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Fishbowl Glasses for Drinks: Plastic Fish Bowls

Spice up the way you enjoy cocktails with a fish bowl glass! Plastic fish bowl glasses for drinks are commonly seen at restaurants and bars offering oversized cocktails, but who says you can’t get in on the fun in the comfort of your own home? With a variety of styles and sizes available, there’s a fish bowl to fit every occasion.

Plastic Fish Bowls for Cocktails

Plastic Fish Bowls for Drinks

Plastic Ivy 4 inch 16 Ounce Unbreakable Plastic Fish Bowls

A set of 12 fish bowls can be used for all types of things. From serving drinks to making centerpieces or putting candy on display in your home, you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of this set of 16-ounce unbreakable plastic fishbowls.

Discounts are frequently offered, so view the price before adding this product to your cart. 

BarConic 40 Ounce Flat Sided Fish Bowl

This large, flat-sided fishbowl cup will keep your favorite drink cold with plenty of room for extra ice and garnishments in the 40-ounce bowl. A flat-sided design makes it easy to write your name on the side to keep watch of your drink no matter how many people enter the cocktail hour.

The heavy-duty plastic offers great longevity, so you can continue serving giant fishbowl cocktails time and time again! Each fishbowl you order includes a lid and straw and is a great deal for the price.  

Plastic Fish Bowls

Tipsy Umbrella Clear Plastic 20 Ounce Fish Bowls

Serve all your favorite cocktails and mocktails in these fun fish bowls! Each bowl has a 20-ounce capacity and comes with a lid and straw. If you want more or less of the item, you can order a set of 2 or 10 glasses from the site instead of 4. 

Each glass is made of durable plastic that holds up well through shipping, a load in the dishwasher, and multiple uses. 

Fish Bowl Glasses

 fish bowl

13 Ounce Fishbowl Glasses with Wooden Stands and Straws

This set includes two fishbowl glasses with a perfect 13-ounce capacity. Additionally, there are wooden stands to hold each glass. The stands are designed to be no-slip, so you can carry your cocktail anywhere and sit it down without worrying about spills or breaking the glass.

Glass straws with straw cleaners are also included! You can proudly put your drink on display in a fish bowl glass that’s sure to turn heads.

67.6 Ounce Oversized Fish Bowl Brandy Glasses

If you want an oversized glass that makes serving drinks a bit more fun, this set of brandy fishbowl glasses will do the job. Each glass holds an impressive 67.6 ounces of liquid! The glasses have a short stem with a flared base, just like a traditionally sized brandy glass. 

These glasses make for a perfect wedding or birthday gift that the recipient will undoubtedly love!

Tipsy Umbrella Restaurant Style 60 Ounce Fishbowl Glass

This restaurant-style glass looks similar to what customers receive in a large margarita at a Mexican restaurant. With a 60-ounce capacity, you can easily add a straw or two and share them with a friend. The cup is shipped with LED flashing ice cubes and colored straws that are ideal for any occasion.

Be careful. If you order just one, you’re sure to be coming back to order more.

Fish Bowl Glasses

Bride Fishbowl Cup

Prepare for your big day with a cup to mark the occasion. This glass has a 20-ounce capacity with a lid and straw included. The unique touch that makes this a must-have for soon-to-be brides is the word “Bride” in cute font across the front. Choose between pink and holographic font at no extra charge.

These glasses are in limited stock on the growing Etsy shop, but they’re restocked often.

Glow and Disco Fish Bowls for Cocktails

 fish bowl

Glow Ball Light-Up Drinking Glasses

This set of 12 glow ball light-up drinking glasses will instantly set the mood for your next gathering. The cups have a 22-ounce capacity, and LED lights are controlled with a button on the bottom of the glass. Lights can flash fast, slow, or stay on constantly.

The plastic cups are lightweight but durable for multiple uses. Threaded lids and straws make it easy to serve in any room of the house without worrying about spilled cocktails.

Light Up Ball Disco Cup with Straw

Get the party started with a set of 6 disco cups. Each cup features LED color-changing lights, activated by a push button. The cups include a lid and a straw, so you can dance the night away without spilling a drop! The glasses are made of high-quality, reusable plastic. 

These cups look so cool they can act as functional decorations for your birthday, New Year’s, bachelorette, and other parties with friends and family. 

If you need cocktail ideas to fill your new fish bowl, look no further! Cocktails Cafe has plenty of large-batch cocktails, margaritas, and inspirations to keep your fish bowl full. 

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