Mini Beer Shots

Mini Beer Shots: Recipes & How to Make Licor 43 Mini Beer

Mini beer shots are shots that look like a mini beer, hence the name. This fun and delicious way to reimagine a cold beer makes a great party drink with just two ingredients! 

Learn how to make the classic Licor 43 mini beer shot and discover shot recipes that put a twist on the timeless mini beer shot.

Mini Beer Shots

How To Make Mini Beers

Making mini beers is a quick, easy process that’s manageable for even the most inexperienced drink makers. Follow this guide with your favorite mini beer shots recipe and start pouring!


  • Mini beer shot glasses – any shot glass will do, but mini beer glasses are undeniably fun!
  • Bar spoon
  • Cocktail shaker or mixing glass


  • Licor 43
  • Heavy cream or another cream-based beverage – the original recipe uses heavy cream.
  • Ice 

Making the Shot

Preparing mini beer shots is a simple three-step process. 

First, add Licor 43 to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously to chill the liquor. Second, pour 1 ½ ounce of Licor 43 into the shot glass. Finally, pour heavy cream over the back of a bar spoon, floating it on top of the liqueur.

Gently pouring the cream is the key to creating a mini beer shot. The cream should float on top to mimic the foam of a beer.

If the cream mixes into the liqueur, it will become cloudy and lose its beer-like appearance. 

Licor 43 Mini Beer Shot

by Love to Know

Licor 43 Mini Beer Shot

This recipe is the classic mini beer shot made with Licor 43 original, a Spanish vanilla liqueur, and heavy whipping cream. The mini beer shot taste is sweet and creamy, and the foamy head created by the heavy cream really does look like a little beer!

Start making this shot by adding ice and Licor 43 to a cocktail shaker or a mixing glass with ice. Shake or stir until chilled, then strain the chilled Licor 43 into a shot glass.

Gently pour heavy cream over the back of a bar spoon, floating the cream on top of the vanilla-flavored liqueur.

When the shot is made correctly, the heavy cream will look like the foam head of a freshly poured cold brew.

Mini Beer Shot Recipe Variations

Mini Beer Shot with Horchata

by Steve the Bartender

Mini Beer Shot with Horchata

Horchata is a rice milk beverage flavored with vanilla and cinnamon. In this recipe, horchata is added on top of the Licor instead of heavy cream.

The end result still looks like a little beer shot, but there’s more flavor from the horchata.

This variation of the shot will be sweeter, so you may not taste the spices and botanicals in the Licor 43 as strongly.

Mini Beer Shot with Cream Liqueur

by Seasonal and Holiday Recipe Exchange

Mini Beer Shot with Cream Liqueur

Baileys Irish Cream is one of the most popular cream liqueurs. Widely loved for its creamy, delicious taste, Baileys is a good addition to most recipes that call for heavy cream. 

Up the alcohol content and have fun with this mini beer shot recipe!

Mini Guinness Shot

by Tammilee Tips

Mini Guinness Shot

Mini Guinness shots don’t use Licor 43, but they still look too good to resist in a mini beer shot glass. 

Kahlua coffee liqueur is used as the base in place of Licor 43. The dark liqueur perfectly mimics the look of Guinness beer.

Baileys Irish Cream is added on top to create a foamy head. This drink will be quite sweet, unlike an actual Guinness. 

Find more shot recipes and cocktail creations with Cocktails Cafe! We do the hard work of finding the best recipes and barware so you can just have fun bringing the recipes to life for every occasion. Don’t forget to drink responsibly! 


What are mini beer shots made of?

Mini beer shots are traditionally made with Licor 43 Spanish liqueur and heavy cream. Some recipes use other spirits or cream beverages, pulling inspiration from the classic mini beer shots.

What kind of liquor is Licor 43?

Licor 43 is a Spanish liqueur made with vanilla flavoring and 43 different herbs and botanicals.

What do mini beer shots taste like?

Mini beer shots are sweet and creamy with notes of vanilla and herbs from the Licor 43.

Can you use cream liqueur instead of heavy cream to make mini beer shots?

Yes, using cream liqueur instead of heavy cream is an easy way to increase the alcohol content and flavor in mini beer shots. 

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