Baileys Cocktails with Vodka
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17 Baileys Cocktails with Vodka

1. Baileys White Russian Cocktail 

by A Couple Cooks

Baileys White Russian Cocktail 

There are quite a few recipes for a Baileys White Russian cocktail, but the one from A Couple Cooks is a perfect balance. 

This recipe uses a 2:1:1 ratio of plain vodka, Irish cream, and Kahula. The Baileys White Russian Cocktail is served over ice in a small rocks glass and is a great drink recipe to spice up a classic White Russian. 

Tip: If you stir gently, it will create a fun swirl presentation.  

2. Baileys Martini 

by Food Viva

Baileys Martini 

The Baileys Martini recipe from Food Viva keeps it simple just Baileys Irish Cream, your favorite vodka, and a maraschino cherry garnish. 

Combine both liquors into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake until chilled, and pour into a martini glass– that’s it! This great cocktail will sneak up on you, though, so drink responsibly!

3. Baileys Mudslide 

by Supergolden Bakes

Baileys Mudslide 

The Baileys Mudslide recipe from Supergolden Bakes is a fan-favorite creamy classic cocktail. They provide the recipe card for a frozen and rocks version. Both use Irish cream, Kahlua, and vodka, though if you are going the frozen route, you’ll also need some vanilla ice cream. 

Either way, drizzle chocolate syrup or caramel syrup in the glass before serving it up!

4. Baileys Pumpkin Spice Martini 

by Coastal Wandering

 Baileys Pumpkin Spice Martini 

The pumpkin spice, vodka, and Baileys in this Pumpkin Spice Baileys Martini recipe from Coastal Wandering is a match made in heaven. This creamy cocktail is excellent in the fall.

5. Vanilla Baileys Martini 

by Tidy Mom

Vanilla Baileys Martini

The Baileys Vanilla Martini by Tidy Mom is another easy, tasty cocktail recipe as it combines just two ingredients– Baileys Irish Cream and vanilla vodka. A hint of cinnamon stick garnish is perfect to compliment the sweet vanilla vodka. 

The Baileys Salted Caramel liqueur would be fantastic as well if you don’t have the original!

6. Buttery Finger Cocktail 

by Farmwife Drinks

Buttery Finger Cocktail 

Farmwife Drinks is onto something good with their Buttery Finger Cocktail recipe. It is absolutely delicious with butterscotch schnapps, coffee liqueur, vanilla vodka, and Baileys. This cocktail packs a real punch, too, since all of the ingredients contain alcohol!

7. Decadent Chocolate Baileys Martini 

by Burrata and Bubbles

Decadent Chocolate Baileys Martini 

The Decadent Baileys Chocolate Martini recipe from Burrata and Bubbles has just chocolate liqueur, Baileys, and vodka. The chocolate syrup and chocolate shavings as a garnish add to the decadence, though. 

8. Eggnog Mudslide 

by What’s Cooking Love?

Eggnog Mudslide 

What’s Cooking Love? has combined two different flavors and then blended them to make a creamy sweet treat that’s boozy, too! 

Essentially, it’s a traditional mudslide recipe with the addition of eggnog plus Sweet N’ Low. Talk about a dessert drink!

9. Coffee Buzz Martini 

by Garlic & Zest

Coffee Buzz Martini 

The Coffee Buzz Martini recipe by Garlic & Zest with Baileys, vodka, and Kahlua, packs a punch in the alcohol department, but the half-and-half, simple syrup, and strong brewed coffee really round it out beautifully. 

The three coffee beans on top and a rim with white chocolate shavings are a nice touch, too. 

10. Pink Elephant Cocktail by Eat Smarter

by Eat Smarter

Pink Elephant Cocktail by Eat Smarter

The Pink Elephant Cocktail recipe is simple and tasty. You’ll need strawberry puree, Baileys, and vodka. Add ice cubes and these ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously to really blend it all together. You don’t want to just stir this drink recipe.  

11. Long Island Iced Coffee 

by Whitney Bond

Long Island Iced Coffee

The Long Island Iced Coffee by Whitney makes the popular Irish Coffee recipes old news. Instead of Irish whiskey like in Irish Coffee, the Long Island Iced Coffee has Baileys, coffee liqueur (Kahlua or Tia Maria), vodka, white rum, and tequila! Of course, you’ll also need cold-brew coffee. 

Our suggestion? Use caramel vodka instead of unflavored! 

12. Baileys Flat White Martini 

by Baileys

Baileys Flat White Martini 

A flat white at your local coffee shop is typically just espresso and milk like a latte. The recipe developers at Baileys have swapped the milk for their Original Irish Cream liqueur and added vodka to the espresso to kick it up. 

13. Baileys Cocktail (The Mackenzie) 

by Aubrey’s Kitchen

Baileys Cocktail (The Mackenzie) 

The Mackenzie from Aubrey’s Kitchen is Baileys combined with Amaretto, Vodka, and your choice of milk. Use almond for more of a nutty flavor, coconut milk for extra sweetness, or whole milk for creaminess. Serve in a martini glass for an elevated presentation. 

14. Sugar Cookie Martini 

by Grandbaby Cakes

Sugar Cookie Martini 

A cookie-flavored cocktail? Yes, please! The Sugar Cookie Martini by Grandbaby Cakes is essentially a Baileys martini but with vanilla vodka and white chocolate liqueur, which gives it flavors reminiscent of a classic sugar cookie. 

15. The Screaming Org*sm 

by Tipsy Bartender

What do you get when you mix Baileys, Amaretto, Kahlua, Vodka, and milk? The Screaming Org*sm cocktail was created by Tipsy Bartender. It is a heavenly combination, so maybe the name really is appropriate!

16. Baileys Irish Cream Passion Fruit Punch 

by The–Bar

Baileys Irish Cream Passion Fruit Punch 

The–Bar has developed several fruity cocktails made with Baileys, though the Baileys Irish Cream Passion Fruit Punch surprised us the most. It has passion fruit puree, vodka, and Baileys in the drink itself. Then it’s garnished with salt, a mint spring, and a slice of passion fruit.

17. Boozy Baileys Milkshake 

by Drizly

Boozy Baileys Milkshake 

The Drizly recipe for a Boozy Baileys Milkshake calls for chocolate ice cream, vanilla vodka, a Klondike Choco Taco, and of course, Baileys, but it’s highly customizable. Feel free to mix in crushed cookie crumbs, top with whipped cream and cocoa powder, or even use Baileys Espresso Creme liqueur instead of the Original Irish Cream. 


Does vodka make Baileys curdle?

No, vodka does not make Baileys curdle, as it isn’t acidic enough to do so. 

Is Baileys as strong as vodka?

No, Baileys Irish Cream isn’t as strong as vodka. Baileys is 17% alcohol, while most vodkas are 40% alcohol. 

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