Blueberry Vodka Martinis

10 Delicious Blueberry Vodka Martinis

Blueberries are beautiful little nuggets of sweet deliciousness – and they have a flavor that goes wonderfully in vodka martinis. Flavored vodka is something you can get quite creative with, and we’re loving these blueberry vodka martinis that we’ve found. Satisfy your desire for fresh blueberries and a vodka martini at the same time with one of these ten blueberry martini recipes. 

1. Sweet Blueberry Martini

By Kitchen Swagger

Sweet Blueberry Martini

This Blueberry Martini recipe by Kitchen Swagger is sweet with the taste of sun-ripened blueberries. For this one, mix your favorite blueberry vodka, triple sec, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup for a bit of sweetness to bring all of the other flavors together. 

If you don’t have blueberry vodka, you can make this cocktail using unflavored vodka and mashing up the blueberries for a very fresh flavor. The trick if you do use fresh blueberries is to double strain the cocktail so that you can have a nice clean drink that’s free of any pulp. 

2. Blueberry Vodka Martini

By The Spruce Eats

Blueberry Vodka Martini

We love the deep blueberry hue of this delightful blueberry martini. This martini cocktail doesn’t specify blueberry vodka, but it would undoubtedly be a nice touch. Add vodka, blueberry juice, your favorite orange liqueur, and the secret ingredient – mango juice! 

At first, the mango juice feels out of place, but once you taste it, you find out it just makes this martini even more delicious. Garnish with fresh or frozen blueberries for a finishing touch. 

3. Easy Blueberry Martini

By Garnish with Lemon

Easy Blueberry Martini

Are you looking for an easy blueberry martini recipe that impresses every time? This simple, elegant martini by Garnish with Lemon combines the flavor of blueberry vodka with a subtle hint of elderflower liqueur. Combine them in your cocktail shaker with a little lime juice and simple syrup, give it a shake with some ice, and pour it into your glass for a beautiful drink. 

4. Blueberry Pancake Martini

By Hy-vee

Blueberry Pancake Martini

Skip the mimosas and wine spritzers the next time you’re doing brunch, and serve these brunch-themed Blueberry Pancake Martinis instead. Who would have thought that you could pack blueberry pancake flavor into a martini glass, but this blueberry martini recipe manages it perfectly. 

For this cocktail, combine blueberry vodka, butterscotch schnapps, Frangelico liqueur, and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Then, shake vigorously to get the drink nice and frosty. Pour into your favorite martini glasses and garnish with vodka-infused blueberries. 

One note of caution about this one – it goes down smoother than a short stack of blueberry pancakes, but the nutrition info tells us that there are 400 calories in each one. We say skip the pastry platter and have this instead!

5. Very Blue Blueberry Martini

By Cooking on the Side

Very Blue Blueberry Martini

We can’t help but love a blueberry martini with a deep, rich, almost velvety blue hue. The secret to the color is a nice splash of blue curacao with muddled fresh blueberries in the cocktail shaker. Then you add blueberry vodka (this recipe calls for unflavored vodka, but we love the flavor of Stoli Blueberi Vodka in it), lemon juice, and ice. 

Shake vigorously to really release the blueberry flavor from the berries. This recipe is nothing short of decadent when served in a nicely chilled martini glass. 

6. Blueberry Lemon Drop Martini

By Mission Food

Blueberry Lemon Drop Martini

This Blueberry Lemon Drop Martini requires an extra step or two, but the taste and presentation are definitely worth it.  First, you want to take your well-chilled martini glasses, dip them in a bit of lemon juice, and then coat the rims with raw sugar. You can also use regular sugar, but the raw sugar makes a nice visual contrast. 

Next, you want to take a nice handful of fresh blueberries and muddle them until they’re nice and juicy. Stoli Blueberi Vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup are added to the cocktail shaker along with some ice. Then shake until it all becomes a sweet, beautifully blended martini cocktail that tastes divine. 

7. Acai Blueberry Martini

By Champagne and Coconuts

Acai Blueberry Martini

Acai berries are packed with antioxidants, but you’re probably not overly worried about the nutrient content of your martini. What you are concerned about is how it tastes and if it’s worthy of being added to your special occasion cocktail recipes collection. We promise that this Acai Blueberry Martini is a keeper. 

It all starts with a list of ingredients that includes Acai-Blueberry Vodka (Van Gogh is the preferred brand for this cocktail), cranberry juice, lime juice, honey syrup, and fresh blueberries that will get all nice and muddled before the remaining ingredients are added in. Garnish with fresh raspberries and serve. 

8. Stoli Blueberry Martini

By Foodviva

Stoli Blueberry Martini

Of all the martinis on this list, this Stoli Blueberry Martini recipe is by far the closest to a true, classic martini. Stoli Blueberi Vodka is combined with sweet vermouth, a little bit of lemon juice, and garnished with fresh blueberries for one of the cleanest-tasting blueberry martinis that you’ll ever have the pleasure of drinking. 

9. Ginger Blueberry Martini

By The Food Blog

Ginger Blueberry Martini

Ginger and blueberry are flavors that pair wonderfully together, especially in the martini recipe. It all starts with a blueberry ginger syrup that you make yourself, so you are going to want to allow yourself the time to make the infused syrup recipe and give it a chance to cool before crafting your drink. 

Once the syrup is ready, combine it with a really high-quality vodka, dry vermouth, and ice cubes. Give it a few tosses in your cocktail shaker, strain, and serve garnished with fresh berries or another favorite fruit skewered onto a cocktail pick

10. Friday at Five Blueberry Martini

By Gogogo Gourmet

Friday at Five Blueberry Martini

It’s five o’clock on a Friday, so which martini recipe are you going to reach for? Our pro tip is to try this super simple, super delicious blueberry martini with lemon citrusy undertones. While we appreciate the complexity of an intricate cocktail recipe, we absolutely adore those that are simple. This one is perfect with blueberry vodka, lemonade, and lime juice. Three ingredients in a martini glass, and you’re on your way to a wonderful weekend. 

Any Time Is the Perfect Time for Blueberry Martini Cocktails

Blueberries are one of those things that don’t know the boundaries of seasons. We love them nice and ripe in the summer, but into the fall and winter, they add color and berry notes to many types of food and drink. Make a batch of blueberry martinis to share with friends and family, fill your glass full, and say cheers to the good things in life.

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