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10 Best Baileys Almande Recipes: Dairy Free Baileys Almond Milk Recipes

Bailey’s Dairy Free Almond Milk Liqueur

Until recently, people suffering from a dairy intolerance or allergy, or those committed to a healthy vegan lifestyle, could only dream about Bailey’s goodness. In 2017, the brand decided to put lots of people out of their misery and launched Baileys Almande. This drink is made with almond milk instead of cream and contains no dairy and no animal-derived ingredients. Not only is it vegan, but Baileys Almande is also gluten-free, and most people can enjoy it.

Baileys Almande Recipes

With a slightly lower alcohol concentration compared to Baileys Irish Cream, Baileys Almond Milk is characterized by a luscious nutty flavor with hints of vanilla extract. Whether you want to warm up from October to March or need some summer refreshments, these Baileys Almande recipes won’t let you down.

It goes without saying that you can replace Almande with Baileys Original in all these cocktails if you want.

1. Baileys Almond Hot Chocolate

By Lifestyle Folios

Perfect for the chilly weather, this hot chocolate fixed with Bailey’s Almond might become your favorite winter drink. Make it with real chocolate to create a creamy and rich cup that nobody will be able to turn down. If you don’t have any chocolate, make some from cocoa powder and vegan milk.

Serve it in a Collins glass. Top with whipped cream and Pirouette cookies for an original take on the gooey marshmallows.

2. Baileys Almande Iced Coffee

By All Recipes

Baileys Almande Iced Coffee

If you’re more of a coffee-than-hot-chocolate guy or gal, this iced coffee drink could be more up your alley. It is ridiculously easy to make with just a shot of cold espresso and Baileys Almande. It’s about the same as an Irish coffee but on rocks and garnished with ground nutmeg and cinnamon syrup.

3. Baileys Almande Mango Dreamsicle

By Thrillist

Baileys Almande Mango Dreamsicle

It may sound all frosty and summery, but Baileys Almande Mango Dreamsicle can very well become a winter delight.

This concoction combines Baileys Almond Milk with more unsweetened almond milk, non-dairy vanilla ice cream, and diced mango. Blend until smooth, pour contents into a mason jar, pop in a straw, and enjoy this sweet drink.

4. Aloha Almande Cocktail Recipe with Baileys

By Styleanthropy

Baileys is universally perceived as a drink that comes out when jolly, merry tunes start to blast across towns. But who said it doesn’t work in the summertime? This recipe with Baileys is proof that hot weather and creamy deliciousness can be good friends. 

Boasting more alcohol than other Baileys Almond cocktails, this refreshing drink mixes the signature almond milk from Baileys with vodka, Vita Coco coconut water, pineapple juice, and fresh pineapple. Serve on ice cubes.

5. Coffeelicious Baileys Almande Cocktail

By Vegan Vocals

Another vegan version of Irish coffee, this boozy goodness contains more espresso and uses oat milk instead of real almond milk.

The original recipe asks for crushed ice and vanilla ice cream. Yet, if you warm the coffee up and ditch the ice, you can make it into the perfect winter drink – the ice cream will melt and add up to the creaminess effect.

6. Baileys Almande Peach Smoothie

By Baileys

Baileys Almande Peach Smoothie

Thanks to its lighter flavors compared to Baileys Original, Baileys Almande makes up the perfect creamy liqueur to pair with fruit. Standing proof, this peach smoothie can surely wow everyone around the table.

Pour some coconut water or almond milk into a blender. Add peaches, vanilla extract, and Bailey’s Almande. Blend, pour into a tall glass, and stir. The garnish instructions ask for toasted coconut shavings and mint springs.

7. Baileys Almande Spiced Cold Brew

By Maine Spirits

Baileys Almande Spiced Cold Brew

Ground clove, cinnamon, cold brew, and Baileys Almande make up another delicious drink to enjoy in summer and winter alike. For an original touch, coat the glass in chocolate syrup and serve on crushed ice.

8. Baileys Almande Unicorn Smoothie

By Pure Wow

Rainbows and unicorns aren’t only for small girls. Big girls and even big guys can enjoy them just fine, especially when they come in the form of a fun Baileys Almande unicorn smoothie.

This delicious drink mixes the flavor of red fruits like raspberries and strawberries with frozen blackberries and coconut water. For the wow effect, blend each fruit separately. This will help you layer all the colors in a tall glass. Top with whipped cream, and add some sprinkles for the sparkle.

9. Baileys Almande Iced Latte

By Slurrp

Baileys Almande Iced Latte

For this drink, make up a simple vegan latte by mixing espresso with your favorite vegan milk. Add a splash of Baileys Almande, and shake it.

While easy to make, keep in mind this drink contains about 22 grams of fat and over 200 calories per serving. Not that anybody cares about numbers and nutritional values, but you might want to skip it if you’re on a diet.

10. Bailey’s Butterscotch Almond Cocktail

By Playdates to Parties

Bailey's Butterscotch Almond Cocktail

Perfect for the Christmas party, this drink asks for regular Baileys. Yet, you can easily replace it with Baileys Almande and still obtain a prize-worthy cocktail. Mix the creamy liqueur with butterscotch schnapps and Amaretto liqueur. Blend until smooth, then serve on ice.


Does Bailey’s almond milk contain gluten?

Yes. Baileys Almande contains alcohol, almond milk, and other ingredients that are certified gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.

Do you refrigerate Bailey’s Almande?

You don’t have to refrigerate Bailey’s almond milk drink. However, the liqueur tastes better if chilled.

What does Bailey’s Almande taste like?

This drink has a creamy, nutty flavor with vanilla undertones. Its flavors are light enough to blend perfectly with fresh fruit, coffee, and ice cream alike.
Baileys Almande recipes come as an alternative to cocktails asking for the Original Irish Cream. They are light, delicious, and fan. And above all, they are dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Try them all to find your favorite one.

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