Cocktails with Apple Juice

21 Cocktails with Apple Juice

Apple is a flavor that’s hard to resist, especially when it’s in a cocktail. Apple cocktails that use ingredients like sour apple schnapps are great, but those that use fresh apple juice or apple cider are even better! We’ve found twenty-one recipes that mix the taste of apple juice with some of our favorite cocktails flavors. From simple and easy to elegant showstoppers, here are twenty apple drinks that are almost impossible to resist.

Cocktails with Apple Juice

1. Aperol Apple Cocktail

by Sew White

Aperol is an Italian aperitif with notes of sweet but bitter orange and warm herbaceousness. We absolutely love how Aperol pairs with apple juice in the cocktail that’s perfect for any season.

This is one of those delicious cocktails that you can just pour into a glass and stir with no cocktail shaker needed. 

You’ll need Aperol, cloud apple juice, vodka, and lemon. Pour all the ingredients over ice and give it a gentle stir. A sprig of rosemary makes a wonderful garnish, but you could also use a slice of orange. 

If you don’t have Aperol on hand, you could take a slight variation on this and use sweet vermouth instead. 

2. Autumn Old Fashioned

by Cocktails Away

Autumn Old Fashioned

So, this is called an Autumn Old Fashioned, but we don’t see any reason why we need to wait until the leaves start to change colors to enjoy this deliciousness in a cocktail glass. For this variation on the classic old-fashioned cocktail, all you need is three ingredients. Gather a good apple juice, aged rum, and chickory pecan bitters. Stir together in a mixing glass with a strainer. To serve, simply pour the cocktail into a glass with a large cube of ice and enjoy. 

3. Apple Business


Apple Business

The Apple Business checks off all of our boxes for a great apple juice cocktail that’s full of crisp fruit flavors without being too sweet. We love how the apple juice dances with extra dry gin for an unexpected flavor. 

For the Apple Business, you need apple juice (or you can substitute apple cider for a fuller-bodied cocktail), silver gin, lime juice, and honey. Make sure to load up your glass with several thin apple slices as a garnish for the finishing touch. 

4. Appletini

by Absolut


What list of apple juice cocktail recipes would be complete without the Appletini? While the Appletini may have once been considered a novelty drink, it’s now a staple at many bars. There are many Appletini recipes that use some type of apple-flavored liquor, but we really like how this recipe also uses real fruit juice and doesn’t just rely on synthetic apple flavoring. 

To make this Appletini, you want to combine Absolut Vodka, fresh lemon juice, apple liqueur, apple juice, and simple syrup. Give it a good shake in your cocktail shaker with some ice, and serve in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an apple slice, and enjoy. 

5. Metropolis

by InShaker


The Metropolis has a flavor that is sweet and appley, but there’s also some coconut liqueur in this one, which adds a surprising tropical flavor. Who knew that apples and the tropics went so well together? Still, considering how this one tastes, we’re certainly not going to complain. 

All you need for this incredibly easy and refreshing Metropolis cocktail is apple juice and coconut liqueur. Enjoy over ice with fresh slices of apple as a garnish. 

6. Apple Mojito

by Cupcakes & Cutlery

Apple Mojito

An apple mojito? Sign us up, and this one might even be served best in a large pitcher and shared with friends. This Apple Mojito recipe takes a different route from the standard mojito with elderflower liqueur, vodka, and pressed apple juice. Fresh mint leaves give it that more traditional mojito taste, and it all combines wonderfully into one of our new favorite cocktails. 

7. Autumn Smash

by Thrillist

Autumn Smash

Apple is a flavor that many people associate with the fall, so it makes sense that some of the most popular cocktails with apple juice are created with other flavors that are also reminiscent of autumn. We don’t want to let that discourage you from enjoying a cocktail like the Autumn Smash any time of year, though. 

For this apple cocktail, you start by muddling fresh basil and fig in a cocktail shaker. Then add apple juice, lemon juice, vodka, maple syrup, and ice. Give it a few vigorous shakes to release the flavors of fig and basil, then strain over fresh ice. If you prefer a lighter, crisper cocktail, try topping this off with a slightly spicy ginger beer. 

This recipe calls for a garnish of fresh basil and sliced fig, but we think it would also do nicely if you were to dip the rim in maple syrup and then coat in brown sugar. 

8. Apple, Vodka & Ginger Beer Cocktail

by Tesco

Apple, Vodka & Ginger Beer Cocktail

If you’re looking for a great drink that’s easy to make, this delicious cocktail recipe is exactly what you’re looking for. The prep time is practically non-existent, and all you need is apple juice, vodka, and ginger beer. While you could use any ginger ale in this recipe, there’s something extra yummy when it’s made with a good craft ginger beer soda with a nice, gingery bite to it. 

9. Blue Andy

by Absolut Drinks

Blue Andy

We have to admit, we don’t naturally associate blue drinks with anything apple flavored, but the creative mixologist at Absolut Drinks has proved us wrong with the Blue Andy. If you enjoy apple cocktails, you’ll really like the sweet, citrusy flavors that combine with the apple in what ends up being a very enjoyable cocktail that’s perfect on a warm summer night. 

The ingredient list for this one is simple. You need ice cubes, Absolut vodka, apple juice, blue curacao, and lemonade. This is an easy cocktail by nature, but if you have the time to make your own lemonade, it really takes the flavors up a notch. Lemon juice, water, and sugar are all you need for a perfect lemonade component. 

10. Apple Breeze

by Difford’s Guide

Apple Breeze

We love apple cocktails made with basic ingredients that taste wonderful any time of year. The Apple Breeze is exactly that. This simple recipe is nothing more than apple juice, cranberry juice, and vodka. Even a sparsely stocked bar is likely to have these three simple ingredients on hand. 

11. Spiced Apple Margarita

by Cookie + Kate

Spiced Apple Margarita

Apple juice and tequila might seem like an unlikely combination, but this Spiced Apple Margarita is sure to make you a believer. There are a few extra steps to go through before enjoying this in your glass, but it’s all worth it. 

The first step is to make simple honey syrup, which is nothing more than honey and water. Then, you want to add the honey syrup to a mixture of tequila, apple juice or apple cider, fresh lime juice, and a touch of cinnamon. 

This cocktail is best served in a glass that is rimmed in cinnamon sugar and garnished with a cinnamon stick. 

12. Apple Cooler

by Sew White

This Apple Cooler is one that you’ll want to add to your list of favorite summer drinks. The fresh mint in the drink really makes it stand out, not to mention it adds to the wonderful presentation in your glass. What else do you need besides mint leaves? Just a simple ingredient list of apple juice or apple cider, white rum, and lemon juice. We also think that the bit of spice from a spiced rum would go nicely in this drink too. 

13. Apple Crumble Cocktail

by Sugar and Soul

Apple Crumble Cocktail

Say hello to your dessert in a glass. In full disclosure, this isn’t one of those extra sweet, thick frozen ice cream cocktails. Instead, it’s just sweet enough while being crisp and delicious. Apple juice is a must in the cocktail, but you’ll also need a good spiced rum and just a little vanilla extract. For a stronger drink, you could substitute a bit of vanilla vodka or vanilla rum instead. Fill a glass with ice, and pour it all in. Garnish with a cinnamon stick (which also makes an excellent cocktail stirrer!).

14. Apple Brawl

by Tipsy Bartender

Apple Brawl

We enjoy cocktail recipes with edgy names, but we have to wonder where the brawl is in such a yummy drink! Maybe it’s a brawl between the rum and tequila in this drink. It could also be that the apple juice and sour apple schnapps are duking it out. Either way, we know that your taste buds aren’t going to put up a fight at all once you taste this! 

15. The Cloudy Apple

by Jameson Whiskey

The Cloudy Apple

The Cloudy Apple is really a super tasty, super-stiff drink that becomes dangerously sippable with the addition of a splash of apple juice. Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey is the star in this apple cocktail, but it’s complemented by splashes of apple juice and lemon juice to cut the burn and enhance the smoothness. The Cloudy Apple would also be great if you were to switch out the apple juice for apple cider instead. 

16. Juicy Apple Bourbon Fall Cocktail

by Red Wine Dragons

Juicy Apple Bourbon Fall Cocktail

The Juicy Apple Bourbon Fall Cocktail is one of the more elegant apple juice cocktails on our list. We can just imagine sitting with a cocktail in hand during an intimate dinner party. A good quality Kentucky bourbon is the base of this cocktail, followed by apple juice or apple cider, simple syrup, maple syrup, and lemon juice. Fresh apples are great as a garnish, but we also like the idea of tossing cinnamon sticks into this for a little extra warm flavor. 

17. Apple Gin Fizz

by Lemon Tree Dwelling

Apple Gin Fizz

This Apple Gin Fizz is apple-flavored perfection in a glass. As with any fizz cocktail recipe, you really need to give this one a good shake in the cocktail mixture to create that luscious foam that sits on top. Gin, apple juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, and soda water are the other mandatory ingredients. If you want an authentic fizz, make sure to include the egg white when shaking. 

18. Apple and Elderflower Gin Cocktail

by BBC Good Food

Apple and Elderflower Gin Cocktail

This cocktail recipe is just another example of how well apple and elderflower partner together in a delicious, refreshing cocktail. This simple recipe needs only three ingredients of gin, elderflower liqueur, and apple juice. The taste of apples really shines through, but the florals of the elderflower balance the drink nicely to give it a more sophisticated taste. 

19. Apple Sour Bourbon Cocktail

by The Spruce Eats

Apple Sour Bourbon Cocktail

This is a spin on the classic whiskey sour, but with the flavor of apple tossed into the mix. Try this at your next party, and it will surely become one of those cocktails that you’re known for. 

The Apple Sour Bourbon Cocktail is your favorite bourbon, apple juice (or apple cider), triple sec, lemon juice, and a few dashes of orange bitters. Fill your glass to the top and enjoy!  

20. Green Apple Gimlet

by Supper in the Suburbs

Green Apple Gimlet

The gimlet is a wonderful cocktail because you can enjoy it in so many ways. Not only is there the choice between vodka or gin, but you can also add all sorts of wonderful flavors, from sweet and fruity to herbaceous. 

This Green Apple Gimlet has a base of gin and apple juice, plus garnishes of cucumber, green apple, and mint. We can’t think of anything to add to this to make it taste any better than it already does. 

21. White Wine Apple Spritzer

by A Beautiful Mess

White Wine Apple Spritzer

Our last entry on this list is one of the simplest and most perfect. When you want a light cocktail that refreshes, there’s nothing better than a white wine apple spritzer. Part of the beauty of this drink is in the presentation. This recipe by A Beautiful Mess goes into a bit of detail on slicing apples delicately thin to create apple roses to place in the glass. 

Once you get past that part, the rest is simple. It’s just apple juice, a bottle of your favorite white wine, and club soda. We think this would work just as wonderfully with sparkling wine instead, but that’s all a matter of personal preference. 

Enjoy Drinks with Apple Juice All Year Long

Apple cocktails aren’t just for the fall. In fact, they can be enjoyed all year long. Whether you prefer fresh-pressed apple juice, or if apple cider is more your thing, these apple cocktail recipes are sure to level up your cocktail game. Make these drinks at your next cocktail party and be the apple of everyone’s eye!

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