9 Strawberry Daiquiris with Vodka

9 Strawberry Daiquiris with Vodka

There is something about a fruity alcoholic beverage that is both refreshing and relaxing. A daiquiri is what comes to mind when most people think of lounging on a tropical island. 

Standard daiquiris are made with rum, sugar, and lime juice, but adding strawberries takes them up a notch. Whether you use fresh or frozen, strawberries are the ultimate fruity complement for a traditional daiquiri recipe. 

Though daiquiris typically contain rum as the base spirit, many people prefer them with vodka. Swapping the rum for vodka doesn’t compromise flavor in many recipes, so it is an easy flavor change. 

Both rum and vodka taste great with a strawberry daiquiri, but if you are looking for strawberry daiquiris with vodka, we have what you have been looking for. 

Strawberry Daiquiri Recipes with Vodka

Whether you are looking for an easy strawberry daiquiri recipe or you don’t mind a recipe with a bit more prep time, each of these daiquiri recipes has the flavors you’re looking for. 

1. Strawberries and Vodka Frozen Cocktail

By Bon Appetit

Strawberries and Vodka Frozen Cocktail by Bon Appetit

This Strawberries and Vodka Frozen Cocktail recipe by Bon Appetit uses frozen strawberries to get the perfect consistency without watering down the cocktail with ice. For extra flavor, they recommend getting local, fresh strawberries from a farmer’s market and freezing them yourself on a parchment paper-lined tray rather than using frozen strawberries from the freezer aisle. 

2. Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

By Sunday Supper Movement

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe by Sunday Supper Movement

With only four ingredients, the Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri by Sunday Supper Movement is a cocktail you can have ready in five minutes. Simply combine frozen strawberries, sugar, vodka, and lime juice. This truly is an easy strawberry daiquiri recipe! 

3. Frozen Strawberry Cranberry Daiquiri

By Whip It Like Butter

Frozen Strawberry Cranberry Daiquiri by Whip It Like Butter

A Frozen Strawberry Cranberry Daiquiri is the perfect summer cocktail. This recipe by Whip It Like Butter has the ratios perfected to get the best flavor. 

It uses both frozen and fresh strawberries, plus strawberry syrup and cranberry juice concentrate for extra sweetness and a hint of tart flavor. Add in your vodka and some lime juice and you’ll be the favorite at the party!

4. Strawberry and Cream Daiquiri

By Tipsy Bartender

Strawberry and Cream Daiquiri by Tipsy Bartender

This Strawberry and Cream Daiquiri recipe by Tipsy Bartender is a bit more work than your standard easy strawberry daiquiri recipe, but it is so worth it! It uses three spirits including whipped cream vodka to create a layered cocktail that is equal parts beautiful and delicious. 

5. Strawberry Vodka Slush Cocktail

By Everyday Eileen

Strawberry Vodka Slush Cocktail by Everyday Eileen

The Strawberry Vodka Slush Cocktail by Everyday Eileen takes a bit of the sweetness away from a traditional frozen strawberry daiquiri recipe making it even more refreshing. Simply combine frozen strawberries, vodka, triple sec, and enough ice cubes to reach your desired consistency in a blender. Top with club soda once blended for a balanced strawberry daiquiri cocktail. 

6. Frozen Whipped Strawberry Cocktail

By The Blond Cook

If you aren’t a fan of a strong alcohol taste, this Frozen Whipped Strawberry Cocktail by The Blond Cook is the one for you. Blend sweet strawberries, cream of coconut, and whipped vodka with ice until smooth and you’ll have a super delicious cocktail without the normal bite of a spirit. 

Fresh Strawberry Daiquiri with Vodka

Would you rather use fresh berries instead of frozen? Check out these daiquiri recipes that take advantage of fresh fruit!

7. Shaken Strawberry Daiquiri Made With Vodka

By Love to Know

Shaken Strawberry Daiquiri Made With Vodka by Love to Know

Strawberry daiquiris don’t always have to be frozen. In fact, this Shaken Strawberry Daiquiri by Love to Know is the perfect choice if you want a great cocktail without the use of a blender. 

Shake vodka, lime juice, and strawberry syrup over ice to chill then serve in a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a mint sprig and a fresh strawberry. You can even rim the glass with sugar for extra sweetness.

8. Strawberry Shortcake Daiquiri

By The Farm Girl Gabs

Strawberry Shortcake Daiquiri by The Farm Girl Gabs

If you are looking to mix up your traditional strawberry daiquiri cocktail, try this Strawberry Shortcake Daiquiri recipe by The Farm Girl Gabs. It uses fresh strawberries, whipped cream vodka, coconut rum, almond milk, and strawberry simple syrup. This daiquiri is both fruity and creamy. 

9. Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Slush

By Butter Your Biscuit

Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Slush by Butter Your Biscuit

The Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Slush by Butter Your Biscuit uses lemonade, fresh strawberries, vodka, granulated sugar, and ice, though if you subbed club soda or lemon-lime soda for the lemonade, you could create a less sour flavor. This is a frozen strawberry daiquiri recipe that is highly customizable! 

Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

Are you looking to skip the prep time altogether? Daiquiri mixes are a great option for achieving the perfect strawberry daiquiri cocktail without feeling like you are cooking! These mixes simply require you to add vodka and ice then chill or blend. 

LAVA Premium Strawberry Cocktail Mix is made with real strawberry puree, strawberry juice, agave, and key lime juice for the perfect sweet and tart taste. It is ready-to-drink, simply blend with ice and vodka for a frozen drink or shake over ice. 

Mr. & Mrs. T Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

Mr. & Mrs. T Strawberry Daiquiri Mix uses juicy strawberry puree, cane sugar, and tangy lime juice to get that made from scratch taste while still making it easy to serve a frozen daiquiri to your guests. Simply just add the vodka!

Master of Mixes uses ripe California strawberries and key lime juice to make a sweet and balanced mix. Add your favorite vodka and skip a complicated daiquiri recipe!

Ready To Drink Strawberry Daiquiris

We understand that sometimes it is better to be able to grab a beverage right out of the fridge on the weekend instead of having to get out the blender or shaker. These are our favorite ready-to-drink strawberry daiquiris for when you are looking to save some time and effort. 

This MXD Cocktail Co Strawberry Daiquiri may come in a can, but it will still transport you to a tropical beach. At 12% ABV, it’s premixed and ready to go. It is sweet but balanced with very little burn making it a great go-to. 

Bacardi is known for their rum, but they also have ready-to-drink cocktails made with their infamous rum as well. Their Bacardi Classic Cocktails Strawberry Daiquiri is best when you simply pour it over ice. Made with strawberries, Bacardi, lime, and sugar, it is simple, sweet, and delicious. 

Want a frozen daiquiri without dragging out the blender? The Daily’s Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri is premixed in a pouch, but provides a perfect cocktail right out of the freezer! Pour into some glasses or squeeze it right out of the pouch!


Can I use vodka instead of rum in a strawberry daiquiri?

Yes, in many different cocktails, you can swap vodka for rum, especially in recipes that call for light or white rum.

What goes in a strawberry daiquiri?

A traditional strawberry daiquiri contains rum, citrus juice like lime or lemon, sweetener, and strawberries or strawberry flavor. 

Enjoy a Strawberry Daiquiri At Home

Though daiquiris are typically made with rum, these strawberry daiquiri recipes with vodka are stellar. Grab some glasses and pour up some sweet tropical goodness as a weekend treat. No matter your desired consistency or taste, there is a recipe here that tastes just how you like it.

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