Almond Joy Shots

The 6 Best Almond Joy Shots

Enjoying an Almond Joy Shot allows you the pleasure of experiencing something yummy and wonderful without all of the calories, sugar, and guilt that you get when you eat your favorite candy bar. These Almond Joy-inspired shots are a sip of perfection that you can enjoy in small doses. 

We’ve searched out the best shots that offer up the true Almond Joy flavor. Here are six of our favorites for your next party. 

What Is an Almond Joy Shot?

An Almond Joy Shot is a smooth, tasty little shot that tastes just like the iconic candy bar, full of coconut, chocolate, and almond flavors. There are plenty of variations that you can take to create these flavors, but you’ll find that many Almond Joy shot recipes contain similar ingredients. 

Coconut Rum 

Coconut Rum 

Coconut rum seems to be the main liquor of choice for providing that recognizable coconut taste. Malibu is probably the most popular brand, but there are others out there. You can also get a similar coconut flavor from coconut vodka. For some, coconut has a pretty divisive flavor, so you can adjust this to your taste preferences by maybe using vanilla vodka and coconut milk or cream, which will offer a milder flavor. 



Amaretto is an almond liqueur with barely detectable undertones of sweet cherry. Amaretto is a classic mixer behind every bar, but if you don’t want to splurge on a bottle for your home bar, you can easily substitute another type of almond liqueur for the Amaretto or even go with a couple of drops of almond extract for a hint of nuttiness. 


Chocolate Syrup

You can’t have an Almond Joy without the chocolate. Some Almond Joy shot recipes include some type of chocolate component directly in the shot. Others add the chocolate as a garnish, such as a rim of chocolate syrup and coconut flakes. 

6 Best Almond Joy Shots & Cocktails 

The Almond Joy

By Tipsy Bartender

The Almond Joy

This delicious, creamy Almond Joy cocktail by Tipsy Bartender is perfect, whether it’s in a shot glass or fancy cocktail glass. This classic Almond Joy recipe features Amaretto, Creme de Cacao, coconut rum, and light cream. The secret to getting that nice, creamy texture is to add all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with some ice and give it a good shake or two before pouring it into your glass. 

To make these shots extra tasty, dip the rim in chocolate syrup, then coat with coconut flakes or crushed pieces of an Almond Joy Candy Bar. 

Almond Joy Shot Recipe

By BlackTailNYC

Almond Joy Shot Recipe

We like this Almond Joy Shot by BlackTailNYC because of its simple perfection that tastes like your favorite candy bar treat in shot glasses. All you need for this shot is coconut milk, coconut rum, almond extract instead of almond liqueur, and some shaved chocolate to garnish the rim. The chocolate syrup makes a nice adhesive to attach pieces of shaved chocolate to the rim. 

Almond Joy Cocktail 

By Cheryl Blue at Allrecipes

Almond Joy Cocktail 

This Almond Joy creation is rich and creamy, and with the addition of heavy whipping cream, it’s delicious enough to make you not really care so much about that diet. 

This one is a little less heavy on the boozy aspects, as it combines Amaretto with equal parts of white crème de cacao and coconut cream. Add all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, along with the heavy whipping cream. Cover shaker, and shake until creamy smooth. 

This recipe is great for shots, garnished with a rim of coconut sugar and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. By using a blender instead, you could easily turn this mixture into an irresistible grown-up milkshake. 

Liquid Almond Joy

By Just a Punch

Liquid Almond Joy

Are you looking for a simple, tasty cocktail that tastes like Almond Joys and can be served in shot glasses? We really like this Liquid Almond Joy by Just a Punch. Their version is served over ice in a cocktail glass, but it’s a drink recipe that can easily be adapted to be served as shots. 

Mudslide mix provides the taste of chocolate, along with the cream component. There’s no need to buy a bottle of Creme de Cacao just for this recipe. You can add a shot of almond liqueur or use almond extract instead for the nutty, almond flavor. The final item on the list of ingredients is your favorite coconut rum. Mix and serve. It really is that simple.

Almond Joy Cocktails

By Crazy for Crust

Almond Joy Cocktails

This Almond Joy Cocktail recipe is a fun way to use some ingredients you might have hanging around the house. This recipe by Crazy for Crust just adds the ingredients to a glass with ice, but if you want to serve this as a shot instead, we strongly suggest giving the ingredients and the ice a toss or two in a cocktail shaker.

So, what makes this drink recipe unique? Instead of coconut rum, this suggests vodka in flavors that taste like vanilla, coconut, or even cupcakes. There’s also the Amaretto and crème de cacao, but what makes this one stand out is the addition of Almond Joy flavored coffee creamer to provide all that candy bar flavored goodness. 

Try dipping the rim of your shot glass in chocolate syrup and then garnish with coconut flakes, chocolate cake crumbs, coconut sugar, candy sprinkles, or anything you can think of. 

Almond Joy Kahlua Pudding Shots 

By Big Oven

Almond Joy Kahlua Pudding Shots 

Almond Joy pudding sounds yummy enough on its own but turned into a pudding shot? Sign us up! You might have to do a little searching to find Almond Joy pudding at your grocery store, but the creamy chocolate flavor is delish and very much worth the effort. 

This recipe calls for Almond Joy pudding mix, milk, Kahlua, and whipped topping. Mix it up, transfer it to little plastic shot glasses, and freeze. 

Don’t worry. The mixture won’t be frozen solid, but it will become deliciously cold and creamy. 

We can think of all sorts of variations you could try with this Almond Joy shot, like using coconut milk or coconut cream instead of regular milk, maybe adding a little coconut rum or creme de cacao to add some more depth of flavor to the pudding mix. 

Don’t Eat That Almond Joy. Drink It Instead! 

An Almond Joy Cocktail or shot is the perfect way to satisfy your craving and enjoy an adult beverage at the same time. The next time you’re looking for a shot that everyone will love, try one of these Almond Joy drink recipes that you won’t soon forget.

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