The Funniest Cocktail Names

The 19 Funniest Cocktail Names

Cocktails are not just a welcome addition to any happy hour or party, but there are a few ways you can make cocktails more of a star. Cocktails with weird drink names are a conversation starter, an awesome theme, and are fun to make with a group of friends. 

Choose a few of these brilliantly titled cocktails and level up your next cocktail party.  

Popular Funny Cocktails

1. Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach is one of the most popular cocktails with a dirty name. It consists of vodka and peach schnapps as the liquor base, with additional flavor coming from the orange juice and cranberry juice. The Sex on the Beach is a fantastic option when you want something fruity with a beautiful color. 

2. Screwdriver

For those with a dirty mind, the Screwdriver is a funny drink name. We are not talking about tools here! A Screwdriver is traditionally made with vodka and orange juice, but you can continue the joke with the Comfortable Screw made with Southern Comfort peach liqueur instead of vodka.  

3. Adios Motherfu**er

Adios, Motherfucker

If you love Long Island Ice Teas, you’ll love the Adios Motherfu**er. You might even just speak Spanish after one of these! It has gin, vodka, tequila, rum, sweet and sour mix, lemon-lime soda, and blue curacao, which gives it a fun blue color. Be careful with these otherwise. You might just be saying Adios right into bed!

Silly Cocktail Names

4. Moosemilk


Moosemilk is one of those mixed drinks that, when you see the ingredients, you might be hesitant to try. However, with a funny name like Moosemilk, you’ll surely be curious. 

A Moosemilk has vanilla ice cream, milk, dark rum, coffee-flavored liqueur, vodka, and just a pinch of nutmeg. It is creamy, delicious, and has one of those crazy alcoholic drink names that everyone at the party will perk up at!

5. Crouching Tiger

Crouching Tiger

The Crouching Tiger creates a funny image in everyone’s mind and will get the party talking about what may be in this drink. It is actually simple to make and tastes great, but it is a humorous name. 

Simply combine tequila reposado and lychee liqueur, shake with some ice cubes, and you’ll have the perfect drink with a funny name. 

6. Afghan Jesus Juice

Afgan Jesus Juice

Afgan Jesus Juice is aptly named because when you drink the cocktail, you’ll say, “Oh my God.” This potent drink has vodka, raspberry vodka, spiced rum, lemonade, and orange juice. 

It will be a good laugh when everyone exclaims, “Oh my God, what is this?” and you can smirk and tell them… Jesus Juice!

7. Alaska Duck Fart 

Alaska Duck Fart 

Let’s face it, farts are funny! The Alaska Duck Fart may have an immature name, but it sure draws up a good belly laugh. 

Though it is typically a layered shot with Canadian whisky, Irish cream, and coffee liqueur, it can also be made into a blended drink by mixing those ingredients with vanilla ice cream and milk. 

Whether you are looking for a glass filled with creamy deliciousness or want a fun shooter, the Alaska Duck Fart is one of those funny drink names that everyone will laugh at. 

8. Drunk Uncle

Drunk Uncle

Everyone knows the Drunk Uncle at the family BBQ. Well, the Drunk Uncle cocktail is inspired by him but taken to an elevated level that you can actually introduce to your friends. It has Cynar, which is a bittersweet Italian liqueur, Scotch whisky, and vermouth. 

Just be careful cause after one Drunk Uncle, your blood alcohol level might reach that of your actual drunk uncle!

Rhyming Cocktail Names

9. Anna Banana

Anna Banana

There’s a reason that rhymes have always been humorous, and when it comes to funny drink names, rhyming ones really roll off the tongue. An Anna Banana is not only fun to say, especially after trying a few other cocktails on this boozy list, but it is a blended cocktail that is delicious too. 

Combine banana, vodka, honey, and lime juice in a blender. Blend until smooth and pour into a chilled martini glass. Then, have fun telling people the name of your drink all night!

10. Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama

Like the Anna Banana, the Bahama Mama is a funny rhyme. It is a fruity combination of dark rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, and grenadine. Don’t forget a couple of maraschino cherries on top for some extra silliness. 

Dirty Cocktail Names

11. Red Headed Sl*t

Red Headed Slut

Though we don’t recommend throwing the “S” word around frivolously, when it comes to dirty named cocktails, the Red-Headed Sl*t is worth the potty mouth. It has equal parts Jagermeister and peach schnapps with just a splash of cranberry juice. Just make sure your bartender doesn’t have red hair when you order it. Otherwise, you might just offend someone!

12. Bl*wjob Shot

Blowjob Shot

The Bl*wjob shot is popular among bachelorette parties, not just for its silly, dirty name, but because it is supposed to be taken using no hands, which looks similar to what it is named after. Oh, the irony! 

This one is sweet with Irish cream and coffee liqueur, and it is topped with whipped cream. To take it, embrace the name and take the shot glass in your mouth and tip your head back. Don’t forget to take a picture of the memories!

13. C*ck Sucking Cowboy

Cock Sucking Cowboy

The Cock Sucking Cowboy is a dirty, funny shooter with Bailey’s Irish Cream and butterscotch schnapps. This funny titled drink is great for bachelorette parties, especially if you go with a Western theme. 

14. Slippery Nipple

Slippery Nipple

The Slippery Nipple can be made in different ways but tastes nutty, just like its name is a little nutty! Traditionally, it is made with Sambuca, star-anise flavored liqueur, and butterscotch schnapps. Don’t forget to make your obligatory dirty jokes while making it!

Prank Cocktails

15. Hot Mexican Hooker

Hot Mexican Hooker

The Hot Mexcian Hooker is not for the faint of heart, but it sure is funny! The Hot Mexican Hooker combines tequila, tuna fish juice, and hot sauce. If you are brave enough to go for this one, it will be worth the laughs that come from both the name and the reactions.

16. Anus Burner

Anus Burner

If you haven’t had enough hot sauce, get ready to set your a** on fire with the Anus Burner! Mix tequila with a slice of jalapeno and your favorite hot sauce. This is one that will be one for the books!

17. Cement Mixer

Cement Mixer

The Cement Mixer is not necessarily the funniest name on this list, but it is intriguing and creates a lot of laughter if someone dares to take one! A Cement mixer is a mix of Bailey’s Irish Cream and lime juice. 

If you don’t take it fast enough, it curdles in the shot taker’s mouth leading to some of the funniest gags and faces. It may not be the tastiest drink, but it is a fun cocktail. 

Theme Cocktail Names

18. Llama Del Ray

Llama Del Ray

The Llama Del Ray is a fun play on words and is thought to have originated in a restaurant in Brooklyn. However, many people have used the fun drink name for multiple different cocktails. 

It is typically a riff of sangria with wine, rum, tea, spices, pineapple juice, and grenadine. The Llama Del Ray is great for a themed party and will be just the laughter everyone needs!

19. Corpse Reviver

Corpse Reviver

The Corpse Reviver is a funny named cocktail for a themed party and all the dark jokes that can come with it. However, it is also bright and tasty with lemon juice, gin, Cointreau or triple sec, dry vermouth, and absinthe. 

Simply shake and pour into a tall glass or highball glass and garnish with a lemon slice. You’ll have a fun-themed cocktail with a name that will spark some fun conversation. 

No matter if you use some ingredient substitutes like swapping out Bailey’s for creme de cacao or ginger ale for lemon-lime soda, these cocktails will have you and your friends laughing until morning. Nothing has to be perfect! 

Laughter is a good sign of a great party, so gather all the ingredients you have for one of these funny drinks and throw the best party ever. 

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