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The Best Mai Tai Glasses

Ever since the invention of the Mai Tai cocktail at Trader Vic’s in 1944, people have associated the fruity drink with tiki culture. They are, of course, right to do so. It was designed to be part of a tiki bar’s menu, after all – with the Mai Tai glasses being part of the allure.

When you sip that cocktail, the glass it’s served in matters. Tiki bars traditionally use highball glasses or tiki glasses that are approximately the size of a highball. It’s what helps make the Mai Tai look like it’s more islandy. 

Do you need some new Mai Tai glasses? We tested a bunch of glasses for this cocktail. Take a look at our top glass picks below. 

The Best Mai Tai Glasses

A highball glass might be the traditional way of serving this cocktail, but you can also go for a more tiki look. Check out our favorite options for bar owners and drink enthusiasts.

The Traditional

Are you the type of person who needs to have everything perfect and authentic? Then the easiest way to make this happen is to try it in the first type of glass it was served in – a simple highball. 

These glasses are stately and modern, ideal for the homeowner who wants to keep things more classy. (Hey, tiki is not for everyone.) It’s a must-have for any kitchen or bar, so you might as well get these elegant and durable glasses.

This particular set remains one of the most universally useful products for home bar owners. It’ll click well with almost any drink you serve, Mai Tais included. 

The Kahiko Tiki 

Libbey Glass is a company famous for making Mai Tai glasses along with other types of drinkware. You can get a plain glass similar to this, but why do that when you can make your bar tiki-ready with modern style? 

The Kahiko Tiki glass is perfect for people who like the lighter weight of glass, love the idea of a tropical world, and prefer simple prints. Elegant? Absolutely.

Clay Tiki Mugs 

If you love the idea of a tiki bar, then you may want to go for a different genre of Mai Tai glasses: tiki mugs. Typically made of ceramic, these mugs are tall, like highball glasses but have a more tiki look. They are also opaque and tend to be a “niche product” in certain peoples’ eyes.

This set of tiki mugs looks like clay but is easier to clean. They also will make it easy to tell whose drink is whose. Each mug is a different color and has a different face. If you love island style, these will ensure that you’ll always have tiki time!

What To Look For In Mai Tai Glasses

A Mai Tai is not just a cocktail. It’s an experience and a work of art. So, you might as well choose a good glass for it. This is what to watch for while shopping.


The beautiful thing about mixology and home bartending is that you can always pick a glass that works with your personal aesthetic. Some people prefer a classic, smooth highball glass. Others want a printed glass that is a little more along the lines of lowball. Tiki fans always go for a tiki look. 


You don’t want to have to buy new glasses every month due to breaks or fading. That’s why we suggest choosing sets that have an average rating of over 4.5 stars on the site you buy them from. Read a review about them before you buy them. 

If the review notes that those products will need to be cleaned by hand or that they are very fragile, rethink your purchase. They may be more high maintenance than they’re worth. You can get easy-to-clean sets from major brands like Libbey for a reasonable price. Why do more work than you need to?


If you are a bartender or homeowner who is a fan of a specific drinkware company, it’s worth keeping in mind. Libbey and other companies make a seriously nice Mai Tai glass. Certain drinkware brands also have a reputation for being collector’s items. 


What glass do you use for a Mai Tai?

Traditionally, Mai Tais are served in a highball glass. However, the tiki culture surrounding Trader Vic’s also made tiki barware a common choice, too. In certain restaurants, lowball glassware is also used. 

What size is a Mai Tai glass?

A Mai Tai glass can be anywhere from 6.5 to 13 ounces in size. Lowball tiki glasses are 6.5 to 7 ounces, while highball tiki mugs can carry as much as 13 ounces. 
If you are ready to split lots of drinks, we suggest a lowball set since each drink will be half the size of a typical Mai Tai. If you want help picking a mug size, it’s best to see a review on the products you want to buy. 

Key Takeaways

  • The perfect set of Mai Tai glasses is a must for home bars 
  • The classic glass of choice is a simple highball glass
  • Libbey Glass makes high–quality glassware to stock your bar with
  • Fun, themed glasses and tiki mugs are ideal for tiki parties 
  • A combination of durability, aesthetic, and price is key for glassware

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