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10 Short Stemmed Martini Glasses


Martinis are a classic cocktail with vodka or gin combined with dry vermouth. Traditionally, they are served in a martini glass with a v-shaped bowl, a long stem, and a round base. 

However, there are now several versions of martini glasses, which are used for various cocktails. Usually, the cocktails served in a martini glass are chilled liquid without ice designed for you to sip on, so champagne, dessert drinks, and even wine or whiskey are also commonly poured into a martini glass. 

Today, we are going to focus on short-stem martini glasses, which are a newer variation of the tall martini glass. First, let’s look at the differences in the variations, and then we’ve rounded up the best 10 glass and plastic short-stemmed options for purchase.  

Short Stemmed Martini Glasses

Short Stemmed Martini Glasses vs. Classic Design vs. Stemless Design

Short Stemmed Martini Glasses

The difference between short stem, classic, and stemless martini glassware is all about how tall of the stem they have for you to hold. Classic glasses have the most stem, stemless have none, and short-stemmed glasses are in between. 

Traditional martini glasses have the most room to hold the glass without warming up the cocktail but splash really easily with movement. Stemless glasses are more stable and durable but have no way to pick them up without warming the cocktail. 

Short stem glasses offer the best of both worlds as they don’t splash as easily and are more durable while still giving you a safe place to hold. This is why they are the best choice for a casual get-together or formal party alike. 

Glass Short Stem Martini Glasses

1. Waterford Elegance Martini Glass

The Waterford Elegance martini glassware come in a set of two and are contemporary with a deep V-shape, thin rim, and pulled comfortable short stem. They hold ten ounces each. 

When it comes to cocktail glasses, Waterford is a well-known, high-end brand, so as expected, these are on the pricey side. However, the elegant design and increased quality make them worth the investment. 

2. Godinger Martini Glasses

Godinger has been in the bar and giftware industry since the early 1970s specializing in stylish crystal and metal products. 

These Godinger Martini Glasses are part of their Dublin Crystal Collection, featuring a classic crystal design and a short thick stem, making them sturdy. These glasses hold 5 ounces which are smaller than some but plenty of room for most cocktails. 

They come in a set of four and are under $30, making them a heck of a deal for the money and the perfect affordable gift for weddings.  

3. Mexican Handblown Modern Martini/Margarita Glasses

These Mexican Handblown Modern Margarita Glasses from Dos Suenos Artisan Glassware may be labeled as margarita glasses, but they are more of a martini v-shape, making them quite versatile. 

The Dos Suenos glasses are made of hand-blown lead-free recycled glass and have a stunningly colorful, raised design on the outside. The thick, short stem and weight made them far less delicate than your average glassware as well. 

Each one is hand-crafted, so they may vary in their exact dimensions, but you can expect them to hold up to 12 ounces if you fill them to the top. The set of four sells for around $50, which is quite affordable for a unique martini glass.

4. Libbey Clear Stem Martini Glass

The Libbey Clear Stem Martini Glass feature a unique z-stem style, are made in the USA, and are dishwasher safe. These hold just over 9 ounces and come in a set of 12. 

You may think that 12 is a lot, but if you host parties, you’ll find that it is just the perfect amount to have on hand. Also, for around $70, these durable, modern glasses are a fantastic value. 

5. Fortessa, Jupiter Martini Glasses

Fortessa was started by two brothers who believe in the experiences and happiness that happen around the table, which is why they created thoughtfully designed, long-lasting tableware and bar essentials. 

The Fortessa Jupiter Martini Glasses are an excellent addition to any home bar. They have a chunky stem that also doubles as the base, textured exterior, are dishwasher safe, hold a bit over 11 ounces, and come in three gorgeous hues. 

Overall these short stem martini glasses are reminiscent of vintage Parisian finds and can be snagged in a set of four for around $40. 

6. Truro Platinum Martini Glass by Michael Wainwright

Michael Wainwright has been selling his hand-crafted wares since the young age of 7. Several decades later, he is one of the top creators in the industry. 

These Truro Platinum Martini Glasses are inspired by the dunes and beaches in Turo, Cape Cod featuring an 8-ounce crystal v-shaped bowl atop platinum carved stout short stem. 

They are handwash only and over $150 for a set of two but are truly a beautiful luxury investment item. 

7. Charles Butterworth 1937 Martini Glass

These Charles Butterworth 1937 Martini Glasses are modeled after the prohibition era using real 1930s molds. 

They are on the smaller side, only holding about 4 ounces, and are shorter than classic martini classes. However, the short stem is highly detailed, as was popular in old Hollywood, leading to one of the most timelessly elegant looks. 

The two-piece gift set may not come in an embossed box, though it does have a small printed history of Charles Butterworth. 

Plastic Short Stem Martini Glasses

8. Uspacific Plastic Martini Glasses

Plastic martini glasses can be a great way to serve a martini, other cocktails, or desserts at large parties without worrying about how many glasses will be broken. These Uspacific Plastic Martini Glasses are 7 ounces, fully disposable, but still thick enough to hold up all night. 

They can even be washed by hand should you want to reuse them a couple of times. The Uspacific plastic glasses are BPA-free, recyclable, and come in a set of 30, working out to be about a dollar apiece. 

9. Exquisite Crystal Clear Martini Glasses

The Exquisite Crystal Clear Martini Glasses come in two separate pieces (the base and the cup) but can be easily put together. They also come apart for slimline storage if you want to rinse and reuse them, though they are disposable if you want a simpler clean-up. 

The glasses come in sets of 30, 60, or 144, so no matter the size of your event, Exquisite has you covered. It is also a budget-friendly item that lowers in price the more you buy.

10. D’eco Unbreakable Stemmed Martini Glasses

Tritan is a durable plastic-like material, BPA-free, shatterproof, looks like real glass, reusable, and dishwasher safe. Tritan doesn’t affect the taste either, which is important if you are serving wine-based cocktails especially. 

These D’eco Unbreakable Stemmed Martini Glasses have a larger stem than some on our list but are still shorter than many traditional options. They also have a more rounded bowl rather than a deep-v, so they slosh less though they still hold eight ounces. 


What is a short cocktail glass called?

A short cocktail glass is sometimes called a rocks glass, lowball glass, Old Fashioned glass, or stemless glass. 

Do martini glasses come in different sizes?

Yes, martini glasses come in different sizes in terms of height and volume.

What are small stemmed glasses used for?

Small stemmed glasses are used for parties when you don’t want to warm a chilled drink but don’t want to splash as easily.

Bottom Line

A short stem martini glass offers stability while maintaining a classy style. These are some of the best in the short stem martini category, so see which fits your budget and fashion and ship them right to your door. We promise they will come in handy for guests, a nightly wind down, or even a gift.

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