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Peppermint Rumchata Recipes

8 Peppermint Rumchata Recipes

Embrace the spirit of the season with peppermint RumChata cocktails! These eight peppermint RumChata recipes are sure to become part of your winter routine for years to come.

Best Mint for Mojitos

The Best Mint for Mojitos

Getting the best mint for mojitos is the best way to take your favorite mojito recipe to the next level. Here are the best fresh, dried, and liquid options, plus things to consider.

Rumchata Christmas Drinks

20 of the Best Rumchata Christmas Drinks

These 20 RumChata Christmas drinks are perfect for serving at a holiday party or while making cookies. No matter how you choose to enjoy RumChata this Christmas, we’ve got a recipe that will be the perfect fit!

The Best Vodka for Martinis

The Best Vodka for Martinis

Want to know what the best vodka for martinis is? Opting for a martini prepared with one of these 10+ best vodka brands is the only way to guarantee a smooth sip every time.

Sugar for Mojitos

The Best Sugar for Mojitos

Sugar is an essential part of the classic mojito and the right type of sugar matters. Find the best sugar for mojitos, along with a few great recipes to create your own.

16 New Year's Eve Cocktails 2022

16 New Year’s Eve Cocktails 2022

New Year’s Eve will be here before you know it, are you prepared? These 16 New Year’s Eve cocktails are perfect for sipping while the ball drops and you ring in the New Year!