22 Of The Best Red Bull Cocktails

If you need a little pick-me-up while out partying, Red Bull cocktails are a great way to get a shot of caffeine and alcohol simultaneously and keep the night going. The unique flavor of Red Bull’s range of energy drinks can be the perfect partner for your spirit of choice, along with a few other simple ingredients, to give both your drinks and your night a lift. 

Whether you enjoy a classic cocktail, a shot of hard liquor, or a fruit-flavored drink infused with alcohol, why not mix things up a little the next time you need a burst of energy and opt for a Red Bull cocktail to keep the party swinging?

From the simple Vodka Red Bull to the more daring combination of six spirits in an Irish Trash Can, there’s a perfect Red Bull cocktail for everyone.

22 Of The Best Red Bull Cocktails

Vodka Red Bull

By Drink Lab

Red Bull has been used as a drinks mixer since the 1980s, and a simple cocktail mixed with vodka—a Vodka Red Bull—was one of the first popular cocktails using the energy drink.

Merely combine two shots of vodka with a full 8.4-ounce (250 ml) can of Red Bull over ice cubes in a highball glass, drink, and enjoy!

Cosmic Slushie

By Thrillist

Refreshing, cooling, and energizing, a Cosmic Slushie is the perfect drink for a pool party. The combination of Red Bull and vodka is complemented by the sweet citrus flavors of the triple sec and lime juice, and the caffeine and alcohol serve to keep the party going well into the night. 

Jager Bomb

By The Spruce Eats

When your party needs an injection of energy, Jager Bombs never fail. The classic party drink combines Jägermeister with Red Bull and is usually downed in one for an instant hit of booze and caffeine.

The simple mixed drink is put together by dropping a shot glass of Jägermeister, including the glass, into a beer glass filled with Red Bull. 

Spiked Watermelon Red Bull

By Love + Marriage

Spiked Watermelon Red Bull

Spiked Watermelon cocktails are easily put together, and drinkers love the sweet and refreshing watermelon taste combined with the tropical rum in the Malibu Watermelon.  

The watermelon flavors of this summery cocktail are augmented by the use of Red Bull’s special summer edition watermelon-flavored drink, and you can also add watermelon candy rings as a fun and complementary garnish to the drink. 

Vegas Bomb

By Chef Iso

A variation of the classic Jager Bomb drink, the Vegas Bomb comes with a little extra alcohol content. A Vegas Bomb is served as a single-shot glass of booze with a glass of energy drink on the side. Drinkers drop a measure of Crown Royal Flush into the glass and drink the whole thing together.

To prepare the Crown Royal Flush shots, combine the Crown Royal, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker with a couple of ice cubes and give it a shake. Pour this mixture into the shot glasses, and these are then dropped into the glasses of Red Bull and downed in one shot.

Cherry Bomb Shot

By Cocktails with Class

A sweet and fruity drink, the Cherry Bomb Shot incorporates the flavors of either cherry vodka or cherry liqueur with grenadine and, of course, Red Bull. Simply combine all the ingredients, give it a hearty shake, and fill up some shot glasses to serve.

Colt 45

By The Spruce Eats

If you’re looking for a bolder version of the classic Vodka Red Bull drink, the Colt 45’s blend of gin, Jägermeister, and Red Bull could be just what the doctor ordered. Serve over ice and enjoy that sweet blend of potent spirits, with our favorite energy drink providing an extra life-affirming flip.

Cactus Cooler 

By Sugar & Cloth

While the recipe for some cocktails can look a bit too complicated, the simplicity of this summer drink makes it a breeze to put together. Add vodka, peach schnapps, and orange juice into a shaker with ice, shake it all up, and fill your glasses to the brim!

Red Bull Italian Soda 

By Cooking with Janica

If you like your cocktails to be uncomplicated, you’ll love the recipe for the Red Bull Italian Soda. To put these unassuming cocktails together, you just need to add equal parts energy drink and club soda to a glass over ice. A simple, refreshing, and uplifting drink fit for any occasion.


By Easy Cocktail Recipes

This intriguing blend of gold tequila, strawberry liqueur, Red Bull, and lime cordial is always a winner. The potent mix is a great party starter, and its unique flavors may just become your favorite recipe for injecting energy into the evening.

Bull Rider

By Patron Tequila

Drinking this heady mix of Patrón, orange liqueur, pineapple and yuzu bitters, coconut syrup, and Red Bull will give you a burst of energy and the bright flavors of tropical fruits. If you’re a fan of fruity Pina Coladas and Mai Tais, this could become your new favorite cocktail all too easily.

Red Bull Piña Cocojito

By The Domestic Rebel

As you may guess from the name of this mixed drink, it resembles the love child of a regular Mojito and a Pina Colada. You will need Red Bull, coconut rum, and pineapple juice, along with mint and a lime wedge for garnish.

Combine all the ingredients in a lowball glass over ice, and enjoy – simple!

Tropical Red Bull Margarita

By Certified Pastry Aficionado

The fine flavors of tropical fruits—pineapple, mango, and guava—are combined with the ingredients of a classic Margarita and then boosted with the addition of Red Bull. The tropical mix, served over ice, is a refreshing cocktail with a great summery taste.

Don’t forget to salt the rim of the glass in true Margarita style!

Blue Balls Energy Drink Cocktail

By Aspiring Winos

This delightful little number requires you to stock up on one of Red Bull’s special edition energy drinks—the blueberry-flavored Blue Edition. Other ingredients to gather include frozen blueberries, Simply lemonade, and Grey Goose vodka.

This is the perfect cocktail recipe for a hot day or a summer’s evening, but be sure to serve it over plenty of ice.

Raging Red Bull

By Tulleeho

For a Red Bull drink that packs a heavyweight punch, the triple dose of alcohol—vodka, tequila, and gin—in a Raging Red Bull would leave you on the canvas if it weren’t for the energy-giving Red Bull. Simply mixing the ingredients and serving them in an ice-filled highball glass is all that’s needed to prepare this knockout cocktail.

Bitter Bull

By Make Me A Cocktail

The Brazilian cachaça is a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice and its sweetness balances out the bitterness of the Red Bull and Campari in this energy-giving cocktail recipe. A dash of lemon juice and a lemon twist as a garnish will subtly add to the overall flavors of this bittersweet Red Bull cocktail.

Vitamin C Red Bull Cocktail

By Cooking With Janica

Simply mix equal parts orange juice and orange vodka with half a can of Red Bull for the consummate pick-me-up cocktail. It’s the perfect drink if you’re feeling a little jaded from the night before or if you’re starting to fade before the party is over.

Irish Trash Can

By Julie’s Eats And Treats

Heavy on the liquor, you may be wondering if the combination of vodka, Red Bull, gin, rum, blue curacao, peach schnapps, and triple sec in this drink will taste good. Well, fear not, the unique drink is a variation of a Long Island Iced Tea, without the tequila and using Red Bull as the mixer instead of cola, and may just become one of your favorite drinks.

Jagerbomb Jello Shot

By Food

To prepare these party staples, heat up the Red Bull and stir in the jello until it is completely dissolved. Then add in some water, vodka, and Jagermeister, pour into plastic cups, and leave in the refrigerator for around four hours to set.

Not funky enough? Switch out the water for tonic water, and not only will these jello shots taste good, but they’ll also glow in the dark!

Vegas Bomb Jello Shot

By Tipsy Bartender

To change things up a little with your jello shots, why not try this variation of the Vegas Bomb by dissolving peach jello into boiling water and pouring in some Red Bull before letting it cool? Once the jello mixture has cooled, add the Crown Royal and coconut rum, stir, and pour into shot glasses. Refrigerate for a few hours until it sets.

Touchdown Red Bull Jello Shot

By Sweet ReciPeas

The perfect addition to your next Super Bowl party, these orange-flavored jello shots are simple to make, taste great, and can give any party an energizing lift. To make these shots, you just need three ingredients: Red Bull, orange gelatin, and mandarin vodka.

Make sure you prepare them well in advance so they have plenty of time to set up before your guests arrive. 

Vodka Red Bull Jello Shot

By Food Republic

While the classic Vodka Red Bull doesn’t need tinkering, you can easily do so by adding in some gelatin and turning it into a Vodka Red Bull Jello Shot. 

To make around twenty individual, more-solid servings of the classic cocktail, you just need one 12-oz can of the energy drink, a cup of your favorite vodka, some cherries, and a pack and a half of unflavored gelatin.


What alcohol mixes good with Red Bull?

Red Bull and vodka is the classic, but Red Bull mixes well with lots of spirits, from fruity peach schnapps to whiskey. 

What are Red Bull and alcohol called?

It depends on what you’re mixing it with. The classic Red Bull cocktail is simply a Red Bull & Vodka. The Cosmic Slushie and Irish Trash Can are a couple of others. 

Is it ok to mix Red Bull and alcohol?

Red Bull can be mixed into cocktails without worry. Keep the caffeine content in mind. Even though you might feel you’re balancing it out with alcohol, you don’t want three or four cans of the stuff flowing through your system at once. 

Key Takeaways

  • Red Bull mixes well with a variety of alcohol
  • Red Bull cocktails go far beyond the standard RedBull and vodka
  • Try one of Red Bull’s different flavors when making your next drink 
  • Keep moderation in mind – there’s still more than 110 mg of caffeine per can

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