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12 Jumbo Margarita Glasses


Margaritas are one of the most widely loved cocktails for a good reason. Margaritas are a crowd-pleasing drink that can be enjoyed in many different flavors and variations! A perfectly crafted margarita is a great addition to almost any meal, the perfect end to a long week, and the best party drink. But a nice margarita glass just makes them taste even better.

Having a good set of margarita glassware is essential if you like to host. Traditional margarita glasses hold anywhere from 6 to 10 ounces, but sometimes that isn’t enough. From Cinco De Mayo celebrations to birthday parties and ladies’ nights, extra large margarita glasses are always good to have around! Spend less time refilling glasses and more time drinking with these 12 jumbo margarita glasses.

Jumbo Blue Margarita Glasses

Set of 4 Aqua Spiral Margarita Glasses

This set of 4 features a gorgeous aqua spiral design with a green-tinted stem. Each glass is hand blown by an experienced glass worker for a product that’s not only built to last but truly one of a kind as well. 

The aqua spiral makes the picture-perfect addition to any flavor margarita you’re serving!

Set of 4 Hand Blown Aqua Blue Margarita Glasses

If you’re looking for large margarita glasses with a more opaque blue tone, this set of 4 aqua blue glasses is the answer. Large aqua blue swirls decorate the top of this glass, while the stem is crystal clear. 

Each glass is hand blown in Mexico using recycled glass. A 16 OZ capacity will keep guests happy as you party the night away!

Set of 4 Blue Rim Margarita Glasses

This set of large margarita glasses features a gorgeous cobalt blue around the rim and base of the glass. Cobalt blue glasses were especially popular in the 90s, but it never goes out of style! 

A 16 OZ capacity and hand-blown design make these glasses a worthwhile purchase.

Jumbo Margarita Hand Blown Glasses

Set of 4 Mexican Hand Blown Margarita Glasses

This set of glasses has a confetti design that looks slightly different from one glass to the next. The colorful design runs up the stem and fades out towards the top of the glass. 

This stunning confetti glass design is truly a work of art that can only be achieved by time, patience, and a lot of glass-blowing skill! Each glass has a 16 OZ capacity.

Set of 4 Mexican Hand Blown Blue Swirl Glasses

These hand-blown glasses feature the iconic cobalt blue tone in a stunning spiral design around the glass. Holding this glass will make you feel like you’re sitting in a high-end Mexican restaurant without leaving the comfort of your home! 

Despite the hand-blown design, each 16 OZ glass is sturdy and dishwasher-safe.

Set of 2 Hand Blown Glasses with a 24K Gold Rim

Who says there’s anything wrong with being a little extra sometimes? Take your margarita game up a notch by sipping out a hand blown 12 OZ glass with a 24-karat gold rim! Each set comes with two gold-plated spoons. 

These glasses are not only good for drinking, but they’d also look impressive as a display piece too!

Jumbo Plastic Margarita Glasses

Heavy Duty Shatterproof Jumbo Margarita Glass

This heavy-duty margarita glass has a massive 36 OZ capacity! A sturdy base and shatterproof plastic design make this glass reusable time and time again. No more stressing about cracked plastic or broken glass! The glass looks great, too – you’d never guess it was plastic if it wasn’t in your hand.

Neon Disposable Margarita Glasses

If you need large glasses for a birthday party or other celebration, these neon glasses are a great way to get the party started. The glasses come in 4 different neon colors, so your guests can choose their favorite! Each set includes 36 plastic glasses with a 12 OZ capacity. 

The cost of these glasses is low enough to use them as disposable cups, but they can easily be washed and reused too.

Set of 4 Heavy Duty Margarita Glasses

These 12 OZ glasses feature a minimalistic design that can match any decor. The clear glasses are made of heavy-duty, shatterproof plastic. A skinny stem and wide top make for a classic margarita glass design that can be quite versatile for other cocktails too! The glasses ship in a set of 4. 

Novelty Jumbo Margarita Glasses

Novelty Bride Jumbo Margarita Glass

If you’re a bride or have a friend who is, this 40 OZ novelty bride margarita glass is a must! The glass has a bridal veil and a blinged-out “bride” emblem on the front. If that isn’t enough, you’ll find more bling and some faux fur around the base of the glass.

This glass is eye-catching and sure to get a laugh! 

Tequila Bottle Novelty Margarita Glass

If you’ve ever wished you could drink your margarita straight out of the tequila bottle, you’re in luck! This 32 OZ plastic glass looks just like a classic Patron bottle. Instead of a tequila label, you’ll find a cute slogan that says “Margaritas Made Me Do It” on the front of the glass.

Fish Bowl Novelty Margarita Glass

Many Mexican restaurants have a jumbo margarita option called a fishbowl. Finally, you can enjoy your very own fish bowl margarita at home with this 55 OZ novelty glass! Put in multiple straws to share with friends, or enjoy it all for yourself on a special occasion. 

The glass is shipped with care and is meant to be reused. However, this plastic can’t be put in a dishwasher.

Enjoy Your New Extra Large Margarita Glasses

Once you’ve ordered your new glasses, you’ll need some tasty margarita recipes to fill them, of course! Browse more Cocktails Cafe content to find the perfect margarita recipe in any flavor you can imagine!

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