Almond Syrup for Cocktails: Premade and Recipes

Almond syrup for cocktails is one of the unsung heroes of mixology. This sweet yet nutty syrup is also known as orgeat or orzata, and it’s amazing. If you are a fan of marzipan or similar sweets, milky white orgeat is a wonderful addition to your cocktail game. 

There are literally dozens of companies making their own rendition of this classic cocktail ingredient. So, which almond orgeat syrups are the best on the market? Here’s our list. 

The Best Premade Almond Syrups for Cocktails

Liber & Co. Almond

Handcrafted by artisans in Texas, Liber & Co. Almond Orgeat Syrup has become one of the most popular for people who want to kick their Mai Tai cocktails up a notch.

This orgeat is a lot more potent than most other syrups of its kind. You can always taste rich almond flavor when you’re using Liber & Co’s. 

Torani Puremade Syrup – Almond

Torani is a brand that most people are aware of, if only because they’ve become a staple in coffeehouses.

They make excellent flavored syrups that have become popular for use in coffees, teas, and even fresh baked goods. 

This almond-flavored syrup is a good choice for people who love the taste of classic coffeehouse creations – like a boozy coffee drink. 

Monin Sugar-Free Almond Syrup

Let’s just face it: not everyone wants an overly sugary drink. Diabetes is an issue, and so are other dietary restrictions.

If you want to have a gluten-free almond syrup that also has no sugar included, you might like Monin Sugar-Free syrup. 

This is the closest you’ll get to classic orgeat syrup without using sugar in the mix. 

Amoretti Premium Syrup – Almond

Another classic company from Italy, Amoretti, has been making orgeat for ages.

If you have a penchant for high-end coffee houses, then you may have already sipped on their syrup without realizing it. 

Velvety and sweet, but not cloyingly so, Amoretti’s orgeat will make your cocktails pop in the best way possible. 

Ferrara – Italian Orzata Almond Syrup

Are you looking for an Italian-made syrup that is made specifically for cocktails? If so, you’re going to like Ferrara.

Often considered to be the original Orzata, this syrup tastes so good, you can make a soda from it. 

You can never go wrong with the original. Your cocktail (and nutty flavor palate) will thank you.

Skinny Syrups Sugar-Free Vanilla Almond

A newcomer to the world of almond syrups, Skinny Syrups has produced several enviable offerings in the world of sugar-free options.

Their Vanilla Almond is a unique twist on your favorite cocktail ingredient thanks to its notes of vanilla. 

While this may not have as traditional a flavor as what you might get with a Trader Vic’s Original Mai Tai, it definitely has a cult following for a reason. It’s delightful!

Make Your Own Quick & Easy Orgeat

This orgeat recipe by Blossom to Stem is super easy to make, without the hassle of making your own almond milk with ground almonds in a blender or food processor and then pressing the almond liquid through a fine mesh strainer for a smooth consistency. You can use other nuts for a different taste if you prefer.

However, if you’re a purist who likes to make things from scratch, make sure you use the freshest real almonds for the best taste. Almond extract is there to compliment the flavors of homemade orgeat but shouldn’t overpower it. 

Best Cocktails with Almond Flavored Syrup

Mai Tai

By a Couple Cooks

This classic cocktail is a favorite tiki cocktail. If you love the idea of going to a tropical place in your mind, this is the drink to sip. You will need aged rum, dark rum, orange liqueur, orgeat, and lime juice. 

Mix it with some crushed ice, and you have yourself a beautiful tiki bar classic. With that said, we want to point out that the original recipe for this requires orgeat—not standard almond simple syrup. If you want to go with the more authentic recipe, use orgeat syrup. 

Almond Joy

By AdultBar

Are you looking for that classic nuttiness that people love about almonds? Mix a shot each of Bacardi coconut rum, creme de almond, and creme de cacao from McGuinness. Then, add 1 ½ shots of heavy cream. Add some almond simple syrup, shake the ingredients, and serve it over ice. 

It tastes just like an Almond Joy. If you want to extend the size of the drink, consider adding almond milk to it. It may dilute the taste, but you’ll still get the overall flavor. 

Buying Guide

We love our almonds here—blanched almonds, roasted almonds, ground almonds, almond milk, and almond candies too. However, almond syrups can run the gamut from bad to excellent. You just need to know how to buy the right one. 

Orgeat or Syrup?

It’s important to note that almond syrup is not the same as orgeat. Orgeat syrup is made from additional ingredients alongside almonds, including orange flower water.

Orgeat is used as a base for Italian sodas made with soda water, but it’s also used in tiki drinks. 

The almond-flavored syrup is a lot simpler. It’s not as complex as the orgeat taste and is more along the lines of liquid marzipan due to its nutty taste.

It’s more of a simple syrup, sometimes with artificial flavors, but that’s okay. Sometimes, you just need the basics. 

We’ve included both types of syrups on our list because they both offer wonderful almond flavoring, just in different ways.

Natural or Artificial?

Natural flavoring gives you a better taste and also makes all tropical cocktails feel like craft cocktails. It’s like simple syrup but better. Avoid high-fructose corn syrup, and go straight for simple syrups with almond flavoring instead. 

Shelf Life

Finally, there is one more major matter that you need to address. Most of us will enjoy using this stuff to make an original Mai Tai once in a blue moon.

Maybe you’ll want to make a coffee recipe with it. While it’s good stuff, it’s not typically used in a person’s daily diet. 

Make sure that you buy a bottle that you can use within its shelf life. Otherwise, you’ll end up with more syrup than you can use. 


Is orgeat syrup the same as almond syrup?

They are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. Orgeat is made from almond extract (or almonds), orange flower water (or rosewater), and sugar. Almond syrup, on the other hand, is made from high fructose corn syrup (or sugar) and almond flavoring. 

What is the use of almond syrup?

It can be used in place of simple syrup in most classic cocktails—but it adds a twist of almond flavoring. Many classic cocktails use almond syrup as a way to add more flavors and dimension to a drink. 

What can I use instead of almond syrup?

Did your home bar run out of almond-flavored syrup? Not a problem. You can also use some simple syrup with a pinch of almond flavoring added in—it’s a quick recipe for homemade almond syrup. Another good option would be to get some orgeat. Depending on the recipe involved, you can also use amaretto. 

Key Takeaways

  • Orgeat is a syrup with the flavors of almonds and delicate orange flower water that’s used in a variety of cocktails and even coffee.
  • Almond syrup and orgeat can be found online or in the liquor section of most well-stocked grocery stores. 
  • You can make your homemade orgeat by making an almond simple syrup with a teaspoon of orange flower water added to it.

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