The Best Skinny Girl Mojitos
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The Best Skinny Girl Mojitos

Are you looking for a lighter version of the popular Mojito cocktail? We have got you covered. 

After searching through the options, we found the six best skinny girl mojito mixes and six of our favorite skinny mojito recipes. To make our list, we ensured that each mixer and recipe has great reviews, is made with quality ingredients, and contains less sugar and calories than a traditional mojito.

Keep reading to decide which to go with, but first, let’s talk about the classic mojito and what makes a skinny girl mojito “skinny.” 

A Classic Mojito

A classic mojito is a Cuban highball cocktail made with white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. Several variations have been created over the years, including adding fruity flavors or switching up the base spirit, but one variation that is quite popular is the skinny girl mojito.

What Is a Skinny Girl Mojito?

Skinny Girl is actually a brand that focuses on creating ready-to-drink low-sugar and low-calorie versions of the most popular cocktails and wine. 

However, they were one of the first to create low-calorie cocktail options and have been such a powerhouse in the cocktail market that when other “light” recipes and beverage products came about, people referred to them all as skinny girl versions. 

So while a low sugar and reduced-calorie mojito might be called a skinny girl mojito from time to time, it should actually be referred to as just a skinny mojito. 

Skinny Mojito Mixes

Skinny Girl Ready-to-Serve Mojito

Skinny Girl Ready-to-Serve Mojito

Skinny Girl is the brand that started the “skinny cocktails” trend, and they have mastered tons of different flavors, becoming the market leader for low-calorie wine and pre-mixed cocktails. 

Their Skinny Girl Ready-to-Serve Mojito is by far our favorite skinny mojito mix, and the best part is that, unlike the others on our list, it already comes with the alcohol in it. The Skinny Girl Ready-to-Serve Mojito is 9.95% alcohol by volume and is around 32 calories and 2 grams of carbs for a 1.5-ounce serving. 

The cocktail is made with Cruzan Rum, citrus, and mint, so simply pour it into a glass over ice and garnish with fresh mint leaves and a lime wedge. It is a light, refreshing drink that is easy and perfect for your next party this summer with friends. 

Skinny Mixes Mojito Mix

Jordan’s Skinny Mixes is known for creating bold, flavorful cocktail mixers that are very low-calorie and zero-sugar. The Skinny Mixes Mojito Mix has a great balance of fresh mint and tart lime flavor without too much sweetness, just like a classic mojito. 

It is only five calories, one gram of carbs, and zero sugar per serving. Additionally, it is made in the USA and is Kosher, gluten-free, and GMO-free. Shake with white rum if you want to go traditional, or sub in vodka or tequila for a little twist.   

RSVP Skinnies Cocktail Mixers Mojito Twist 

RSVP Skinnies Cocktail Mixers are a convenient option since they come powered in individual packets, making them easy to take on the go to a party or the beach to make a single cocktail without opening a large bottle that will go bad. 

The RSVP Skinnies Mojito Twist flavor is just as delicious as all of their flavors. Just stir the Mojito Twist packet into water or club soda, add a shot or two of silver rum, and garnish with a fresh lime slice and mint leaves. Each packet is zero calories, plant-based, gluten-free, and has zero sugar.

Baja Bob’s Mojito Mix

Baja Bob’s Mojito Mix is a tasty zero-sugar mojito mix with only ten calories per serving. Each bottle makes eight cocktails, and Baja Bob has even included a 75-calorie skinny mojito recipe on the back! 

To make it, shake together an ounce of rum and three ounces of Baja Bob’s Mojito Mix with ice until frothy. Pour it over muddled mint and crushed ice, then add an optional splash of club soda or seltzer for some bubbles. It’s that easy!

Craftmix Cocktail Mixers

Craftmix Cocktail Mixers

Craftmix Cocktail Mixers are another powered packet option, and their mint mojito is one of our favorites. It has 25 calories and 6 grams of carbs per packet. 

Craftmix is made with real fruit juice powders and is dairy-free, soy-free, cholesterol-free, vegan, and sweetened with stevia leaf extract, so you can trust what you put in your drink! Mix the Craftmix Mint Mojito packets with one shot of white rum and two shots of sparkling water, then serve over ice.

Splash Mojito Premium Cocktail Mixer

Splash Mojito Premium Cocktail Mixer is heavy on the minty flavor with just enough citrus tartness. All you have to do is mix it with rum, but we always like a bit of seltzer to add some carbonation. 

Splash Mojito is less than 25 calories and 5 grams of sugar per serving, is certified gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and Kosher-certified, and is made with natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. 

Skinny Mojito Recipes

1. Skinny Mint Mojito

by Skinny Mixes

Skinny Mint Mojito

Skinny Mixes, one of our favorite mojito mixes from earlier, has created its own tasty skinny mint mojito recipe. 

To make it, add some mint leaves and fresh lime juice to a shaker and muddle it together. Then to the same shaker, add rum, ice, and a half cup of Skinny Mixes Mojito Mix and shake vigorously. Pour it into a glass, top with soda water, and garnish with lime.

2. Skinny Mojito

by Julie Blanner

Skinny Mojito

This Skinny Mojito cocktail by Julie Blanner is the perfect summer drink and is only 79 calories! 

First, muddle mint and lime juice together, then shake that concoction with rum and ice. Pour into a glass without straining and top it off with Sprite Zero, giving you yummy bubbles and making it sweet. Garnish with a sprig of mint, lime, or both. 

3. Skinny Mojito Cocktail

by Bacardi

Skinny Mojito Cocktail

Bacardi is probably the most popular rum used to make mojitos due to its great taste and affordable price. Embracing this, Bacardi has developed an easy skinny mint mojito recipe. 

Begin by putting Bacardi rum, lime juice, and mint into a highball glass. Smash the mint to release the oils and add crushed ice, stir, and top with a splash of club soda. Finish it off with more crushed ice and a garnish. 

Keep in mind that this recipe does not have any sweet component, which is great if you want a minty tart flavor, but you can always add simple syrup or a sweetener of your choice, depending on how you like your mojito. 

4. Skinny Mojito Cocktail Recipe

by The Southern Source

Skinny Mojito Cocktail Recipe

This Skinny Mojito Cocktail Recipe by The Southern Source uses all of the flavors and ingredients of a classic mojito but swaps the simple syrup for liquid Stevia sweetener to create a skinny version. 

Like many of the other recipes, to craft this one, muddle lime, Stevia, and mint, then add rum and ice. Shake it well, pour all the contents into a glass, and then top it off with club soda. 

5. Skinny Strawberry Mojito

by The Delicious Spoon

Skinny Strawberry Mojito

The Delicious Spoon’s Skinny Strawberry Mojito recipe puts a fruity twist on a traditional mojito while still keeping the sugar and calories low. You’ll need sliced strawberries, fresh mint, lime, Stevia, white rum, and Orange Perrier. 

Make it like the other skinny mojitos. Muddle everything except the Perrier together, then top with the Orange Perrier, so you don’t lose the carbonation. This recipe is just over 110 calories and only has about 3 grams of carbs. 

Don’t like strawberries? Try it with any of your favorite fruits!  

6. Skinny Lemonade Mojito

by A Paige of Positivity

Skinny Lemonade Mojito

A Paige of Positivity has taken a mojito which is already refreshing, and has taken it up a notch with their Skinny Lemonade Mojito recipe. This is one of those drinks you won’t want to miss out on sipping. 

It has fresh mint, lemon or lime juice, white rum, Stevia, and Simply Light Lemonade which packs a big flavor and is fun without extra calories or sugar.  


What is in a Skinny Girl mojito?

A Skinny Girl Mojito is Cruzan Rum with citrus and mint. 

What can I put in mojito instead of sugar?

Instead of sugar, you can use a diet lemon-lime soda or artificial sweeteners. You could also use natural sugars like honey or agave. 

How many calories are in a skinny mojito?

There are between 80 to 130 calories in a skinny mojito, depending on which recipe or mojito mixer you choose. The average number of calories in a skinny mojito is around 100. 

How many carbs are in a skinny mojito?

In a skinny mojito, you can expect between 0 and 4 carbs depending on which sweeteners and ingredients are used. 

Bottom Line

If you love mojitos, these light, easy recipes and skinny girl mojitos mixers will give you all the flavors of the classic without the prep time or high sugar content. Whether you just grab a mixer or craft these skinny mojito cocktails yourself, when you taste them, you won’t even miss the high-calorie original! 

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