5 Best Bloody Mary Glasses
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5 Best Bloody Mary Glasses

When it comes to selecting Bloody Mary glasses, there are no rules. While the connoisseur Bloody Mary drinker may prefer a traditional highball glass, the cocktail police will not be knocking at your door should you opt for a pint glass instead. Bloody Mary glassware should be large enough to hold the drink and its accompanying garnish, with a wide rim that still affords you enough space to get at the classic cocktail.

Next time you are in a well-stocked bar, you may notice they have all kinds of glassware. Their shelves will be stacked with a number of drinking vessels of all shapes and sizes, and the classic highball is often the first choice for a classic Bloody Mary. But it’s not the only choice.

5 Great Bloody Mary Glasses for Your Home Bar

Best Overall Bloody Mary Glasses

International Bar Flies Bloody Mary Glasses

These are elegant, are the same style that’s used to serve Bloody Marys at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, and they have the perfect weighted feel to not tip over when you load them up with all your favorite garnishes. Plus, the price is right, with this set of two coming in at under $30. 

Runner Up Best Bloody Mary Glass

Fred Good Measure Hangover Cocktail Recipe Glass

If you’ve ever indulged too much the night before and reached for a little “hair of the dog” the next day, this one by Fred can help you mix up a great Bloody Mary, even if your head is pounding. The amounts of tomato juice, vodka, and other ingredients are right on the glass in plain view. All you have to do is add them! 

Best Highball Glassware for Bloody Marys

JoyJolt Faye Highball Glasses

Sometimes, simple is best, and these classic highball glassware prove the point perfectly. These are 13 ounces, which is the perfect size for a brunch cocktail. This set includes six lead-free crystal glasses that are also dishwasher safe. 

Best Unbreakable Bloody Mary Glasses

Drinique Elite Tall Unbreakable Tritan Highball Glasses

Fragile glassware looks nice, but you might not be interested in replacing it every time one breaks. Condensation can make things slippery, and some drinkware is so fragile that it cracks if you set it down a little too hard. Save yourself the trouble and go with these attractive unbreakable glasses. They’re available in several colors, including red, blue, teal, and clear. 

Best Colored Bloody Mary Glasses

Artland Iris Highball Glasses, Cobalt Blue

These are gorgeous cobalt blue colored glassware (also available in green) and are made from attractive bubbled glass. They’re sturdy, come as a set of four, and are perfect for entertaining. If blue isn’t your vibe, the green looks nice with a lot of different Bloody Mary garnishes. 

Buying Guide


A highball is a tumbler used to serve ‘tall’ cocktails and other mixed drinks that contain a large proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer, such as Bloody Marys. It is often used interchangeably with the Collins glass, although highball glasses are shorter and wider in shape, and the extra width of the highball allows extra space for your Bloody Mary’s garnish.


When it comes to cocktail glasses, the age-old adage that size does matter rings very true. The much-loved Bloody Mary is often vaunted for its magical hangover-easing properties, and serving a thimbleful in a shot glass won’t be very helpful when it comes to putting a dent in the surface of most self-respecting hangovers.


The shape of a highball lends itself well to the Bloody Mary; hence, it’s the traditional choice. The bloody mary is a long drink, and the highball is a long glass with a typical volume of twelve to sixteen ounces. This shape gives you enough room for the ice and all your ingredients.

Another choice for your Bloody Mary is the Collins. It’s similar in shape to a highball but slightly taller and narrower. The main disadvantage of a Collins compared with a highball is its width. The Bloody Mary is well-known for its extravagant garnishes, and the wider highball glass affords more space for this.


Color is important only as far as aesthetics are concerned. While the choice of color is yours, many prefer the traditional clear glass, as it shows off the vibrant red of the Bloody Mary well.

Opting for colored glassware will change the presentation of your drinks but not the flavor. Pouring your red Bloody Mary into a blue-colored container will see the drink seemingly take on a purplish hue.

Dishwasher Safe

The final consideration when selecting your new bar accessories is how easy it will be to wash your new purchases and their longevity. When you opt for good quality, the thick glass will ensure your glassware lasts. Thick glassware is less prone to damage in the dishwasher or when hand washing and should last cocktail party after cocktail party.


What is the correct glass for a Bloody Mary?

A tall one, such as a highball, is a perfect choice – anything smaller won’t be very helpful, as it will be unable to hold your mix of ingredients.

What size should Bloody Mary glasses be?

They should be large enough to hold all the ingredients: a volume of twelve ounces is preferred.

Where to buy bar accessories online?

Set up an account with Amazon or Etsy. Keep in mind the points above when choosing your items; view the review section; note the price; confirm that they have it in stock and ship to the USA (or your home country); and add the items to your cart. Buy glasses that have adequate internal volume.

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