6 Refreshing Cactus Juice Drinks - Dekuyper Cacus Juice Schnapps

6 Refreshing Cactus Juice Drinks – Dekuyper Cactus Juice Schnapps

Schnapps is a type of liqueur that comes in many different flavors. Cactus juice schnapps is often overlooked when people look for recipes to drink, but it’s time to change that! Cactus juice schnapps has a refreshing flavor profile that pairs well with other flavors but doesn’t need a lot of ingredients to make them taste good. Give these six refreshing cactus juice drinks a try to change up your next cocktail hour!

What is Cactus Juice Schnapps?

Cactus juice schnapps is a type of liqueur made by DeKuyper. This alcohol is made using a blend of tequila and triple sec for a flavor reminiscent of a classic margarita. This liqueur can be used to create a variety of cocktails, each better than the last! It makes drinks that are refreshing enough to be enjoyed on a beach in Mexico or somewhere tropical, but you can try these cocktails wherever you are and daydream of the beach instead.

If you meet the legal drinking age for alcohol in your area, purchase Cactus Juice Schnapps online today! Bottles start at just $11.99. Most recipes that use cactus juice contain only a few ingredients, so you can make cocktails on a budget!

Six Simple and Refreshing Cactus Juice Cocktails 

1. Desert Water #2

by Cocktail Builder

Desert Water #2 Cocktail

This desert-inspired cocktail contains just three ingredients. Spoiler: none of them are water! 

To make a Desert Water #2 cocktail, add cactus juice schnapps, watermelon pucker schnapps, and a Redbull combined over ice in a tall glass. The Redbull adds just the right amount of carbonation and sweetness to contend with the flavor of cactus and watermelon schnapps. This cocktail is quick to make, goes down smooth, and you’ll get a burst of energy to keep the party going!

2. Big Blue Drink

by Dekuyper

Big Blue Drink

The big blue drink by DeKuyper is all about ratios. Make it for yourself in a rocks glass, or make a whole pitcher!

Combine two parts cactus juice schnapps and 1 part pucker island punch schnapps over ice. Top with lemon-lime soda and stir. This recipe is easy to make your own too! Add more or less soda to achieve the right balance of sweet and tart with the schnapps.

Garnish with a lime wedge, and drink responsibly!

3. Cranberry Cactus

by DeKuyper

Cranberry Cactus

Cranberry juice is a staple in cocktails. It’s sweet, tart, and mild enough to pair with a variety of flavors. The cranberry cactus cocktail keeps things simple with just two ingredients. Begin by filling a highball glass with ice. Next, add 1 part cactus juice schnapps and two parts cranberry juice. 

This refreshing cocktail can be enjoyed in any season, and it’s great to serve when you’re entertaining. Add this to your vault of drink recipes that can be whipped up in no time!

4. Southwest Cooler

by Crystal Mixer

Southwest Cooler

The southwest cooler is another cactus juice cocktail that uses cranberry juice. The recipe calls for two parts cranberry juice, two parts pineapple juice, and 1 part cactus juice schnapps. For the best results, add both juices to a glass with ice, then top with the liqueur.

The addition of pineapple juice turns this cocktail into a tropical getaway with just the right amount of acidity. Garnish with a pineapple wedge to step up your presentation.

5. Desert Island

by DeKuyper

Desert Island

If you’re stranded on a desert island, you’ll wish you had the ingredients to make this cocktail! Fill a highball glass with ice, then pour two parts cactus juice schnapps and two parts pucker island punch schnapps. Club soda is the final ingredient. Add soda to fill the rest of the glass. 

A finished desert island cocktail has a light blue color that’s inviting. You know this drink will be refreshing before you ever take a sip!

6. Prickly Pear Shooter

by Crystal Mixer

Prickly Pear Shooter

We can’t talk about cactus juice cocktails without adding a fun shooter to the mix. Prepare this shooter recipe by adding 1 ounce of cactus juice schnapps to a shot glass. Gently pour ½ ounce Blanco tequila on top. The tequila should float on top, giving the shot a layered effect. 


What is the drink Cactus Juice?

Cactus Juice is a type of liqueur that blends tequila and triple sec. It’s a schnapps-style drink that’s very reminiscent of a classic margarita and it goes wonderfully in all sorts of fruity drinks.

What type of alcohol is Cactus Juice?

Cactus Juice is a type of schnapps which puts it in the liqueur family of alcohols. It’s a great mixer or can be enjoyed on its own.

Enjoy A Cactus Juice Cocktail Your Way

What’s your favorite way to drink Cactus Juice? We’d love to hear! Find more exciting recipes to create at Cocktails Cafe! We have recipes to fit every craving, event, and liquor. Blend a flavorful margarita or learn how to make the perfect jello shot.

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