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25 Fun & Unique Halloween Wine Glasses


Opening a bottle of wine is always a good feeling, but it’s even better when you have the perfect vessel to drink it from. Wine glasses are a work of art that can be adorned with any theme you can think of, including Halloween! Skulls, bats, witches, trick-or-treating, and pumpkins make the perfect inspiration for a gorgeous glass.

You won’t make it through this list of 25 Halloween-themed wine glasses without buying one (or more!).

Fun & Spooky Halloween Wine Glasses

Enesco Get Smashed Wine Glass

This hand-blown hand-painted wine glass is part of the well-known Lolita brand. These feature a smiling jack-o-lantern alongside spiderwebs and glittery green leaves from a pumpkin vine. 

The stem is the same shade of glittery green, while the base is orange with the words “get smashed” painted in green. This cute and festive wine glass can be used for any occasion!

Bat Stem Wine Glass

An alloy metal stem looks stunning on this wine glass. The stem goes up into a bat that appears to be holding the glass upon its wings. The top is clear, allowing the bat stem to be the star of the show.

The glasses are made of high-quality materials but still must be handled with care. Hand rinsing with warm water and no soap is the recommended cleaning method to keep your bat glass looking good as new.

Stainless Steel Wine Goblet

This stainless steel and glass goblet is a bit smaller than other drinkware, but the incredible design makes up for it! Two skeleton hands come together to create the stem and grasp the bottom of the cup.

A stark black goblet with stainless steel detailing begs for this to be used during spooky festivities. Because of the smaller size, it can even double as a glass for whiskey and other liquor.

Beware Halloween Wine Stemware Set

The Beware Halloween wine stemware set captures a spooky cemetery scene from your favorite Halloween films. A twisted tree, bats, and tombstones stand out against the matte black glass of the cup. Each is a hand-blown work of art.

The glasses can be purchased in a set of 2 or 4.

Stemless Halloween Wine Glasses

Black Bats Stemless Wine Glass

This stemless wine glass is a true, deep black with bats engraved on the front. You won’t have to worry about the image wearing away over time since it’s engraved rather than painted, which is a nice perk!

This is in-season enough to be used during trick-or-treat festivities but elegant enough to use year-round.

Let’s Get Smashed Stemless Wine Glass

This stemless glass proves things don’t have to be scary to be Halloween themed! The gradient glass goes from orange at the base to clear at the top. Black lettering says “let’s get smashed” on the front in a friendly font alongside a smiling pumpkin. 

Skull Stemless Wine Glass

Nothing says Halloween quite like drinking out of a skeleton head. This takes festive glassware to the next level – the entire thing is the skull of a skeleton! It’s affordable and versatile. When you aren’t drinking from it, use it as gorgeous bar decor to showcase your love of the holiday.

Hocus Pocus Wine Glass

If you want to add something simple and fun to your wine glass collection, this is the one for you! A classic clear glass makes an elegant base, while the letters on the front will give you a laugh. The glass says, “hocus pocus, I need wine to focus,” paying homage to the Disney classic film Hocus Pocus.

Pottery Barn Halloween Wine Glasses

Skeleton Hand Stemless Glasses

Pottery Barn kept the design simple yet haunting with this glass. Clear stemless glass is being grasped by a skeleton hand at the base. It also matches other glasses from the Pottery Barn Halloween line, so you can create an entire collection of fun!

Skeleton Wine Glass

Another member of the Pottery Barn Halloween glassware collection is a traditional glass with a stem. Except the stem is a skeleton! The skeleton has its hands raised above its head to hold the glass. 

This skeleton wine glass is practical, too, though – the addition of a flat circle under the feet of the skeleton makes it effortless to sit it down between sips and perfect to serve at any spooky gathering. 

Plastic Halloween Wine Glasses

3 Spooky Wine Glass Set

Plastic drinkware is ideal if you’re hosting a party or sitting on the porch passing out candy to kids trick or treating. If you’re worried about your glass breaking, use plastic instead! 

This set of 3 features one each of purple, orange, and black glass. They’re reasonably priced, too, so you wouldn’t be breaking the bank if you bought more than one set for your next party.

Black Wine Goblets

Black may not be as exciting as some other wine glass designs, but it’s still the theme for the season. These plastic glasses come in a set of 12. Each is black plastic with a crystal design to imitate expensive, pretty glasses. 

Shopping for your other party supplies with be easy too. After all, everything matches black!

Set of 4 Plastic Wine Tumblers

These four plastic glasses are shatterproof plastic that can easily be washed and reused. The stemless design makes them ideal for entertaining, while the Halloween messages will keep your guests in the spooky spirit.

One glass has a ghost. Another has a spider with a web. The other two feature a witch and a jack-o-lantern, each with its punny phrase.

Insulated Halloween Wine Glasses

Witches Brew Wine Tumbler

Insulated wine tumblers are ideal when you’re outside walking with your kids while they trick or treat. To be fair, they also come in handy indoors when you want your wine to stay cool longer. This insulated tumbler even comes with a lid and straw!

The tumbler is white with a witch’s cauldron alongside a black cat and Halloween decor. There’s a sign above the cauldron saying “witch’s brew,” which sounds much cooler than calling it wine!

Halloween Queen Wine Tumbler

Celebrate your new title as royalty with another glass of wine! This tumbler was made for those who love Halloween and want the world to know it! The tumbler is a bright pumpkin orange color with black bats and a witch’s hat next to the words “Halloween queen.”

Scary Movie Wine Tumbler

If you like to spend the season rewatching classic scary movies, you need this tumbler by your side. The insulated cup is white with a message across the top saying, “in this home we….”

Below that message are images of iconic scary movie characters from Saw, Nightmare on Elm Street, and more! Each character has a message underneath that relates to the film’s storyline.

Hand-Made Halloween Glasses

Hand Painted Halloween Wine Goblet

If you don’t want to search for your dream Halloween wine drinkware, why not create it? This hand-painted glass has multiple customization options! The glass is clear with a black stem that comes up into spooky tree limbs going up the glass.

You can choose from 6 images to put on top of the tree limbs. Yours will be hand painted to match your exact specifications. You can also add text of your choice around the base of the glass.

Hand Engraved Black Skeleton Wine Stemware

This set is for you if you want a pair of glasses that scream Halloween with a romantic edge! The hand-engraved glasses feature smokey black glass with images of skeletons. You can choose if the skeletons are masculine and feminine images or two of the same to reflect you and your partner the best.

Hand Painted Halloween Glass Set of 4

These hand-painted wine goblets are a work of art. The glasses feature a mummy, ghost, Frankenstein, and jack-o-lantern. You can buy the entire set or individual glasses with the ghoulish monster of your choosing.

Glitter Halloween Wine Drinkware

Hocus Pocus Glitter Wine Glass

Anyone who loves Hocus Pocus would instantly recognize the figures on this wine glass, even if it is just the outline of their hair. The stem of the glass brings in a bit of glamour with a glittery orange design. The glass is sleek, timeless, and gorgeous!

Spooky Spiders Glitter Dipped Wine Glass

This glitter-dipped stemless wine glass says “spooky” on the front in black lettering. Dark purple glitter goes halfway up the glass and stops just below the writing. If you or your friends take a peek inside, you’ll find hidden spiders!

Ouija Board Glitter Wine Glass

What’s scarier than an ouija board? This glass makes it a little less terrifying by adding plenty of silver glitters! The entire glass is covered in silver glitter except for a square on the front that features an ouija board image. 

This one is so stunning it can easily be used as a centerpiece or mantle accent with the addition of a battery-operated tealight candle.

Target Halloween Wine Glasses 

Lilo and Stitch Glitter Halloween Glass

Target has brought the best of both worlds together for Disney lovers and Halloween fanatics with this Lilo and Stitch glass. The stemless glass features Stitch in a vampire costume with a gold glitter background. Despite the scary disguise, Stitch looks adorable as always!

Wine-O-Lantern Pumpkin Wine Glass

Lolita adds a bit of sparkle to Halloween with this Wine-O-Lantern glass. The stem features orange and green stones against a white base. The bottom is black with orange leaves that are perfectly drawn. The top of the glass has a 360 jack-o-lantern design that looks stunning from every angle.

Bride of Corkenstein Wine Glass

Frankenstein has a new look with the Bride of Corkenstein glass at target! A white glass features a painting of the bride of Frankenstein holding science instruments filled with a suspicious purple liquid. The back has a quote in bold red lettering, while the base says “Bride of Corkenstein.”

Say Cheers to Halloween!

Find more Halloween glassware and cocktail recipes with Cocktails Cafe! We want to help cocktail lovers enjoy their drinks in a whole new way with innovative recipes, high-quality glassware, and an understanding of where the liquor you drink comes from. Remember to check back often!

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