Alabama Slammer Test Tube Shots

Alabama Slammer Test Tube Shots

Alabama slammers are one of the most common shooters but are also sometimes known as the Southern Slammer. It seems to have originated from the University of Alabama in the 60s or 70s as a popular campus shot, hence the name. 

Since then, it has been made into a cocktail and has even become a sought-after shooter in bars across the country. You can frequently find Alabama Slammers as test tube shots which are most often served by shot girls or shooter girls in night clubs and bars.

Luckily, you don’t have to rave the night away to enjoy the amazing taste. Premade test tube shots can be bought, or you can make them yourself for a party at home with friends. Here’s everything you need to know no matter whether you decide to go store-bought or homemade. 

Buying Test Tube Shots

Buying Alabama Slammers test tube shots is an easy solution when you don’t want to keep making them for a crowd (or for yourself!) since all you have to do is grab and go. It’s an easy way to keep the fun going all night without the effort. Luckily, they are simple to find as well.  

Where to Buy Test Tube Shots

Alabama Slammer test tube shots can be found both online and in your local stores. There are a couple of benefits to buying online. For one, you can look at reviews to ensure the brand is what you are looking for. 

Secondly, if your local store is out of them or doesn’t happen to have your favorite, you can surely find it in stock online. The main benefit to buying in-store is that you can get them immediately and you don’t have to prepare in advance. 

One of the Best Alabama Slammer Tube Shots

Many companies sell shots ideal for a grab-and-go option, but our favorite Alabama Slammer test tube shot is Tooters. You can find it by the case here or singles options here.

Make Your Own Alabama Slammer Shots

If you don’t want to break the bank when serving multiple friends, making your own Alabama Slammer shots is not hard to do at home. Let’s go over the ingredients and equipment you’ll need as well as some tips to help out. 

Alabama Slammer Ingredients

There are three main spirits that make up Alabama Slammers. 

The first is sloe gin, which has a lower alcohol content than regular gin. It is also sweeter and made from the sloe berry rather than the juniper berry. It tastes earthy and sweet and has hints of plum and almonds. However, it is highly dependent on ingredient quality, so if you are going to splurge on one of the necessary liqueurs for your Alabama Slammers, it should be the sloe gin. 

Amaretto liqueur is another ingredient in Alabama Slammers. Amaretto is a nutty, bitter, sweet Italian liqueur that is made with different ingredients depending on the brand you choose. Most people generally agree that it tastes like almonds, though it is often made with apricot kernels. 

Southern Comfort is the final spirit needed for Alabama Slammers. Southern Comfort is actually a neutral grain-based spirit with peaches, vodka, and spices. It originates in New Orleans and brings powerful flavors that are reminiscent of the area. 

The combination of these three ingredients makes up the alcohol content of Alabama Slammers, but orange juice is the mixer that ties them all together, so you’ll need some orange juice as well. 

Equipment You’ll Need

Though you can always make do with what you have, the proper equipment you’ll need to make Alabama Slammer shots in test tubes include the test tubes, a foam rack, a funnel, a jigger, and a cocktail shaker. 

When it comes to the test tubes, there are a ton of fun options like neon orange tubes,neon pink tubes, or even blue tubes. sells classic Tube Shotz, which come in a variety of colors. These convenient Tube Shotz are labeled, so there is no mistaking what is in them. 

Of course, if you didn’t want to make the effort of getting the tubes, you could always use a shot glass instead. The foam rack is the best for holding the tubes and is sold separately at the link above as well, but if you went with shot glasses, you could put them on a shot tray instead. 

The funnel, jigger, and cocktail shaker are what you’ll need to measure, mix, and pour the drink into the test tubes. A jigger will ensure that you get the proper ratios, while the cocktail shaker makes it easy to mix and chill over ice.


  • Try adding a splash of lime juice, cranberry juice, or fresh fruit punch.
  • Make sure you shake for about 10 to 15 seconds. Any less, and it won’t be cold, and if you shake for more time, your shooter will be diluted.
  • Double or triple recipes to make more shooters at one time. 

2 Alabama Slammer Shot Recipes

Though we have gone over the basics, we have gathered two Alabama Slammer shot recipes just in case you need specific recipes to reference. 

Alabama Slammer Shooter

By The Spruce Eats

Alabama Slammer Shooter

The Alabama Slammer Shooter recipe by The Spruce Eats is a classic and contains all of the usual ingredients, including sloe gin, amaretto liqueur, Southern Comfort, and orange juice. 

You simply have to shake the given proportions over ice and strain them into your desired glass. The Spruce Eats recommends a rock glass since this shot is a higher volume. They also give you a few alternative ways to make the recipe, just in case. 

Alabama Slammers

By Difford’s Guide

Alabama Slammers

The Difford’s Guide recipe for an Alabama Slammer contains one main difference from The Spruce Eats recipe. Difford’s Guide adds lime juice which cuts the sweet taste in a nice way. They also recommend using fresh-squeezed juice to create the best flavor.

Serve Alabama Slammers at Any Party

Alabama Slammers is a sweet drink great for any party. Whether you are creating them yourself or you purchased them from the store, bring the bar to a night in and have some fun! Even if your guests have trouble remembering different shooter names, they will remember this one!

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