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15 Vintage Martini Glasses: Stemmed & Stemless



1. Vintage Speakeasy Martini Glasses 

This set of two martini glasses is crystal clear with a classic art deco design etching. The glasses are crystal clear and look straight out of an old-time speakeasy!

They are part of a larger speakeasy collection that has other glasses with a matching design. These vintage glasses are a timeless addition to any bar with their simple, elegant design.

2. Hand Blown Martini Glasses

Handblown glasses are a work of art. This set includes two handblown martini glasses with an optic finish that shines in any light. The addition of a 24K gold rim will make you feel like royalty with every sip.

In addition to 2 handblown vintage glasses, you also get two olive picks with a matching 24K gold top.

3. Charles Butterworth 1937 Martini Glasses

These glasses by Charles Butterworth are made using an original mold from 1937. The mold is for a small-scale martini glass that holds just 4.5 oz. Although the method of making the glasses has changed over the years, similar technologies are used to achieve the desired look.

The intricately detailed stem looks like something you’d find at a high-end hotel bar in the 1930s. The glass itself is clear with no design, allowing the stem to be the star of the show.

4. Vintage Cocktail Glasses 

This set of 4 vintage glasses is another small-scale design. Each martini glass holds 4 oz with a long stem. There is no design on the glass or stem, yet the simple beauty of each glass is eye-catching.

The set comes in an elegant box with classic martini recipes on the back.

5. Greenline Goods Martini Glasses

Greenline Goods stepped outside the box with the design of these vintage glasses. A long stem goes up to the glass, which holds 7 oz. 

What sets this set of glasses apart from the rest is the shape of the glass. Instead of a harsh triangle, the glass is slightly curved. It almost looks like a combination of a traditional martini glass and a wine glass. The unique shape makes these glasses versatile for more than just martinis.

6. Hand Painted Stained Martini Glasses

This set of two hand-painted martini glasses is stunning. Since they’re hand-painted, no two glasses will look the same. There’s something special about knowing the glass in your hand is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Each glass features a stained glass design with a crystal-clear stem. The hand-painted stained glass makes these glasses look much older than they are, yet they’ll never go out of style.

7. Mid-century Green Glasses

These glasses perfectly capture the green tone of many vintage bar glasses. A clear stem goes up into a green glass that’s darker at the base. Gorgeous straight line etching on the glass brings out the mid-century feeling even more.

Each glass is slightly different than the rest since they are hand blown.

8. Yellow Gold Diamond Studded Martini Glasses

Sipping from this martini glass will make you feel like the star of the show. Clear glass is accompanied by a stunning yellow gold stem. The stem features diamond studs around the base and at the top, just under where the glass begins.

The mixture of yellow gold, crystal, and diamond studs makes each glass feel like a luxury item that can be proudly displayed when it isn’t in use.

9. Vintage Crystal Cut Gold Rim Martini Glasses

These crystal-cut martini glasses are perfect if you want a little more say in what your glass looks like. Each glass has a gold stem and rim, but you can choose the tint of the glass.

Glasses come in blue, green, pink, and gold. The colors are subtle, allowing the glass to still showcase the crystal cut design. You can purchase a set of the same color or create a mix of colors.

10. Etched Martini Glasses

This set of 4 vintage glasses isn’t a remake. They date back to the 1950s and remarkably show no signs of wearing. Each glass is a crystal with an intricate etched design. These glasses aren’t just a vintage design. They’re authentic antiques.

The Etsy shop that sells this set of glasses carries a wide range of vintage bar pieces to expand your collection.


11. Godinger Silver Dublin Martini Glass 

These stemless Dublin Martini glasses are made of crystal with details cut up at the base of the glass. They’re produced by Godinger, a vintage barware manufacturer that’s been selling products since 1973.

Each stemless glass holds 5 oz with four glasses in a set.

12. Lysenn Iridescent Stemless Martini Glasses

This glass is the perfect meeting of modern and vintage glassware. An iconic vintage gold rim pairs perfectly with the iridescent glass.

Each iridescent glass will look breathtaking under the light. Whether you’re pouring a classic martini or a modern recipe with a bit of color, it will look better than ever in this glass.

13. Stemless Martini Cocktail Glasses

This set of stemless glasses features handblown crystal. The simple design matches any decor style and can be versatile for more than just martinis.

Each glass has a 10 oz capacity, larger than most martini glasses.

14. Stemless Bling Martini Glasses

If you’ve ever wished your martini glass was a bit more glamorous, look no further. These handblown glasses are classy and a great conversation piece. A hand-painted gold rim sets the tone for a flawlessly blinged-out base.

Choose between a tall or round ball design – both are equally covered in gold bling that matches the hand-painted rim.

15. Vintage Bling Martini Glass Set

This set of bling glasses will take you back to old Hollywood luxury. The glass is a crystal with a classic V shape. It sits atop a sphere that’s covered in gold bling embellishments.

These glasses are something you’ll want to have on display, and be proud to serve your guests.

Bottom Line 

Now that you’ve found the vintage drinkware of your dreams, it’s time to perfect a great martini recipe! Cocktails Cafe has martini recipes to match every occasion. From old-school recipes to Halloween-themed martinis that will put you in the spooky spirit, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect cocktail for your new vintage glass!

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