10 Fantastic Blackberry Brandy Drinks

10 Fantastic Blackberry Brandy Drinks

Is blackberry brandy good in drinks? We sure think so! It has just the right amount of fruity sweetness, combined with the warmth of brandy, that makes it an irresistible addition to so many different cocktails. We tried ten different blackberry brandy cocktail recipes that we think you’ll also enjoy. And, if you’re not familiar with blackberry brandy, we’ve included three of our top picks to put on your list the next time you head to the store. 

Blackberry Brandy Drinks

Blackberry Brandy Drinks

1. Blackberry Brandy Slush

by Taste of Home

Blackberry Brandy Slush

Blackberry brandy has such a deep, rich flavor that it’s often associated with “warming” drinks that are enjoyed during cooler weather. We love this Blackberry Brandy Slush because it’s a jewel-toned beauty that can be enjoyed any time of year. 

This is a large batch cocktail that’s perfect for a gathering; plus, it’s super easy to make! Blackberry brandy, sugar, frozen lemonade, frozen grape juice, and lemon-lime soda round out the ingredients list, along with a little water. This is tasty, cool, and gorgeous in any type of glass. 

2. Blackberry Sidecar

by Cake N Knife

Blackberry Sidecar

The brandy sidecar is a classic cocktail, but this recipe is a sweet variation that features both the richness of blackberry brandy and the lusciousness of fresh blackberries. It all starts by muddling the fresh berries in a cocktail shaker, then adding the blackberry brandy, triple sec, lemon juice, and agave. Feel free to substitute simple syrup for the agave if you don’t have it on hand. 

Shaken with some ice, this is a cocktail you’ll want to linger over. Don’t forget to save a few of the fresh blackberries to use as garnish!

3. Red Sangria with Blackberry Brandy

by Aubrey’s Kitchen

Red Sangria with Blackberry Brandy

If you enjoy sangria, grab your favorite pitcher and get ready to make what’s likely to become your new favorite sangria recipe. In addition to using a dry red wine, the blackberry brandy and amaretto add amazing flavor and complexity to the classic sangria. 

Once you have all the spirits in the pitcher, add a selection of your favorite fruits, like blackberry, orange, cherries, pineapple, or any other type of berry, until the taste is just perfect and delicious. Top with club soda and enjoy. 

4. Blackberry Margaritas

by Better Homes & Gardens

Blackberry Margaritas

You’ve probably heard of or imagined blackberry margaritas made with fresh or frozen blackberries, but this recipe takes it to an entirely different level, with the addition of blackberry brandy to the tequila for the ultimate berry-flavored margarita. 

In addition to the blackberry brandy and tequila, you’ll also want to grab some triple sec or orange liqueur, limes, lime juice, and lots of frozen blackberries. Blend it all together to create a nice, luscious consistency, and pour over ice. This one is absolutely delicious. 

5. Fruity Blackberry Bramble Cocktail

by Sidewalk Shoes

Fruity Blackberry Bramble Cocktail

We love the fruity taste and sweetness of this Blackberry Bramble, and it has earned a spot among our favorite cocktails. In this recipe, blackberry brandy is combined with gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and freshly muddled blackberries. This recipe actually calls for using blackberry liqueur, but brandy works just beautifully. If you have time, try making a batch of homemade blackberry brandy. That small detail will really take this recipe over the top. 

Combine the blackberry brandy and the other ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, and shake it vigorously. Strain and serve this beauty of a drink into a cocktail glass and enjoy. 

6. Blackberry Smash Bourbon Cocktail

by Artful Dishes

Blackberry Smash Bourbon Cocktail

Doesn’t a blackberry smash just sound fun to make? There’s just something about a cocktail that’s made with freshly muddled fruit and berries, and this one is divine. For starters, the combination of blackberry brandy and whiskey is nothing short of decadent. But, when you combine the muddled blackberries and fresh mint, and freshly squeezed lemon juice, you create one of those cocktails that you’ll be craving every Friday night. 

7. Jelly Bean Shooters

by The Spruce Eats

Jelly Bean Shooters

If you’re searching for shots that taste like candy, let us recommend these Jelly Bean Shooters by Spruce Eats. This is a super simple cocktail recipe that features only three ingredients. The first is blackberry brandy, which the recipe says you can substitute with grenadine, Sambuca, and Southern Comfort, all in equal amounts. 

This is a layered shot, so you have to pour each of the spirits carefully so that they don’t mix. But even if you don’t quite get it right on the first try (we didn’t!), they still taste just as good. 

8. Morning Wood Shot

by Tipsy Bartender

Morning Wood Shot

This is one of those fun but really tasty shots that you’ll want to serve at your next party. The blackberry brandy in these comes through as understated, but it adds just the right balance to these sweet treats in a shot glass. 

To make the Morning Wood, you need blackberry brandy, your favorite vodka, peach schnapps, and orange juice. Mix everything except the blackberry brandy in a cocktail shaker over ice. Then strain into shot glasses. Top with a splash of the brandy, and enjoy. 

You can also make this recipe and easily turn it into a regular full-sized cocktail and serve it in a highball glass garnished with a juicy orange slice. 

9. Sangria Jello Shots

by Princess Pinky Girl

Sangria Jello Shots 

Sangria turned into a jello shot? We know it sounds a bit crazy, but hear us out. This one is really good. The base of this shot is raspberry jello that’s mixed with blackberry brandy, red wine, and water. We tried this recipe as is, and it was great. 

However, we think it would also be yummy to substitute the water for pineapple or cranberry juice. Garnish with your favorite berries or whip cream, and enjoy. 

10. Kir Royale

by Miss in the Kitchen

Kir Royale

Of all of the blackberry brandy recipes on our list, this is one of the simplest and most elegant. You need just two ingredients (well, three if you count the fresh blackberries as garnishes). Blackberry brandy and your favorite champagne or sparkling wine are all you need. 

Make sure that the champagne is well chilled to start. Then add about a half ounce of blackberry brandy to each champagne glass, then top with champagne, drop in blackberry, and enjoy.

Best Blackberry Brandy

Hiram Walker Blackberry Brandy

Hiram Walker is a tried and true favorite among blackberry brandy. The berry flavor is rich, well developed, and just sweet enough to sip on its own or add a little something special to your favorite drink. We really like the “nose” of this brandy and how when you close your eyes, you can almost imagine a bowl of the freshest blackberries right in front of you. 

Leroux Polish Blackberry Flavored Brandy

If you’re looking for a blackberry brandy that’s smooth, easy to drink, but also a little higher in alcohol content than the typical brandy (sometimes you just want your drinks to have a little extra kick), Leroux Polish Blackberry Flavored Brandy is one to try. This one has a nice aroma of fruit that’s combined with a hint of floral. Beautiful and sippable. 

Jacquins Blackberry Brandy

We like Jacquins Blackberry Brandy for the fact that it’s well-rounded, offering nice flavors of fruit and sweetness without being too over the top in terms of richness. We also like that this blackberry brandy is affordable, so it’s perfect for those times when you need it for a specific cocktail recipe, even though you don’t drink it regularly. 


What does blackberry brandy mix well with?

Blackberry brandy is a lot more versatile than many people think. Blackberry brandy goes great with all sorts of fruit juices, including orange juice, cranberry juice, and lemonade. We also like to get creative with it and try mixing it with other spirits. Depending on the mood, we might try vodka, gin, white rum, or whiskey. It’s also fun to mix it with banana liqueur and vanilla ice cream for a fun, creamy, tropical-style frozen drink.

What soda goes with blackberry brandy?

Blackberry brandy goes well with a number of different sodas. Some favorites are adding blackberry brandy to a highball glass half filled with ice, then top it off with your choice of ginger ale, lemon-lime soda, club soda, or even coca cola.

Do you drink blackberry brandy straight?

There are no rules about mixing blackberry brandy in a cocktail in order to enjoy it. This is a liqueur that can certainly be enjoyed straight and with or without ice.

Enjoy Blackberry Brandy Your Way

Whether you like to sip it straight or experiment with how the flavors play in a luscious drink, blackberry brandy is a versatile and fun addition to your home bar. The next time you’re looking for something new to try, choose one of these drinks with blackberry brandy as the star of the show. 

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