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5 Sweet Tart Shots

There’s a candy-inspired shot or cocktail for just about any type of candy you can name. From decadent chocolate recipes to sour lemon flavors, candy is a great place to pull inspiration for tasty drinks! Sweet tarts are another candy-turned adult beverage with a little creative thinking and a cocktail shaker. 

Sweet-tart shots are more popular than you might realize. Instead of waiting for a sweet-tart shot to show up on a cocktail menu, why not make your own? All the ingredients used in making sweet-tart shots are easy to come by and even easier to assemble. Lime juice, simple syrup, and blue curacao are among some of the most popular ingredients for sweet-tart shots that you likely already have in the kitchen!

These five sweet-tart shots are the perfect balance of tangy and sweet that you’re sure to love!

What Should a Sweet Tart Shot Taste Like?

Sweet Tart Shot

Sweet tarts are multi-colored candies that are the perfect combination of sweet and tart without being too sour. Every color has a unique flavor, so it’s no surprise that sweet tarts are one of the favorite candies for kids.

A good sweet-tart shot recipe should have the same flavor profile as the actual candy. Most shot recipes include sweet fruit-flavored ingredients, vodka for an extra kick, and something to add a bit of tartness. 

The adult version of sweet tarts is supposed to taste a lot like real candy and be a lot more fun!


5 Perfectly Tangy Sweet Tart Shots 

Sweet Tart Shot

By Mix That Drink

This sweet-tart shot recipe is easy to follow, and it captures the flavor of sweet tarts! You’ll need your vodka of choice, sweet and sour mix, Midori, and 7up. Midori has a signature melon flavor that pairs perfectly with a sweet and sour mix. 

Shake it all up in a cocktail shaker and pour. The shots will be a vibrant green color. Don’t be afraid to try different amounts of sweet and sour mix or 7up to change the level of tartness to fit your tastebuds. 

Raspberry Sweet Tart Shot

By A Lush Life Manual

Raspberry Sweet Tart Shot

Sweet tarts come in multiple flavors and colors. This recipe pays homage to the red-colored sweet-tart with a raspberry recipe that will make your lips pucker in the best way! Raspberry liqueur, southern comfort, and sour mix are all you need to create the flavor of a red sweet tart inside a shot glass. 

It takes just a couple of minutes to complete this sweet-tart shot recipe. Add ice to a cocktail shaker, place your ingredients inside, top with a shaking glass, and start mixing! Strain into a shot glass and get transported back to your childhood!

Sweet Tart Jello Shot

By Full-Form Today

Sweet Tart Jello Shot

You can’t talk about a great sweet-tart shot recipe without including a classic jello shot. This recipe is a lot of fun because you can choose your flavors! Start with some blue jello mix and boiling water. The only other ingredient you need is a flavored vodka or schnapps of your choice. 

Mix the jello into the boiling water until combined according to the directions on the box. Add in your flavored liquor. Finally, pout into shot glasses and place them in the fridge to set. Garnish the jello shots with a slice of lime or lemon for a gorgeous presentation!

Amaretto Sweet Tart Shot

By BlackTail NYC

Amaretto Sweet Tart Shot

The Sweet Tart shot featuring Amaretto is another bright green shot, but the taste is truly unique. The recipe calls for vodka, Amaretto, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and blue curaçao. The sweet-tart shot turns out to be a tasty cocktail you’ll want to try more than once! 

Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker before serving in a shot glass. Garnish with a lime wheel for a little extra tartness!

Tip: if you’re out of blue curacao, substitute triple sec with blue food coloring. 

Grape Sweet Tart Shot

By Shot – Cocktail – Recipe.com

Grape Sweet Tart Shot

Vodka, 7up, cherry juice, and grape schnapps are all you need to make a sweet-tart shot recipe that embodies the flavor of a purple sweet-tart. Shake with ice, pour into your glass, and drink responsibly!

The cherry juice and grape schnapps make this recipe perfectly fruity with a tart kick. Add a little lemon juice if you want to amp up the sour in this sweet-tart shot recipe.

Cocktail vs Shot Recipes

Cocktail VS Shot Recipes

It can be challenging to find the right recipe for a specific flavor. Sometimes, recipes are shown as a full-sized cocktail instead of a shot and vice versa. Don’t let this intimidate you! 

Navigating cocktail and shot recipes is as easy as cutting the recipe in half or doubling it. 

Shot glasses range from 1 oz to 3 oz. Calculate how much of each ingredient you’re using to make sure it can fit in your glass.

If all else fails, add ice to an old-fashioned glass and drink your shot a little slower

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If you’re excited to start serving these new recipes, just wait until you see what else you can create! Explore more sweet, sour, and fruity cocktail recipes at Cocktails Cafe today. 

From delicious red apple martinis to chocolatey cocktails, there’s no limit to the drinks you can make!

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