Low Calorie Vodka Drinks

21+ of the Best Low Calorie Vodka Drinks

If you’re looking to cut back on calories but still enjoy a refreshing alcoholic beverage, low-calorie vodka drinks may be the perfect solution for you. Vodka, which is a clear spirit made from grains or potatoes, is a versatile liquor that can be mixed with a variety of low-calorie ingredients such as fresh fruit, herbs, and sugar-free mixers.

Whether you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent weight gain, lose weight, or simply looking for a lighter alternative to traditional cocktails, there are plenty of delicious and easy-to-make low-calorie vodka drink options that can satisfy your thirst without sabotaging your diet.

Let’s explore some of the best low-calorie vodka drink recipes that you can enjoy guilt-free.

Skinny (Low-Calorie) Vodka Drinks

There are a lot of options when it comes to low-calorie vodka drinks. No matter your preferences, you’ll love one of these recipes.

Skinny B*tch Cocktail

by Drink Existence

The Skinny B*tch Cocktail from Drink Existence is essentially a vodka soda with lime. Though it may seem basic, it is low-calorie and refreshing, not to mention that you can order it pretty much anywhere should you choose not to make it yourself.

Skinny Vodka Soda Party Punch

by Crazy for Crust

Everyone needs a good party punch recipe, but they often come with a high-calorie count. Crazy for Crust has solved that problem with its Skinny Vodka Soda Party Punch recipe.

It has club soda, vodka, lime slices, and assorted berries. This party punch is a delicious drink for any happy hour or gathering. Wine lovers rejoice because this one sort of tastes like a light sangria!

Skinny Vodka Greyhound

by Southern Hospitality

A Greyhound is a grapefruit and vodka cocktail, though this version from Southern Hospitality is a diet-friendly version.

It has vodka and ICE Sparkling Grapefruit or Diet Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. The Skinny Greyhound tastes great without the extra calories and requires almost no prep time.

Skinny White Russian

by The Cookie Rookie

A White Russian is an excellent dessert drink at the end of a dinner party. If you are watching your calorie count, you’ll be pleased to know there is a healthier version.

Simply combine vodka, Kahlua, and soy creamer. It is still higher in calories than the other low-calorie vodka drinks on our list, but it is a decadent treat you can enjoy while still reaching your health goals.

Vodka Gimlet

by A Couple Cooks

This Vodka Gimlet from A Couple Cooks is an easy, elegant cocktail. The recipe is a simple combination of vodka, lime juice, and simple syrup or maple syrup. Shake this one over ice and strain it into a beautiful stemmed cocktail glass with a lime wedge.

Vodka Collins Cocktail

by The Spruce Eats

You may have heard of a Tom Collins cocktail, but if you are following a healthy diet and looking for an easy cocktail on those hot summer days, this Vodka Collins Cocktail from The Spruce Eats is the perfect option.

It’s just vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda. Garnish with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry if you are feeling fruity.

A Lighter Sea Breeze Cocktail

by 2 Cookin Mamas

When it comes to low-calorie vodka cocktails, this Lighter Sea Breeze Cocktail recipe from 2 Cookin Mamas is always a favorite. Simply combine cranberry juice, vodka, and sparkling grapefruit juice. It’s only 100 calories per tasty cocktail!

Skinny Vodka Martinis

Vodka martinis are a classic, so these skinny versions save the day!

Skinny Cranberry Lemon Drop Vodka Martini

by Resolution Eats

This recipe from Resolution Eats takes a Vodka Cranberry to the next level. It is the perfect combination between a Lemon Drop and a Vodka Cranberry.

For 130 calories, you can have a revitalizing drink with fresh lemons, fresh cranberries, powdered erythritol or sugar, and vodka. Of course, you’ll need your martini glass for this great drink, too.

Skinny Clementine Martini

by Betty Crocker

It doesn’t get much better than this refreshing low-calorie cocktail from Betty Crocker. Their Skinny Clementine Martini has citrus vodka, elderflower liqueur or orange liqueur like Triple Sec, freshly squeezed clementine juice, fresh lime juice, and club soda.

There are plenty of ways to customize this low-calorie drink, but it always turns out fantastic.

Skinny Pineapple Martini

by Seeking Good Eats

You’ll need two flavored vodkas for the Skinny Pineapple Martini recipe from Seeking Good Eats. It is a delicious combination of pineapple vodka, vanilla vodka, pineapple puree, simple syrup, and fresh lemon juice. It’s packed full of flavor.

Skinny Cosmopolitan

Craving a fruity Cosmo? These recipes have your back.

Keto Cosmopolitan Cocktail

by My Life Cookbook

Cosmopolitans are delicious but with a high-calorie count, so this Keto Cosmopolitan Cocktail recipe from My Life Cookbook is a saving grace for those watching their calories. It’s only 139 calories per drink and features mandarin vodka, orange extract, sugar-free cranberry juice, and lime juice.

Low Carb Cosmopolitan Cocktail

by Tasty Low Carb

Tasty Low Carb has a similar Cosmopolitan Cocktail recipe that makes for a great low-calorie vodka cocktail. For this one, you’ll need plain vodka, unsweetened cranberry juice, water, lime juice, orange extract, and a liquid sugar alternative.

Skinny Vodka Mojito

Yes, mojitos are typically made with rum, but they work so well with vodka, too!

Vodka Mojito: Low Carb & Sugar-Free

from Ketogasm

Consider this low-carb and sugar-free Vodka Mojito from Ketogasm if you are looking for low-carb cocktails that are light, refreshing, and full of flavor.

It has fresh mint leaves, lime juice, granulated stevia, vodka, and a splash of club soda. Then, you’ll serve it in cocktail glasses filled with crushed ice, just like a traditional mojito.

Skinny Vodka Mojito

by Dear Mica

Dear Mica switches up their Skinny Vodka Mojito by using monk fruit as a sweetener and lime diet soda rather than club soda for some extra sweetness. It’s under 100 calories, too!

Low Carb Mojito

by Spice Cravings

Spice Cravings combines the two previous recipes into another version of this low-calorie cocktail. It has fresh mint leaves, vodka, lime juice, and both club soda and diet lemon-lime soda.

Skinny Moscow Mule

Most people either love or hate Moscow Mules, but we have a feeling you’ll love these skinny versions.

Skinny Moscow Mule Cocktail

by Hearth and Vine

This Skinny Moscow Mule Cocktail recipe from Hearth and Vine is one of those vodka drinks you won’t even know is low-calorie. It is made with homemade ginger simple syrup, seltzer water, lime juice, and of course, vodka.

It’s under 200 calories if you use real sugar, though you can cut the calories further by using a sugar substitute to make the ginger simple syrup.

Skinny Moscow Mule

by Make It Skinny, Please

Fill your copper mugs with ice cubes and pour up this Skinny Moscow Mule recipe from Make It Skinny, Please. It has unflavored vodka, freshly squeezed lime juice, and a low-calorie ginger beer.

They use Reed’s Craft Ginger Beer which is zero calories, though you could use your favorite light ginger beer.

Low Carb Moscow Mule

by I Breathe I’m Hungry

I Breathe I’m Hungry has created a Low Carb Moscow Mule that tastes like a combination between a classic mojito and a classic mule.

It has homemade ginger syrup, vodka, lime juice, diet ginger ale, and fresh mint leaves that pull together this herbal and sweet drink for only 134 calories per serving.

Skinny Bloody Mary

If a Bloody Mary comes to mind when you think of vodka, consider trying these skinny Bloody Marys.

Skinny Bloody Mary

by The Almond Eater

There’s nothing like a Bloody Mary at brunch, and now you can have it with this recipe from The Almond Eater.

It has quite the ingredient list, but it contains all the healthy food you need to balance out your alcohol intake, including cucumber, tomato juice, and jalapeno pepper. Get a full serving of veggies with your cocktail!

A Healthier Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

by Verywell Fit

Verywell Fit has created a healthier Bloody Mary recipe as well, just with a few fewer ingredients. The base is vodka, tomato juice, and lemon juice, which gets seasoned with celery salt, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and pepper to create a flavorful drink you’ll love.

Sriracha Bloody Mary

by White On Rice Couple

If you like to live on the spicy side, this Sriracha Bloody Mary from White On Rice Couple is excellent. It has Horseradish and Sriracha that create the perfect bite.

2 Ingredient Low-Calorie Vodka Drinks

Though you can drink straight vodka to save on calories, there are plenty of low-calorie mixers that make for tasty cocktails that only take two ingredients, require no prep time, and keep the calories in check.

Vodka Cranberry

The Vodka Cranberry is a classic 2 ingredient drink for those who are watching their intake. Simply grab your best vodka and some low-calorie cranberry juice to make this one.

Vodka Tonic

A Vodka Tonic is great for those that don’t want a lot of fruity flavors. Simply mix tonic water and vodka for an easy cocktail that will do the trick. We like to garnish with a lime wedge to get a hint of citrus.

Flavored Vodka + Diet Soda

There is a lot of flavored vodka on the market that doesn’t add many extra calories. You can mix and match your favorite flavored vodka with a lemon-lime diet soda to create a ton of different combinations that are delicious.

Vodka + Sparkling Water

You can also create low-carb vodka cocktails by combining plain or flavored vodkas with different flavors of sparkling water or plain soda water. These cocktails can be fruity, sweet, or whatever your heart desires.


What is the lowest calorie mix with vodka?

The lowest-calorie mix with vodka is either diet tonic water, club soda, sparkling water, soda water, or zero-calorie diet soda.

What is the healthiest way to drink vodka?

The healthiest way to drink vodka is simply over ice though mixing it with sparkling water will help you have more drinks and lower your alcohol consumption.

Is vodka the lowest-calorie alcohol?

Yes, vodka is widely considered the lowest-calorie alcohol, as one ounce is typically around 65 calories.

Is vodka and cranberry juice low-calorie?

Yes, vodka and cranberry juice are low in calories, especially if you use diet juice.

What is good to mix with vodka?

There are several things that are good to mix with vodka, including tonic water, fruit juices, soda water, and more.

What is the best vodka drink for the keto diet?

The best vodka drink for the keto diet is any cocktail that has very few carbs, like flavored vodkas mixed with sparkling water.

Key Takeaways

  • Low-calorie vodka drinks are an excellent way to enjoy cocktails on a weight-loss journey or while living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Whether you want cocktails requiring no prep time or you are looking for complex cocktails, there is an option for you.
  • Some of the most popular low-calorie vodka drinks include a Vodka Soda, Vodka Gimlet, Vodka Tonic, Cosmopolitan, Vodka Martini, or Vodka Mojito.

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