Best Mint for Mojitos

The Best Mint for Mojitos

From a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby to a whiskey smash at a barbecue, mint cocktails are a refreshing choice on hot summer days. Then, there is the mojito, and you absolutely need the best mint for mojitos when making a batch of your favorite drink.

There is nothing better than an ice-cold mojito in the spring or summer or any time of year, really.

Despite having other ingredients, arguably the most important component of a mojito is truly the mint. After all, it is what gives this rum drink its signature flavor.

Though fresh mojito mint is the most authentic choice, several other mints will make a good substitute. 

Today, we are going to dive into our top choices when it comes to the best mint for your mojito, as well as a few things to consider, but first, let’s review what’s in a classic mojito.  

Components of a Mojito

Components of a Mojito

Classic mojito recipes contain simple ingredients like white rum, mint, granulated sugar, lime juice, and club soda. 

When making a mojito, you want to muddle mint with granulated sugar and lime juice to release the oils in a tall, sturdy glass using the end of a wooden spoon or cocktail muddler. Then, add crushed ice cubes, white rum, and club soda. Garnish with a lime wedge and more mint. 

Some variations include using soda water, tonic water, or sparkling water instead of club soda, simple syrup rather than granulated sugar, and whole lime slices rather than just lime juice. 

Many people often have a hard time keeping fresh mint on hand, but dried leaves, extracts, and pre-made syrups are good alternatives to still get the minty taste in a cocktail without worrying about keeping an herb fresh. 

Fresh Mint for a Mojito

TastePadThai Fresh Mint Leaves

Best For Fresh

The bundle from TastePadThai is a variety with a hint of cooling menthol and aromatic leaves. It’s a bit stronger than traditional mojito mints but is our top choice in the fresh category as it never gets overpowered by the white rum without being over the top. 

Farmers Market Organic Local Mint

Farmers Market has a standard flavor with large leaves that are great for any mojito recipe. It also comes from local farmers using organic practices. So, if you prefer local, organic ingredients for your cocktails, this is an excellent choice. 

Bonnie Plants Live Sweet Mint

An option you might not have thought of is a live plant! Bonnie Plants offers live plants that have a touch of cooling menthol and are a great way to keep your herb fresh between drinks. 

Dried Mint for Mojitos

Anthony’s Organic Spearmint Leaves

Best Dried Option

Anthony’s Organic Spearmint can be put directly into your cocktail, made into tea, or even added to a bath! These are also USDA-certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.   

Litehouse Freeze Dried Mint

The Litehouse Freeze Dried Mint retains a ton of flavor due to the process of freeze-drying. You’ll need much less when using this in a cocktail recipe, so mix it in first and add more later if you need to!

Eat Well Premium Foods Crushed Mint Leaves

Eat Well Premium Foods Crushed Mint is the best choice for those who prefer strong cooling minty flavors since the leaves are a peppermint variety which means they have a higher menthol content than other mints. 

Minty Extracts, Syrups, & Mixers for Mojitos

Torani Mojito Mint Syrup

Best Syrup Option

Torani is known for its high-quality line of flavored syrups, and the mojito mint syrup is just as great as the rest. When you make a mojito or any drink recipe using the Torani syrup, you can omit the sugar and the mint it calls for since the mixture is already minty and sugary. 

Oak Alley Plantation Mint Syrup

Oak Alley Plantation Mint Syrup is less concentrated than others, so it is perfect for those who want just a hint of minty flavor in their drink. For a non-alcoholic drink, try the iced tea recipe on the back of the bottle!

Frontier Co-Op Organic Mint Oil

Frontier Co-Op Organic Mint Oil is certified organic and kosher, has no sweeteners or artificial ingredients, and provides a burst of minty goodness with just a few drops. It comes in a glass bottle, too, so it stores well and retains its flavor for a long time. 

Best Mint for a Mojito Buyer’s Guide

Best Mint for a Mojito Buyer’s Guide

Types of Fresh Mint

Types of Fresh Mint

There are hundreds of species of plants in this family. Some of the more common varieties include chocolate mint and peppermint, as well as spear, orange, sweet, ginger, and mojito varieties. 

All of these will work just fine for a mojito, though sweet, spear, and mojito varieties are the best for balance. 

Chocolate mint is better for creamy applications, and while peppermint can be used for cocktails, it should be used sparingly because of its strong menthol concentration. 

Mojito Mint Vs Spearmint

Mojito Mint Vs Spearmint

Mojito mint and Spearmint are often used interchangeably, though they have different flavors. 

The main difference in taste between mojito (mentha x villosa) and Spearmint (mentha spicata) is that the former has a milder flavor and citrus notes, while the latter has a stronger, cooling flavor.

Mojito mint originates in Cuba, where the mojito was invented and is technically the preferred choice for a truly authentic mojito. 

However, many people use Spearmint when making mojitos because it tends to make it more refreshing, especially on a hot summer day, and is more widely available. 

Plant Your Own Mojito Mint Plant

Plant Your Own Mojito Mint Plant

Instead of buying it from the store, grow mint plants in an herb garden to have cocktails whenever you want them! 

Having your own plant at home means that you’ll always have fresh herbs around, so you don’t have to worry about going to the store or a big batch going bad. 

Above, we linked a live plant that you can buy, though let’s talk about starting your mini garden from scratch.

Mojito Mint Seeds

Mojito Mint Seeds

As we mentioned, there are a ton of varieties that you can plant in your garden; however, Spearmint will be the most versatile to use in other things, too. 

You could also go all out and get a six-variety pack of mints to mix it up if you really want to commit! 

Pro tip: Plant basil in your herb garden as well because it is great for a drink and for cooking, of course. 


Can You Freeze Mint Leaves For Mojitos?

Yes, you can freeze mint leaves for your favorite mojito recipe as a long-term storage option. Just freeze them into simple syrup or water in an ice cube tray for easy portions to use later!

Sweet Mint Or Spearmint For Mojitos?

Sweet Mint and Spearmint are both good for a mojito as Sweet Mint is a variety that includes similar flavors to Spearmint, which is the most common and preferred mint for mojitos. 

Can You Use Mint Extract In Mojitos?

Yes, you can use a mint extract in a mojito, though be careful because it is often more potent!

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