Dirty Monkey Drink

Dirty Monkey Drink (AKA Dirty Banana) Recipes

A dirty banana or dirty monkey drink is more than a boozy milkshake. One single sip can take you right onto Playa del Carmen or the fancy Princess Cruises. 

They can use either vodka or rum as a key ingredient. No matter which you prefer, these luscious concoctions can bring some freshness near the poolside or make you dream of sunny days when sipping them in wintertime.

Rum Dirty Monkey Drink Recipes

Dirty Monkey Drink 

By Trop Rockin

Featuring bananas, Kahlua, and pineapple juice as dominant flavors, the original dirty monkey recipe is a sumptuous choice for creamy cocktail lovers.

Blend aged rum with coffee and banana liqueurs. Add half of a ripe banana, a splash of pineapple juice, and coconut cream, and blend until smooth.

Serve this delicious cocktail in a tall glass garnished with chocolate syrup and filled with crushed ice.

The Ultimate Dirty Monkey Drink 

By Occasional Cocktails 

The Ultimate Dirty Monkey Drink

Served in a fancy hurricane glass and topped with a dollop of whipped cream and maraschino cherries, the ultimate dirty monkey drink gives a twist to the classic recipe and makes it perfect for those who love cream rather than chocolate.

The best spirit for this one is dark rum rather than white. You can also make it vegan and dairy-free by replacing the dairy cream with a vegan alternative. In this case, the cocktail will also be low in saturated fat.

Slippery Monkey 

By Visit Aruba 

A delicious twist on the classic dirty monkey, the slippery monkey recipe replaces dark rum with coconut rum and adds vodka and Baileys to the list of dirty monkey ingredients. 

The recipe also uses crème de banana in addition to crème de cacao, but it ditches the pineapple juice. You can either use half of a banana or a dash of banana juice (a liquid concoction made with bananas).

With a higher concentration of alcohol than the classic mix, the slippery monkey can be made in large batches for a summer night party.

Dirty Banana Cocktail 

By The Spruce Eats 

Dirty Banana Cocktail 

While vodka is the preferred spirit for many dirty bananas, white rum is a classic substitute for those who want a dirty banana and dirty monkey mix.

A variation of both cocktails, this dirty banana drink recipe doesn’t include chocolate syrup or crème de cacao, but it maintains the Kahlua. 

The light cream, whole milk, and banana add the milkshake creaminess these cocktails are famous for.

Beaches and Sandals’ Dirty Banana Cocktail 

By CD Kitchen 

Ditching vodka for rum is sort of your thing? Then rest assured, this blended drink is perfect for you. 

Considered a copycat of the original Beaches and Sandals dirty bananas cocktail recipe, it uses rum, rum cream, simple syrup, bananas, and milk.

Pour in a blender, blend until smooth, and serve in a tall glass filled with crushed ice.

Banana Rum Drink 

By Wanderlust and Lipstick 

Dirty banana and dirty monkey cocktails may be summer staples, but these creamy concoctions also make a perfect cocktail for the winter nights spent in front of a fireplace. 

It goes without saying that you can prepare it in large batches, perfect for Christmas or New Year’s parties.

This popular cocktail uses ground nutmeg as a garnish for a festive feel. 

Dirty Banana – Jamaican Recipe 

By The Lost Tiki Lounge

Dirty Banana – Jamaican Recipe

Jamaica is known for its exquisite rum-based drinks, and this Jamaican dirty banana drink doesn’t disappoint.

This recipe swaps vodka for rum and mixes it with Kahlua and banana liqueur. 

Milk, single cream, and a fresh banana add the desired creaminess, whereas the crème de cacao adds the final touch. Serve in a tall glass and garnish with extra chocolate syrup, ground nutmeg, and a banana slice.

Dirty Banana 

By Liquor 

For a simpler variation of the Jamaican banana cocktail, ditch the crème de cacao, single cream, milk, and nutmeg. 

Blend the liqueurs (white or dark rum, banana liqueur, and coffee liqueur) with half-and-half, and one overripe banana cut into chunks – the ripe banana adds creaminess. Pour in a Collins glass filled with crushed ice.

Vodka Dirty Banana Drink Recipes

Dirty Banana Frozen Drink 

By Trop Rockin 

Dirty Banana Frozen Drink 

Dirty monkey and dirty banana cocktails share most of the ingredients. The main difference is the use of vodka in the classic dirty banana recipe as a key ingredient, along with Kahlua, coconut cream, and chocolate syrup. 

To make this cocktail extra creamy, add some heavy cream and a frozen banana – frozen bananas become creamier than the fresh ones in the blender. Or, to keep it on the lighter side, replace the heavy cream with whipped cream.

This drink is best served in a Pina Colada or parfait style glass garnished with chocolate syrup and topped with a maraschino cherry.

Frozen Monkey Cocktail 

By Hungry Couple 

Frozen Monkey Cocktail

More of a dirty banana drink than a dirty monkey, this recipe uses vodka instead of rum. 

Yet, the smooth vanilla ice cream and the coffee liqueur are a match made in heaven, and key flavors blend wonderfully with straight vodka.

Milk and fully ripe bananas add even more smoothness to the mix. Pour mixture into a chilled glass and garnish with a maraschino cherry before serving.

Alternative Dirty Monkey Drinks

The Chunky Monkey Cocktail 

By The Kitchen Magpie 

The Chunky Monkey Cocktail

If you love everything chocolate but aren’t huge on rum and Kahlua, make a dirty chunky monkey. This delicious drink is an excellent alternative to the classic dirty monkey cocktail.

The recipe is lighter on spirits, only maintaining the banana liqueur. It mixes it with milk, chocolate ice cream, chocolate drizzle, and dark crème de cacao. 

Pour into a hurricane glass, layering it with chocolate syrup as you go. Garnish with two fresh banana slices, and enjoy!

Dirty Monkey #2 

By Easy Cocktail Recipes

Dirty monkey is one of the most notorious creamy cocktails, but not everyone loves hearty – albeit delicious – drinks. If you’re hosting a party and want to satisfy all palates, you could propose this cocktail as an alternative.

It’s made with only two ingredients, 99 Bananas banana schnapps for the banana flavor and coconut rum. So, it’s perfect for making it on the spot, as it has a really short prep time.

Typically, it is served as a shot. But nobody stops you from enjoying dirty monkey #2 as a long drink served in a burgundy wine glass or a coupe. 


What is a dirty monkey made of?

The original dirty monkey drink is made of ripe bananas, coconut cream, pineapple juice, Kahlua liqueur, and Jamaican rum. Dirty banana drinks usually use vodka instead of rum.

How many calories are in a dirty monkey drink?

A classic dirty monkey drink made of the ingredients mentioned above contains around 360 calories. The nutritional value of each recipe may be slightly different, depending on the actual ingredients it contains.

A dirty monkey or dirty banana cocktail is perfect for all those moments when you carve delicious frozen drinks. They are perfect for blending in single servings and big batches alike and are true crowd-pleasers. 
You can even replace the dairy ingredients with their non-dairy counterparts to also delight the vegan palates. So, which one will you try?

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