Rose Syrup for Cocktails

Rose Syrup for Cocktails

Rose syrup for cocktails might not be something that every mixologist has behind the bar, but it should be. Rose syrups offer a light, floral note to cocktails and other drinks without being overpowering. 

You can purchase premade rose syrups or make your own rose syrup using an infusion of rose petals, or you can add rose water. These seven premade flavored syrups stand out for their excellence and offer versatility for your cocktail-making game. 

Premade Rose Syrups

Monin Rose

Monin is a maker of well-loved flavored syrups for drinks and cocktail recipes, so it’s not a huge surprise they offer the best rose syrups for cocktails.

Monin has a clean label, with no artificial sweeteners or other artificial ingredients – including artificial colorings. 

This option is perfect for your favorite rose syrup cocktail, and it can be used to sweeten any drink, from sparkling wine to lemonade. This one offers an amazing aroma and beautiful deep pink color to add visual appeal to cocktail recipes. 

Wäbry Organic Rose

Wabry makes organic rose syrups that are created with clean ingredients to elevate your favorite drink recipes.

With pure ingredients like rose water, cane juice, beet juice, and natural vegan flavorings, you can feel good about adding this to your cocktails. 

This is a wonderful option that offers a light scent of real roses. Add an extra layer of elegance when you use this syrup by garnishing your drinks with a few edible flowers. 

Amoretti Premium Rose Syrup

Amoretti Premium Syrup offers a nice, delicate floral flavor that’s not too sweet or overpowering for your rosey cocktails. The light floral notes are perfect for adding to a glass of sparkling wine or mimosas for a different twist on your brunch cocktails. 

Amoretti isn’t the most natural on this list, but it’s easy to forgive that detail if it’s a nice, subtle floral flavor you’re looking for. 

Torani Rose Syrup

Torani Rose is one of the lighter-flavored syrups on this list, but the floral aroma of fresh rose petals is divine. Because the flavor is so light, this is a very versatile rose syrup, and adding just a few drops is a super easy way to add something different to a range of cocktails, from a gin martini to a mojito.

Plus, the pink hue will make just about any drink more pleasing to look at.

Davinci Gourmet Rose Syrup

Davinci Gourmet Rose-flavored syrup should be a staple for your home bar if you like the taste of sweet florals in your drinks.

Reviews love the flavor of this in their teas and coffee. We tried it for ourselves and have to agree. It’s also just sweet enough to take the edge off a rose syrup cocktail without overpowering the drink. 

Davinci also uses vegetable food colorings instead of synthetic food dye to give this its light pink hue. Make a champagne cocktail with a dash of this and a little elderflower liqueur for a cocktail that’s perfect for any special occasion. 

Tea Zone Rose Syrup

Tea Zone Rose Syrup comes in a larger jug than the other bottles on this list. You might think this is way too much to use in a few weeks, but thankfully it keeps well in a cool place, such as the refrigerator. Plus, the uses aren’t limited to your favorite cocktail recipe. It also works really nicely in food and baked goods, like desserts. 

A nice way to enhance the floral flavor of this is to muddle an orange and a little sugar in the bottom of a glass, then add some of this and vodka or gin. The sweet, floral flavors go really nicely with the citrus. 

1883 Routin Rose Syrup

1883 Routin Rose Syrups aren’t as popular as other brands like Monin and Torani, but they have a very devoted following.

Customers are especially fond of this syrup for its distinct taste and smell that perfectly mimics fresh flowers. This syrup also manages to produce a delicious floral flavor without any lingering artificial aftertaste. 

This is a wonderful addition to a variety of drink recipes, from a spiked lemonade to a raspberry lemon drop. You only need to mix just a little in for a noticeable flavor impact. 

Homemade Rose Syrup

Falooda Syrup (Rose Simple Syrup) 

By The Flavor Bender

When looking up the perfect recipes for rose syrups, you might come across something called Falooda syrup. This is another name used for rose-flavored syrup, with “Falooda” being used to describe South Asia drinks cuisine that’s a type of rose-scented milk drink. Another use of the word Falooda can be found in Middle East cuisine, where it’s used to describe a sweetened noodle dessert. 

Falooda syrup is what’s behind these creations, and if you’re interested in making your own homemade rose syrup, this recipe from the Flavor Bender is one of the best we’ve found. In it, the author prefers to use rose water over fresh or dried petals for the sake of consistency and to save time. 

If you’re familiar with simple syrup recipes, this one is no different. If you’re new to the game of making your own syrups, you’ll be happy to know it’s a very easy process. 

Simple syrup is nothing more than sugar with water added. You heat the mixture over medium heat and stir it occasionally as you let it come to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer until thickened to the desired consistency. The only difference between this recipe and plain simple syrup is the addition of rose water to the mix.

You could also steep the petals in the mixture, but you’ll want to carefully strain the syrup once it has cooled down to remove any remaining flower bits. The author of this recipe uses hibiscus as a natural food coloring. 

Rose syrups can be poured into a jar or bottle and stored in a cool place, such as the fridge or in a cool, dark corner of the pantry. 


Rose syrups are easy to make but don’t forget that you can add different flavorings and herbs to create tasty variations. When making syrups with rose water or dried rose petals, try adding one or more of these ingredients for a different twist. 

  • Flowers such as hibiscus or lavender 
  • Vanilla bean to soften the floral notes 
  • Orange water for just a hint of citrus
  • Add rose water or dried roses to homemade blueberry syrup (this is great in lemonade!)
  • Use agave nectar or honey in place of some or all of the sugar 


Is Rose Syrup the same as rose water?

Rose water and syrup aren’t the same things. The rose-infused syrup is a traditional simple syrup that has been infused with floral flavor, sometimes from rose petals. Rose water is made by steeping rose petals in water. The taste is different, and the rose simple syrup will have more sugar and calories. 

Which is the best rose syrup?

There are a number of great rose syrups on the market. Monin, Torani, and Davinci are just a few examples of great options you can find at the store or by ordering online. 

What is rose syrup made of?

Rose syrups have a base of simple syrups that are flavored, either with artificial or natural flavorings. Additional ingredients may be added, such as colorants and preservatives. 

What is Rose syrup good for?

Rose syrup can be used in many different ways, from coffee and teas to cocktails and desserts. It offers a nice, lightly floral taste that’s delicious with many different flavors. Try adding it to a classic cocktail recipe, like a White Russian, but use vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, and then milk that has been mixed with rose-infused syrup. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Rose syrup can be added to a variety of cocktails and non-alcoholic drink recipes. 
  • You can purchase rose syrups or make your own.
  • Rose syrups can be made with rose water or by steeping the flower petals. 
  • Store rose-scented syrup in a cool, dark place for the longest shelf life.

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