10 Toasted Almond Drink Recipes

10 Toasted Almond Drink Recipes


Looking for a sweet, creamy dessert cocktail? A toasted almond cocktail will hit the spot. Though the nutty, sweet flavors are often associated with holiday parties or a night in by the fire, we can assure you that no matter the time of year, this drink is a perfect choice. 

We have scoured the web for the best-toasted almond drink recipes, and though many of them contain the same ingredients, small changes in the ratios pack a big difference in flavor! Take a look at these ten toasted almond cocktail recipes.

Over Ice or Shaken Toasted Almond Drinks

1. Toasted Almond Cocktail

by The Spruce Eats

Toasted Almond Cocktail

The Spruce Eats’ Toasted Almond Cocktail recipe combines equal parts Amaretto and coffee liqueur with two ounces of cream or milk in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake it for at least three minutes to create a silky froth on top, then strain over fresh ice in an old-fashioned glass. 

Their recipe has a good balance between the liqueurs and the cream creating a flavor reminiscent of a delicious iced almond latte.  

2. Toasted Almond Drink

by A Couple Cooks

Toasted Almond Drink

The Toasted Almond Drink by A Couple Cooks sometimes gets a bad review or two because it is so boozy, but it is the perfect option if you like your drink to have a kick! 

To make it, combine vodka, amaretto, and Kahlua with heavy cream over ice in a cocktail shaker. Once it is cold, strain the mixture into a lowball glass and garnish with grated nutmeg for an extra nutty flavor.

Having the drink chilled but without ice prevents the ice from melting and diluting the flavors. 

3. Toasted Almond Drink

by Mix That Drink

Toasted Almond Drink

Mix That Drink switches up their Toasted Almond Drink formula by using equal parts of Amaretto, Kahlua, and cream. The equal parts make this one well balanced. 

Mix That Drink also gives you two ways to make it depending on how much work you want to put into it. You can shake it with ice in a shaker and strain it into a cocktail glass, or you can just add ice to a glass, stir, and serve. We think it tastes better shaken rather than stirred!

4. Toasted Almond Drink Recipe

by Beaming Baker

Toasted Almond Drink Recipe

Beaming Baker has come up with another great ratio with her recipe. It is heavier on the two liqueurs giving it a more robust almond coffee taste. 

To make it, combine 1.5 ounces of amaretto and coffee liqueur with one ounce of milk or cream in a shaker with ice. Shake until cold and creamy, then strain and pour over fresh ice in a cocktail glass. 

5. Toasted Almond

by Tipsy Bartender

Toasted Almond

The Toasted Almonds recipe from Tipsy Bartender may use the same ingredients as many others on this list, but it prioritizes a creamy coffee taste with a higher ratio of coffee liqueur and milk, leaving just a complimentary hint of toasted almonds with the amaretto. 

This recipe also skips the shaking and simply calls for you to mix the ingredients over ice right in your serving glass. 

6. Toasted Almond

by Difford’s Guide

Toasted Almond

The recipe by Difford’s Guide is similar to the one by A Couple Cooks as far as ingredients, but the ratios are different, creating a dessert drink that is still boozy but with less bite. 

Serve this one chilled with no ice in a martini glass or lowball glass, and grate some nutmeg on top to finish it off. 

7. Toasted Almond Recipe

by Food

Toasted Almond Recipe

This Toasted Almonds Recipe by Food.com gets tons of 5-star reviews, likely because it focuses on the creamy milk aspect of the drink. Two ounces each of amaretto and Kahlua are met with four ounces of milk which makes it extra creamy and smooth. 

Just keep in mind that this one has greater total ounces, so depending on how big your rocks glasses are, you may need to serve it in a highball glass to make room for the ice. 

Frozen Toasted Almond Drinks

8. Frozen Toasted Almond Drink Recipe

by Islands

Frozen Toasted Almond Drink Recipe

Islands have remixed the classic version with their Frozen Toasted Almonds Drink recipe. Their recipe combines amaretto, Kahula, Bailey’s, vanilla ice cream, and some additional ice in a blender. 

You’ll want to blend until it is creamy and smooth. Nothing ruins a frozen drink like a chunk of an ice cube!

9. Frozen Toasted Almond Drink Recipe

by Health & Fitness Care

Frozen Toasted Almond Drink Recipe

The Frozen Toasted Almonds Drink recipe by Health & Fitness Care is quite similar to the Islands recipe, except it is doubled. So, if you are looking to make two drinks or just want more of this delectable drink, they have done the math for you. 

10. Blended Toasted Almond Recipe

by Food

Blended Toasted Almond Recipe

If the Toasted Almonds cocktail from Food.com becomes your new favorite drink, you’ll rave over their blended version. It has vodka, amaretto, Kahlua, cream, and vanilla ice cream. The addition of vodka really helps tone down the sweetness level and balance out this frozen delight. 

Toasted Almond Drink Variations/Substitutions

Toasted Almond Drink Variations/Substitutions

Coffee Liqueurs vs. Coffee

Though these recipes call for a coffee liqueur, if you don’t have any on hand or just want a lower alcohol content, you could substitute coffee, cold brew, or espresso and get the same great flavor. 

Milk Choices

Milk or cream is one of the main ingredients in a Toasted Almonds cocktail, but many people have a preference when it comes to their dairy choices, and some follow a dairy-free lifestyle. However, these things shouldn’t keep you from enjoying this drink because there are plenty of choices and alternatives that work well and don’t change the taste too much. 

For instance, if you want the decadent taste of heavy cream but want a lighter option, whole milk or half and half will do the trick. You could also make it sweeter and more dessert-like by pouring the liqueurs right over vanilla ice cream! 

Another option is to go with low-fat milk to reduce calories or give it a lighter taste. For dairy-free people, try almond or oat milk, as they complement the flavors quite well. 

Spirit Considerations

Some of these recipes call for vodka; however, feel free to mix it up and add new flavors with a different spirit choice. 

Flavored vodka like whipped, vanilla, coconut, espresso, chocolate, marshmallow, or caramel would be delicious. You could also punch it up a bit and try peanut butter or cinnamon whiskey!


What drink is made from almonds?

Amaretto is a drink, specifically a liqueur, made from almonds.

Is amaretto an after-dinner drink?

Amaretto is traditionally an after-dinner drink, though it is used in many mixed drinks, cuisine, and baking.

What liquor is in amaretto?

Amaretto is its own almond flavored liquor, though if you make it at home, vodka is the liquor component of amaretto.

Can you mix almond milk with alcohol?

Yes, you can mix almond milk with alcohol with no issues. It is a fantastic substitute for dairy in cream or milk-based cocktails.

Make a Toasted Almond Cocktail Today

No matter the occasion or time of year, shake up some cocktails, kick back, and relax! Gather the ingredients for a Toasted Almond cocktail and indulge. Don’t be afraid to use one of these recipes and change it up based on your own tastes!

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