 1.5 ounces, of Fireball Whisky, has 108 calories. 

How much alcohol is in Fireball?

Fireball Whisky is 33% alcohol by volume or 66 proof. 

Play With Fire: Try These Fun Fireball Cocktails 

We all like to play with fire! Instead of having to call the fire department, embrace the cinnamon flavor of Fireball Whisky and mix up one of these fun, fiery cocktail recipes. Just don’t forget to always drink responsibly. Cheers!

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