The Best Infused Vodkas for Bloody Mary Recipes

The Best Infused Vodka for Bloody Mary Recipes

When selecting an infused vodka for bloody mary recipes, you should look for flavors that will complement those already present in the standard ingredients of this classic cocktail.

Aside from the alcohol, the tomato juice, hot sauce, fresh herbs, celery, lemon, and rim salt combine to give the bloody mary its signature taste.

You can opt to spice things up further by choosing a chili-infused vodka; introduce new flavors, like mint, garlic, or even bacon; or why not add to the drink’s tomato taste even more with a tomato-infused vodka? 

Infused vodka is a great way to spice up your bloody mary recipes and elevate your next bloody mary to the next level!

What Is An Infused Vodka?  

When looking to improve on the flavors already in your bloody mary, using an infused vodka is an easy way to do it. An infused vodka is simply one that has had an extra flavoring ingredient added to the standard vodka recipe.

Common ingredients used to add extra flavor that works well in a bloody mary recipe include peppers, habanero chiles, and mint. And while there are plenty of pre-infused vodkas available in stores, infusing vodka at home with your own choice of ingredients is also possible.

All you need to make your own infused vodka is a sealable glass vessel (like a glass jar or a wide-mouth bottle), cheap vodka, ingredients to infuse, and time.

But if you want to start enjoying different-tasting bloody marys without waiting, here’s a roundup of some of the best-infused vodka options available on the market already: 

Best Infused Vodka For Bloody Marys  

Absolut Peppar 

If you’re looking to add a bit of spice to your bloody mary recipes, then Absolut’s Peppar Vodka may be just what you need. White pepper and dried red pepper flakes provide the extra kick without being overbearing on the palate.

The piquant flavors of the infused vodka will complement the existing ingredients in your bloody mary recipe perfectly.

Bakon Vodka 

With a classic bloody mary seen by many as a rejuvenating ‘breakfast cocktail,’ what better flavor to introduce to your recipes than the breakfast staple – bacon?

The smokey, meaty, slightly sweet flavors imparted by a bacon-infused vodka will make your bloody mary recipe stand out from the crowd without upsetting the myriad flavors already present in a classic bloody mary.

Garnishing with a strip of crispy bacon is perfect—don’t forget to eat it at the end!

St. George Spirits Green Chile Vodka 

Another option for spicing up your bloody mary recipe is to plump for a chile-infused vodka, such as St. George Spirits Green Chile Vodka.

The spicy notes from the green chile are rounded off by sweet flavors from cilantro and lime to create a well-rounded vodka to include in your bloody mary recipe.

Peppers used include jalapeno, serrano, spicy habanero, and red and yellow bell peppers, and the resultant spirit packs a reasonable kick.

Hanson of Sonoma Habanero Vodka 

To add a little more heat to your bloody mary’s taste, a habanero-infused vodka, such as Hanson of Sonoma’s Habanero Vodka, will definitely do the trick.

Spicy habaneros add an extra kick, while lemongrass rounds the drink off nicely with sweeter citrusy notes.

If you like a little spice in your life, you will be sure to enjoy this excellent bloody mary vodka.

Ketel One Cucumber and Mint 

When summer rolls around, and the temperatures start to rise, rather than spicing up your drink, why not add a cooling, refreshing taste to your bloody mary? 

Vodka infusion using cooler ingredients, such as mint and cucumber, is the perfect way to give your favorite cocktail a fresher, summery vibe.

Garnish with celery, fresh dill, or lemon rind to complete the summery makeover.

Crop Organic Tomato Vodka 

A bottle of Crop Organic Tomato Vodka is a great addition to any bloody mary bar.

With tomato juice being a staple ingredient in all classic bloody mary recipes, it makes perfect sense that a tomato-flavored vodka can improve the flavor of your bloody mary.  

Infused vodka with added tomatoes helps round off the flavor of any bloody mary recipe and should definitely be tried.

Demitri’s Seasoned Vodka Classic 

Demitri’s Seasoned Vodka was actually designed specifically to be used in bloody mary recipes. This true bloody mary vodka infusion brings hints of fresh rosemary, thyme, roasted garlic cloves, black pepper, and sun-dried tomatoes to the table, and, having been judged as the best vodka for a Bloody Mary in the 2020 World Cocktail Championship, you can bet your bottom dollar you won’t be disappointed. 

Garnish with fresh tomatoes, black olives, celery, or pickled okra for the ultimate extravagant bloody mary! 


Can you use flavored vodka in a bloody mary? 

Adding an infused vodka to your bloody mary mix or your own recipe is a great way to improve the overall taste of your bloody marys.
If you want to mix things up or improve the flavor of your bloody mary, infused vodka can definitely help. 

How long do you infuse vodka? 

Infuse your favorite vodka and place it in your refrigerator for 3-5 days. Remove from refrigerator, scoop infused veggies out, add to your tomato juice with a dash of horseradish, and rim with celery salt before drinking.  

What kind of vodka is used for infusions? 

If you’re looking to infuse some vodka to spice up your home bloody mary bar, then it’s best to use cheap vodka. A bottle of classic club brand vodka will serve the purpose, but steer clear of plastic—reach for a glass bottle! 

What is an infused bloody mary? 

An infused bloody mary is one that’s made using flavored vodka in the recipe, whether you’re using a bloody mary mix or building your drink from scratch. Next time you make a bloody mary, infused vodka is the way to go.
Common ingredients for bloody mary infused vodka include flavorful vegetables, such as jalapeno or habanero chiles, celery, horseradish, or tomatoes; herbs and spices, including mint, dill, and garlic; or fruit, such as lemon or cucumber. You can even get bacon-infused vodka! 

Key Takeaways 

  • While everyone loves a bloody mary, infused vodka can help elevate your homemade drinks
  • Popular options are bacon-infused vodka for breakfast, bloody marys, cucumber, and mint for a summer drink, and spicy peppers for heat.
  • If you’re planning to try your hand at infusing your own vodkas, fresh ingredients are essential.
  • When it comes to selecting a vodka, a classic club brand will suffice—why should you risk spoiling a premium Grey Goose or Belvedere vodka?

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