Spooky Halloween Cocktail Glasses
Cocktail Glasses

15 Halloween Cocktail Glasses


Halloween is by far one of the best holidays when it comes to decor. Halloween decor is diverse, from cute ghosts to scary skeletons, with a little bit of something for everyone – including the ghost and ghouls with a cocktail in their hand.

You’re missing out if you’re serving cocktails in the same glasses year-round! Halloween cocktail glasses are an easy way to step up your drink presentation. Check out these 15 Halloween cocktail glasses to try in 2022!

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Glasses

Halloween Shot Glasses

1. Skull Shot Glass Set

This set comes with six crystal skull shot glasses. They’re made of high-quality glass that will last for more than just this Halloween. Each glass has a 2.6-ounce capacity making them larger than average shot glasses, but who says that’s a bad thing?

These shot glasses make great bar decor while still serving a practical purpose!

2. Friday the 13th Shot Glasses

Any Halloween lover knows Friday the 13th. Pay homage to the classic film with this set of 2 shot glasses! They’re made of high-quality plastic built to last for multiple uses. 

Each shot glass features a Freddy mask and “13th” with dripping blood.

Plastic Halloween Shot Glasses

3. Skull Shot Glasses

Halloween parties call for spooky shot glasses, but you don’t want to invest in a real glass just for it to get broken. This set of 12 skull shot glasses is perfect for your next Halloween party!

The glasses come in a variety of black, purple, and orange.

4. Neon Orange Shot Glasses

This set of 50 plastic shot glasses is ideal for a large Halloween party. Each shot glass is neon orange and reactive to UV lights. 

They’re affordable, too, so you don’t have to stress about keeping and reusing these glasses! If they get lost, broken, or accidentally thrown away, you aren’t out much.

Halloween Martini Glasses

5. Bat Martini Glasses

This bat martini glass proves that Halloween glassware is a work of art. The stem of the glass goes up into a bat holding the base of the martini glass. The glass itself can hold 9 ounces. 

As a bonus, the bat design can be used any time of the year. It isn’t necessarily creepy like some Halloween glassware, just a bit batty!

6. Waterford Lismore Black Martini Glasses

These lead crystal black martini glasses are a thing of beauty. A clear stem provides gorgeous contrast against the black martini glass with an intricate crystal design along the base. The deep black tone is a nod towards Halloween in a subtle, classy way.

Use these glasses during any special occasion, and you’ll feel like royalty!

Pottery Barn Halloween Glasses

7. Glass Skull Double Shot Glasses

Pottery Barn knows how to create glassware with the right balance of spooky vibes and timeless style. This set of 2 glasses features a skull in the center of the glass that’s raised from the base. When liquor is added, the skull looks like it’s floating.

8. Skeleton Martini Glasses

This 7-ounce martini glass is perfect for serving a cocktail at your next Halloween gathering. The top of the glass looks like any other martini glass, but the stem is unique.

A skeleton holds its hands above its head, holding the glass up. Nothing says Halloween, like having a skeleton hold your drink!

9. Skeleton Hand Stemless Champagne Flute

A fun take on a traditional stemless champagne flute is a must-have for your next celebration. A skeleton hand sits at the base of this champagne flute, grasping the glass. 

Serve champagne or a bubbly cocktail, and watch your guests react to the spooky design!

Dollar Tree Halloween Glasses

10. Halloween-Themed Skeleton Hand Plastic Cups

Dollar Tree captured the Halloween spirit in these plastic cups. A 2.2-ounce capacity makes these perfect for shots or small servings of cocktails. Since they’re plastic, you won’t have to worry about using them at a party, either! 

Kids can get in on the fun with mocktails in a small skeleton hand cup too.

11. Halloween-Themed Stemless Wine Glasses

These Halloween-themed stemless wine glasses are a cute take on a traditionally scary holiday. The cups have images of happy jack-o-lanterns, Halloween phrases, and friendly witches.

Each glass holds an impressive 18 ounces! 

Halloween Rocks Glasses

12. Culver Halloween Glasses

If you’re a cat person, this set of 2 glasses from Culver is a must. Black cats with hats and scarves are featured alongside a smiling pumpkin. Each glass holds 13.5 ounces, making it just the right size for a drink on the rocks.

If you want more than just a drinking glass, these will make a great candy dish on a desk or bar decor!

13. Double Layer Skull Glass

This double-layered skull glass is a stunning piece of drinkware. The exterior glass is the same as a normal rocks glass, but the second layer features a detailed skull. Your drink gets poured into the skull while the outer layer makes it easier to grip the glass and keeps your drink at the desired temperature for longer.

The reviews speak for themselves. Customers love this skull glass!

Disney Halloween Glasses

14. Nightmare Before Christmas Pint Glasses

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Disney classic that goes hand in hand with Halloween. While you probably won’t want to break these glasses out at a party, they’re a gorgeous piece to own for personal use.

Each pint glass holds 16 ounces. Four glasses come in the set, each with a different image from Nightmare Before Christmas.

15. Hocus Pocus Insulated Wine Tumbler

Stainless steel wine tumblers are a wonderful invention! Have the ability to keep your wine cold and a lid to prevent spills? Yes, please! This insulated tumbler references the biggest Disney Halloween movie of all time: Hocus Pocus.

The front of the glass says, “it’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus,” with a witch’s broom. 

Have Fun with Themed Cocktail Glasses At Your Monster Bash

Once you’re done shopping for Halloween cocktail glasses, you’ll need cocktail recipes to fill the glasses, of course. Cocktails Cafe is your resource for all things cocktails for every time of year, including Halloween! Find recipes for Halloween martinis, candy-inspired shooters, and more with Cocktails Cafe.

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