Baileys Pudding Shots

22 Super Delicious Baileys Pudding Shots

Baileys Irish Cream is an extremely versatile liqueur. You might already have a list of your favorite Baileys cocktails, but what about something to fill your shot glasses? Forget about the jello shots and try Baileys pudding shots instead. 

Alcoholic pudding shots are a hot cocktail trend. Plus, it’s easy to make pudding shots, and they’re always a hit when you serve them. We’ve come up with 20 pudding shot variations using Baileys Irish Cream

Chocolate Pudding Shots with Baileys

1. Baileys Chocolate Pudding Shot

By Crazy for Crust

Chocolate pudding shots with Irish cream are dreamy, and it doesn’t get any easier than this recipe from Crazy for Crust. Take some prepared chocolate pudding mix and add in a little milk, Baileys, and corn syrup and whip up an easy party treat in no time. Just stir the pudding mixture until completely combined and serve in sugar-rimmed shot glasses. 

2. Easy Baileys Chocolate Pudding Shots

By Champagne and Coconuts

This is another super simple recipe that results in a super delicious treat. Chocolate pudding mix, Irish Cream Liqueur, and a little bit of Irish Whiskey for some extra booziness that we aren’t going to say no to. Serve pudding shots with cool whip topping and chocolate shavings. 

3. Chocolate Strawberry Baileys Pudding Shots

By Punchfork

Ok, there just aren’t many flavors that go better together than chocolate and strawberry, and these shots with Bailey’s Irish Cream and two types of pudding prove it. 

Use Strawberry Bailey’s Irish Cream and strawberry pudding for one layer and regular Baileys and chocolate pudding mix for the other. 

When combined with whipped cream, the mixture is light, creamy, and sweet. Layer the puddings in each little cup and let chill in the fridge for the night. Serve as shots or a mini dessert the next day. Trust us, with a few chocolate shavings; these will be a huge hit! 

4. Thin Mint Pudding Shots

By Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Let’s see a show of hands from those that have an obsession with Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. We have both hands in the air, which is why we love these creamy chocolate shots that highlight one of our favorite treats! 

Prepare the chocolate pudding per direction in a large mixing bowl, then transfer it to shot glasses. Before serving, top these chocolate shots with Cool Whip and crushed cookies. Enjoy with abandon, without worrying about nutrition, calories, saturated fat, and all that other stuff! Just don’t drive, and remember to drink responsibly.

White Russian Pudding Shots

5. White Russian Chocolate Pudding Shots 

By Unsophisticook

We love that these White Russian Pudding Shots use instant espresso powder for an authentic coffee taste. These delicious shots are easy to make, requiring just instant pudding, milk, Baileys, whipped cream vodka, espresso powder, and cool whip that you whisk together. 

Garnish ideas include chocolate shavings or even a little chocolate-covered espresso bean. You might serve them in tiny cups, but they taste just like dessert. 

6. Creamy Frozen White Russian Pudding Shots

By Unsophisticook

Sometimes, sticking a pudding shot in the freezer for a bit is the perfect way to take it up a couple of notches. These frozen White Russian shots are perfect for summer or as part of a wintry frozen theme during the holidays. 

The prep time is minimal, as all you have to do is mix the ingredients, including Baileys, Kahlua, vanilla vodka, pudding mix, and milk, in a bowl. Transfer to little plastic ups and stick in the freezer until set and reading for serving. 

7. Mudslide Pudding Shots

By Biscuits & Burlap

These little dessert shots are easy to make ahead of time, but be warned – you might accidentally consume a couple of shots straight from the bowl as you’re putting them into the little plastic cups. This is a classic cocktail recipe transformed with a box of vanilla pudding mix. You can also freeze these if you want an extra cool treat. 

8. Chocolate & Cafe Tequila Pudding Shots 

By Lake Life State of Mind

Chocolate & Cafe Tequila Pudding Shots

Forget the typical tequila shots at your next party. Serve these shots with pudding, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and coffee-flavored tequila instead! Ok, so we know that a White Russian is supposed to be vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream, but this variation features very similar flavors, with the vodka being switched out for Cafe Tequila. Top with chocolate shavings, and you have one of the best party shots ever. 

Baileys Vanilla Pudding Shots

9. Creamy Vanilla Pudding Shots

By Recipes.Net

Simple and delicious, these are perfect for any occasion. Vanilla and Baileys are perfect partners, and this recipe also offers some great ideas for variations. You could even use sugar-free pudding if you’re looking for a skinnier version. 

10. Irish Cream Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding Shots

By Ready Set Eat

We tried this recipe and found it to be a super fun way to offer a little variety of pudding shots at a party. Combine Baileys Irish Cream with vanilla and chocolate pudding mixes. This recipe has each flavor served in its own cups, but we also had a few little cups with the flavors combined. 

11. Oreo Cookies and Cream Pudding Shot Recipe

By Choosing Figs

This recipe calls for cookies and cream pudding, but we tried this recipe using vanilla pudding mix because it’s what we had on hand, and it was delicious. To make this substitution, try adding a good amount of finely crushed chocolate sandwich cookies to the mix. 

12. Turtle Cheesecake Pudding Shots

By My Recipes

Turtle Cheesecake Pudding Shots

This truly is dessert in a shot glass. If you’re using the little plastic cups that are used for jello shots, try upsizing a bit, so you can serve these with a spoon. The recipe calls for a cheesecake pudding mix, which is heavenly. We made a double batch, using one box of cheesecake mix and another box of vanilla mix to mellow the sweetness a bit. 

Christmas Baileys Pudding Shots

13. Christmas Baileys and Kahlua Pudding Shots

By Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

Christmas Baileys and Kahlua Pudding Shots

These are cute and fun ways to celebrate the holiday season. In fact, we’d suggest leaving one of these out for Santa instead of the standard glass of milk. Recipes like this are easy to make and take advantage of festive garnishes to add a little holiday flair. 

14. Hot Chocolate Pudding Shots 

By The Travel Palate

There are tons of recipes out there for boozy hot chocolate, but something tells us this pudding shot is going to be a new favorite. Baileys and hot cocoa mix are perfect partners in crime in this easy winter holiday treat. 

15. Salted Caramel Mocha Pudding Shots 

By tbsp.

Salted caramel is wonderful around the holidays, and these salted caramel mocha pudding shots are divine. The recipe calls for regular Baileys, but we used the salted caramel variety of Baileys instead. It’s so good. 

16. Christmas Chocolate Kahlua & Baileys Pudding Shots

By Just Cook Well

Have you tried Red Velvet Baileys? It’s super delish and goes wonderfully with Kahlua in these festive pudding shots. Use a variety of colorful holiday sprinkles and chocolate shavings to decorate before serving. 

St Patrick’s Day Baileys Pudding Shots 

17. Pistachio Pudding Shots 

By Finding Zest

Irish-themed drinks are a non-negotiable part of celebrating St Patrick’s Day, and the pistachio pudding mixed with Baileys creates a dreamy light green color that deserves to be the star of its own photo shoot. Whisk the pudding, Baileys, and milk. Then let set. Serve in little green plastic cups for an extra festive touch. 

18. Lucky Charms Pudding Shots

By Culinary Cool

A little luck o’ the Irish never hurt anyone, nor did a Lucky Charms Shot. White chocolate instant pudding with Baileys and a touch of food coloring do the trick. Don’t forget the Lucky Charms marshmallows as the finishing touch. 

19. Mini Guinness Pudding Shots

By Hy-Vee

Chocolatey Guinness Stout goes surprisingly well in a pudding shot. The unlikely combination will surprise you but is one that will surely make it onto your annual list of Favorite St. Patrick’s Day drinks. 

20. Irish Car Bomb Pudding Shots

By Meal Planner Pro

The texture of an Irish car bomb shot might be a little offputting, but not when you add some pudding to the equation. Baileys, Guinness Stout, Irish Whiskey, French vanilla puddings, chocolate sauce, and milk are the start of something wonderful with these pudding shots. 

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What are pudding shots made of?

The basics of a pudding shot are instant pudding mix, milk for making the pudding, and your choice of alcohol. There are many pudding shot recipe variations, but most also call for whipped cream or cool whip. You can use different flavors of pudding and alcohol combinations to create endless variations. 

Do pudding shots go in the fridge or freezer?

Pudding shots can go in the refrigerator or the freezer. The fridge is the best place if you plan on serving them within 3-5 days. Putting them in the freezer is fine too, but they might get a little watery when thawed. You can always serve them partially frozen for a cold, creamy treat. 

Why are my pudding shots runny?

The usual culprit for a runny pudding shot is mixing them with a spirit that has too high of alcohol content. Cordials and liqueurs make better mixers because the alcohol is generally lower than, say, straight vodka or rum. If you are going to use a high alcohol content spirit, try mixing it with one that’s a little lower. For example, vanilla vodka and Baileys Irish Cream. 

How long can you store pudding shots?

Pudding shots last in the fridge for 3-5 days, so you can make them ahead of time for your party. The same is true for a jello shot.

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