The Best Premade Margarita Mix

The Best Premade Margarita Mix

There’s something about a perfectly crafted margarita that’s just unlike any other drink. The tequila, the lime, the sweetness, and the salt. It’s pure perfection. Premade margarita mixers are an easy way to enjoy your favorite cocktail without any fuss. We buckled down and did serious research to find the 17 best margarita mixes. Plus, we included a few recipes, just in case you’d prefer to make your own. 

Best Store Bought Premade Margarita Mixers

Winner: Strongwater Best Margarita Mix

Our absolute favorite margarita mix is this one by Stonewater. This mix is made with real, fresh ingredients and none of the processed, too-sweet ingredients that are used in typical margarita mixes. Ingredients like fresh lime juice, a touch of sugar, and pure mountain spring water make this mixer pure and delicious. The ingredients list is short and sweet, and the flavor of the classic cocktail is divine. These are details that we really appreciate. 

Best All Natural Margarita Mixer: Filthy Margarita Mix 

Filthy is a brand known for making all sorts of wonderful cocktail mixers and accompaniments. Their Filthy Margarita Mix is no exception. This is an all-natural mix made with pure, natural lime juice from Florida and sweet agave nectar. The formula is simple and perfect, plus it’s natural too! Each packet of Filthy Margarita Mixes makes about ten margaritas. 

Best Zero Calorie Margarita Mixer: Swoon Zero Calorie Margarita Mixer

It’s a hot summer’s day, and you want to sit back and enjoy a drink. The only problem is that margaritas are packed with so many calories and carbs. A margarita sounds good, but it’s not worth blowing your diet over. Let us introduce you to Swoon Zero Calorie Margarita Mixer

Unlike most margarita mixes that use high fructose corn syrup or lots of sugar, this mix by Swoon uses naturally sweet monk fruit instead. All you need to do is add a high-quality tequila to the mix and enjoy – guilt-free. This is a great mixer for diabetics who want to enjoy a refreshing cocktail with low sugar.

Best Skinny Margarita Mixer: Jordan’s Skinny Mixes Margarita 

Skinny cocktails are all the rage, and we’re kind pf in love with this skinny margarita mixer by Jordon’s. This mix has only five calories per serving and zero sugar. It has a light, refreshing taste, with freshly squeezed lime juice flavors. 

To make the perfect margarita, just add tequila and maybe a little salt and lime. Jordan’s Skinny Mixes Margarita is also great for adding a little low-calorie zing-zang to sparkling water, ice tea, and other refreshing beverages.

Best organic Margarita Mixer: Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix

Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix makes it possible to have your margarita and not stray from your standards of high-quality, organic ingredients. This mix is made using only four organic ingredients, which are also all gluten-free. The secret to the wonderful flavor of this organic mix starts with organic agave nectar, organic lime concentrate, pure filtered water, and a little extra vitamin C. 

Best Single Serving Margarita Mixer: RSVP Skinnies Zero Calorie Cocktail Mixers – Baja Flavor

These RSVP Skinnies Zero Calorie Cocktail Mixers in the Baja flavor solve the problem of buying an entire bottle of margarita mix when you only want one or two cocktails. With these individual-sized packets, you don’t have to worry about taking up extra space in your refrigerator or pantry. Plus, they’re compact enough to pack in your bag for a pool party. 

To sweeten the deal, these single-serving margarita mixes are zero calories, made with plant-based ingredients, and contain zero artificial sweeteners. 

Best Strawberry Margarita Mixer: Tres Agaves Organic Strawberry Daiquiri and Margarita Mix

There’s no question that strawberry margaritas are a refreshing drink. They’re also a bit of a hassle to make if you plan on using fresh strawberries. This Tres Agaves Organic Strawberry Daiquiri and Margarita Mix gives you the natural flavors of strawberry and fresh lime, but with the added perk of convenience. 

Like other Tres Agaves products, their strawberry mixer is all organic, including the luscious strawberry purees, agave syrup, and lime juice. The result is a perfect strawberry cocktail that’s perfectly delicious. 

Unique Margarita Mixers Flavors: 

Tres Agaves Organic Mango Chile Margarita Mix 

Whether planning a Cinco de Mayo party, backyard gathering, or just hanging out with a friend while enjoying your favorite cocktail, Tres Agaves mixes things up and adds a little spicy kick to the mix with their Organic Mango Chili Margarita Mix.   

This mix features a hint of spice and is slightly sweet to balance the flavors. All of the ingredients are organic, and they enhance the mix with real lemon juice. For an extra spicy take, make a pitcher of these and add a few slices of habanero to the pitcher. This spicy zing of a habanero margarita is hard to resist. 

Tres Agaves Organic Pineapple Ginger Margarita Mix 

Tres Agaves is an award-winning margarita mix company, and with flavors like their Pineapple Ginger, it’s no wonder people are falling in love with them. This is a 100% certified organic margarita mix made with all-natural ingredients. The flavors of pineapple, ginger, and lime play wonderfully together. All you need to do is add tequila to the mix and enjoy. 

Avec Jalapeno and Blood Orange Drink Mixer

Before we tasted this, we weren’t sure that jalapeno and blood orange were good playmates, but this mix easily changed our minds. This is definitely one of the best margarita mixes if you love a bit of heat with your sweet. The zing of jalapeno and the slightly sweet lusciousness of the blood orange work together perfectly. There are spicey, sweet, and tart citrus flavors. This is also a very versatile mixer that works with tequila, vodka, gin, and even rum. 

Best Premade Margaritas with Alcohol

Original Margarita Flavor 

On The Rocks Hornitos Tequila Margarita Cocktail

We love this On the Rock Hornitos Tequila Margarita Cocktail for its fresh lime flavors and smooth tequila taste. This is a very classic-tasting premade cocktail, with the triple sec flavor and tart lime mixed in perfect proportions to the tequila. 

We enjoy this one on the rocks with an extra little squeeze of fresh lime juice. You couldn’t ask for a better margarita. 

1800 Ultimate Margarita

The 1800 Ulitmate Margarita is made with high-quality tequila, tart lime, and other natural flavors. This one is a little more tequila-forward than others on our list, but that’s not a bad thing! The tequila is very smooth tasting, and the citrus flavors of the mix add the perfect accent. This cocktail is best complimented with a rim of salt and a wedge of lime. It also makes a quick and delicious frozen margarita when added to a blender with some ice. 

Best Flavored Margarita Mix with Alcohol

Jose Cuervo Authentic Margarita Pink Lemonade

We all know and love the Jose Cuervo classic margarita, but we think they struck gold with the premade mix that infuses the traditional margarita with the flavors of pink lemonade. This genius of margarita mixes is bright, fresh, and perfect for a summer cocktail party. 

Keep in mind that the flavors of this mix can be a little strong if they’re not diluted by ice. We suggest small cubed ice, crushed ice, or even blending this for a frozen margarita. It’s also great with a splash of soda if you like your cocktails to have a little fizz. 

Skinnygirl White Peach Margarita

Skinnygirl makes a wonderful line of premade cocktails and mixers, but this white peach margarita ranks as one of our favorites. The peach flavor is deliciously juicy but still lets the flavors of the tequila and agave nectar shine through. Plus, this is low-calorie and guilt-free, which is just peachy with us. 

1800 The Ultimate Black Cherry Margarita

1800 margarita mixes come in various flavors, but their black cherry margarita stands out in the crowd. The flavor of the black cherry is sweet and delicious. You can enjoy this premade mix as is or get a little creative as we did. We added this to a blender with a little ice and frozen limeade. Serve in a glass with a light sugar or salt rim, and enjoy. 

Rancho La Gloria Mango Margarita

This mango margarita mixed cocktail by Rancho La Gloria tastes like a tropical vacation in a glass. This isn’t one of those wimpy mango cocktails, either. The flavor and consistency make this one taste like you just made it with fresh mango and blue agave nectar. Don’t worry. We won’t tell your secret that this one came from a bottle! 

Best Frozen Margarita with Premade Mix: Daily’s Ready-To-Drink Margarita Frozen Cocktail

These frozen margarita pouches by Dally’s are super convenient and fun to have on hand. Everything you need for a perfectly delicious lime margarita is packaged into one convenient pouch. Just grab a few of these at the store, toss them in your freezer, and you’ll always have a frozen margarita at the ready. All you have to do is sip right from the pouch or pour it into a glass. 

Dally’s has many other fun flavors and cocktail variations, so you can stock up on some variety. Stores stock them in freezer and non-refrigerated sections, so they’re shelf stable at room temperature before freezing. 

3 Best Margarita Mix Recipes 

Homemade Margarita Mix

by A Beautiful Mess

Homemade Margarita Mix

A Beautiful Mess offers a recipe for a classic margarita mix that’s perfectly balanced and not overly sweet. The best part is that you only need three ingredients to make this happen. For the mix, you only need real lime juice (we like using key lime juice), pure cane sugar, and filtered water. 

To make this mix, you start by making a simple syrup with water and sugar. Then once it’s slightly cooled, you add the lime juice. Mix well and let it cool completely before using it to make your cocktails. This mix can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. 

When making your margaritas, you’ll need to add in your favorite tequila and an orange liqueur, such as triple sec. Some people add the triple sec to the mix, and that’s fine too. You just might have to play a little with the amounts to get the taste right. 

Margarita Mixer

by Nellie Bellie

Margarita Mixer

Nellie Bellie makes a wonderful lime margarita mix, and what makes this one stand out is the addition of fresh mint leaves when making the simple syrup. 

You start with filtered water and pure cane sugar. Then heat these together in a saucepan until it gets syrupy. This is when you add the mint leaves, and the magic happens. Make sure to use fresh mint leaves and not dried ones. It really makes a big difference in how it tastes. 

This mix also uses a combination of lemon and lime. We also used a citrus zester to release some of the essential citrus oils into the mix. 

This mix can be stored in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it –or until it’s all gone! The slight mint flavor of this also tastes wonderful in frozen margaritas.

Fresh Margarita Mix

by Wholefully

Fresh Margarita Mix

This mixture by Wholefully is bright and bursting with a healthy dose of fresh citrus flavor. Other mixes focus on using limes, but this one uses both orange and lime, which makes all the difference. Both the juice and zest of the citrus fruits are used to make this, which makes for a really nice, juicy, vibrant flavor. A little orange extract can also be added to the mix if you want an even heavier citrus flavor. 

To keep this  mix, store it in a glass container with a lid, and keep it in the refrigerator for 7-10 days. 


What is a good premade margarita?

There are many great margaritas mixes on the market, with Strongwater Best Margarita Mix being one of our favorites. Still, even the best store-bought margarita mixes pale compared to the fresh lime flavors of a mix you make yourself. 

What’s in a premade margarita mix?

The best margarita mixes usually start with simple syrup or agave syrup, then have a healthy dose of fresh lime added in. Margarita mixes that contain tequila will also have an orange liqueur, like triple sec, added to the mix.

How long does premade margarita mix last?

A store-bought margarita mix can last a long time when it’s left unopen. Once it’s open, you usually want to use it within a couple of months. The risk here isn’t that you’re worried about spoilage as much as the flavors mellowing and becoming rather bland the longer it sits. 

How do you make a premade margarita mix better?

You can make a drink made with a margarita mix better by adding your own personal touches. A great tequila is a good start. A lot of people like Jose Cuervo Classic in margaritas. Try adding a little juice from key limes or a little Cointreau or Grand Marnier to brighten the flavors. To create a more interesting flavor, try adding fresh fruit, mint leaves, or even a little red pepper extract for some zing. 

Bottom Line

Enjoying a margarita at home doesn’t have to be a complicated process of crafting the entire drink from scratch. These top mixes are an easy and delicious way to savor a margarita without all the extra work. Enjoy, and check back with us often for more cocktail recipes and suggestions.

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