21 Delicious Baileys Dessert Drinks

Blending fine Irish whiskey with rich dairy cream, vanilla flavors, and chocolate, Baileys is one of the best drinks to pair with dessert. But why sip it straight when you could enrich its taste with other ingredients? These Baileys drinks can easily satisfy everyone around the table.

Coffee Dessert Drinks with Baileys

1. Baileys Coffee

By The Speckled Palate

Baileys Coffee

This creamy drink only calls for three ingredients and is perfect for coffee lovers. Brew a pot of your favorite coffee blend (yep, even decaf, but keep it black).

Add a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Stir and pour in glasses or cups, then top with a swirl of sweetened whipped cream. And if you feel fancy, sprinkle with ground nutmeg and cinnamon to add some spice.

2. Baileys Latte (Hot or Iced)

By Burrata and Bubbles

Is a latte more up your alley? Then this can be one of your perfect Baileys dessert drinks.

In wintertime, pour a hot espresso into a cocktail shaker. Add hot milk, vanilla syrup, and a generous splash of your favorite Baileys. Pour in a cocktail glass and sip while hot.

If you like chilly drinks, follow the same recipe but use cold milk and coffee, and ice cubes.

3. Espresso Baileys Cocktail

By Real House Moms

The espresso Baileys cocktail is one of the quickest and easiest recipes.

It calls for Baileys Original Irish Cream blended with espresso and heavy cream. Other Baileys flavors that go well in the mix include Salted Caramel, Espresso Crème, and Tiramisu.

4. Irish Coffee With Baileys

By Coastal Wandering

Nothing spells Bailey’s dessert cocktail like a delicious Irish coffee. All you have to do is to replace straight Irish whiskey with Baileys Irish Cream liqueur.

All the other classic ingredients stay the same, including the double cream and simple syrup. Warm and cozy, this might be the perfect drink for the entire Christmas season.

5. Baileys Coffee Float

By Amanda’s Cookin’

Are you wondering what tempting dreams are made of? Without a doubt, they’re made of Bailey’s coffee float.

This lavish drink combines the exquisite flavor of Baileys Irish Cream with chocolatey ice cream. It is dreamy but won’t send you to sleep if you add an extra dose of coffee.

Serve in transparent mugs rimmed with chocolate syrup and chocolate shavings. For an extra touch, rim the glass with brown sugar and garnish with cherries.

6. Mocha Mistletoe Drink

By Yummly

This low-calorie drink blends the wintery flavors of Irish cream with the summery taste of Kahlua liqueur.

Add half a cup of coffee and half a cup of hot chocolate, stir well and top with whipped cream. It might be light, but it’s a perfect sweet treat.

7. Boozy Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream Drink

By Who Needs A Cape

Caramel macchiato can become incredibly sumptuous when combined with Baileys and ice cream.

It is similar to the mocha mistletoe in that it contains both Irish Cream and Kahlua. Yet, the vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup add new flavors. This cocktail is best served in a martini glass.

Milkshakes with Baileys

8. Baileys Cookies and Cream Milkshake

By Coastal Wandering

Milkshakes can bring up the best childhood memories, but this drink is anything but childish.

The adult version of the classic cookie and cream shake tastes as good as you remember but adds in the extra kick of booze.

9. Boozy Baileys Oreo Milkshake

By The Chunky Chef

If cookie and cream milkshakes feel too generic, this boozy milkshake uses a specific type of sandwich cookie that is hard not to love.

Pull out your cocktail shaker and add some ice cream. Pour in Bailey’s Irish Cream and a splash of vanilla vodka.

Crush some Oreos and add them to the mix. Blend until smooth, then serve in a tall glass garnished with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. No doubt, this is way better than a Baileys White Russian.

For an extra-fresh touch, try the same drink but use peppermint vodka.

10. St. Patrick’s Day Shake

By Baileys

It might say St. Patrick, but don’t let the name fool you. This delicious shake owes its name to the beautiful green color courtesy of the mint choc chip ice cream. 

The other ingredients are Bailey’s Irish Cream, chocolate sauce, and milk.

Garnish with chopped nuts and whipped cream, and serve in tall cocktail glasses.

11. Bailey’s Milkshake

By My Gourmet Connection

Rich and delicious, this is the perfect milkshake for butterscotch schnapps and Bailey’s lovers.

Make it with ice cream and whole milk for the best results. And to truly enjoy the cream flavor, pour it into tulip glasses filled with crushed ice.

12. Chocolate Bailey’s Milkshake

By Love in My Oven

Mixing chocolate ice cream with Baileys Original and chocolate liqueur, this milkshake can be whipped up right after the meal.

And since everyone should be able to enjoy decadent chocolate, you can also make it dairy free and vegan. Swap regular ice cream for a vegan kind and use vegan-friendly Baileys Almande.

13. Irish Cream Milkshake

By Sugar and Soul

No need to despair if all that’s in your pantry is ice cream and Baileys. Blend them until smooth to make a simple yet delicious drink. Some grated chocolate on top can add a decorative touch.

14. Baileys Strawberry Milkshake

By Simple Sips at Home

Strawberry milkshakes may be a summer staple, but nobody says you can’t have them all year round. Especially when a splash of Bailey’s enriches the flavor and adds a festive touch.

The key ingredients and secret to the perfect balance are Baileys Strawberry and Cream and vanilla ice cream. 

Baileys Christmas Dessert Drinks

15. Santa’s Magic Potion Cocktail

By Averie Cooks

Santa's Magic Potion Cocktail

Baileys seems to be made especially for the jolly season, even more so when used to blend a Santa’s magic potion cocktail.

This recipe is made with Baileys Irish Cream and your favorite eggnog brand. Serve in tumblers rimmed with cinnamon sugar.

16. The St. Nick Special Drink

By How Sweet Eats

St. Nicholas and Father Christmas are one and the same in some cultures. And who are we to argue when St. Nick’s special drink can lift even the most sorrowful spirits?

One of the most decadent festive cocktails, it mixes hot chocolate with Baileys, Jack Daniels, and hot coffee. Garnish with marshmallows, crushed mints, and flaked salt.

For an extra festive touch, use Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake.

17. Baileys Apple Pie Cocktail


Apple pie is a Christmas staple. Baileys Pumpkin Spice liqueur is a perfect winter drink. When combined, these two make up a fantastic cocktail.

There’s no crushed apple pie, but the ingredients mix and form the most delicious flavor. Garnish with apple slices, and you’re done.

18. Baileys Chocolate Martini

By Burrata and Bubbles

Why decide between Bailey’s or martini when you can have Bailey’s chocolate martini? This festive drink contains Baileys, vodka, and chocolate liqueur. Serve in a martini glass.

For a variation, use coffee liqueur to make Bailey’s espresso martini.

19. Baileys Irish Cream Mudslide

By The Gardening Cook

This simple mudslide recipe ditches the chocolate liqueur in the amazing recipe above and substitutes it with Kahlua. 

This slightly sweet drink is perfect for Christmas or to keep you awake on New Year’s Eve.

20. Christmas Alexander Baileys Cocktail

By Lins Food

What do brandy, creme de cocoa, Baileys, and single cream have in common? When combined, they can make up one of the best Baileys cocktails.

For the wow factor, enhance the flavor with vanilla extract and serve over crushed ice.

21. Baileys Hot Chocolate

By All Recipes

Take indulgence to the next level this holiday season with this boozy drink. The cocktail’s true star is undeniably Baileys.

Mix it with your favorite hot chocolate and whipped cream, and serve this dessert cocktail in a mug.

Purchase Baileys 

Baileys isn’t a top-selling liqueur for nothing. It is the perfect dessert drink on its own. But if you crave something more, all of these Baileys cocktails have a short prep time and can become your new favorite drinks for the season.

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