Baileys Colada Recipes

7 Baileys Colada Recipes

Have you tried any Baileys Colada recipes lately? With a taste that’s tropical and creamy, there’s no reason to deny yourself any longer. 

Baileys is well-known for its classic Irish cream liqueur, but the brand doesn’t stop there. Creamy cocktails have been taken to new heights with flavored Baileys, including their Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, and Almande cream liqueurs. Baileys Colada is the newest addition and just what you’ve been missing to create delicious drinks that taste like summer!

Grab your blender, Baileys Colada, and a few other ingredients to make a drink that almost tastes too good to be true. You’ll feel like a master drink maker when you serve these recipes at your next pool party!

Baileys Colada Recipes

Baileys Colada

baileys colada recipes

Baileys Colada is a new, limited edition flavor from the brand that perfectly captures the tropical flavors of summer. Inspired by the classic Pina Colada recipe that originated in San Juan, creamy coconut and sweet pineapple flavors have been added to the classic Baileys Irish Cream you know and love. 

The result? A smooth, sweet, and delicious beverage that will transport you to a tropical vacation with every sip. Even when you can’t make it to a beach, you can pretend with these seven recipes.

Baileys Colada does not need to be stored in the refrigerator, but we recommend keeping it chilled, so it’s ready to enjoy whenever the mood strikes!

Baileys Colada Recipes

1. Baileys Colada

by Baileys

Baileys Colada

Take your classic cocktail pina colada recipe to the next level with this Baileys Colada recipe. Ice cubes, frozen pineapple, and Bailey’s Irish Cream Colada are blended until smooth. Rim tall glasses with finely chopped coconut before pouring the mixture in. 

Garnish with a fresh pineapple slice before serving. The result is a cocktail with the traditional colada flavors you expect amplified with irresistible Irish cream.

2. Spiced Rum Baileys Colada

by Homemade Food Junkie

Spiced Rum Baileys Colada

If you like a stronger cocktail, this recipe will hit the spot. With Bailey’s Colada, spiced rum, and light rum, there’s no shortage of boozy flavor happening. The alcohol is blended with frozen pineapple and coconut cream for just the right amount of added creamy sweetness.

Garnish with a fresh pineapple wedge and strawberry slice for added color after blending all the ingredients

3. Baileys Colada with Malibu

by The Sassy Foodie

Baileys Colada with Malibu

Malibu coconut rum amps up the coconut goodness in this Baileys Colada frozen cocktail. Dark rum, Malibu, Baileys Colada liqueur, cream of coconut, frozen pineapple, lime juice, and pineapple juice are blended to make the piña colada of your dreams.

Swap the dark rum for white rum if you want a sweeter, smoother drink.

Once all your ingredients are blended, compliment the strong coconut flavor with a garnish of fresh pineapple and a lime wedge.

4. Baileys Banana Colada

by All Recipes

Baileys Banana Colada

Do you know what goes beautifully with Baileys Pina Colada? Banana! While the standard recipe doesn’t include bananas, this recipe variation will have you thinking twice. Fresh bananas, banana liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, and coconut cream are blended with crushed ice in a blender until it reaches a milkshake consistency.

This recipe can be made with classic Baileys or Baileys Colada, but only one will bring the flavors of juicy pineapple into your drink.

5. Baileys Colada on Ice Cream

by Baileys

Baileys Colada on Ice

Vanilla ice cream tastes fantastic on its own, but the taste of coconut and pineapple makes a dessert you’ll be excited to serve every chance you get. With minimal prep time and no need to blend, you’ll be looking at cocktails in a whole new way!

Begin by scooping vanilla ice cream into a bowl of your choice. Top with finely grated coconut and raspberries. Pour Bailey’s Colada on top, then add fresh pineapple. 

This refreshing vanilla ice cream creation has the perfect balance of sugar, fresh fruit, and alcohol.

6. Tropical Baileys Colada Cocktail

by Who Needs A Cape

Tropical Baileys Colada Cocktail

This tropical recipe has two types of fresh fruit in the mix, so it’s basically a smoothie, right? Baileys, banana, pineapple, dark rum, and pina colada mix are blended with ice. You can easily double or triple the recipe to fill a large pitcher with multiple servings of Pina Coladas! 

Pour into a glass of your choice, then garnish with fresh lime and maraschino cherries. This is another recipe that can be made with classic Irish Cream in a pinch, but Bailey’s Colada will make for a much more tropical cocktail.

7. Baileys Colada Over Ice

by Baileys

Baileys Colada Over Ice

If you don’t have the time or ingredients for a full piña colada cocktail, you can still get the essence of a piña colada with Baileys Colada over crushed ice. As the ice melts, it will help thin out the liqueur too. If you want a bit more sweetness, try adding a splash of pineapple juice. 

Garnish with pineapple before serving.

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Can you drink Bailey’s Colada Straight?

Yes, this sweet and creamy beverage can be enjoyed straight from the fridge or poured over ice.

Where can you buy Baileys Colada?

Drizly makes it easy to buy Baileys Colada online.

What is similar to Baileys Colada?

RumChata Limon is a popular substitute for Baileys Colada, but the flavors aren’t identical.

How much alcohol is in Baileys Colada?

Baileys Colada has 17% ABV.

Find the best recipes for all your favorite Baileys flavors without spending hours searching. Cocktails Cafe has the recipes you need for every occasion, type of alcohol, and skill level, all in one place. 

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