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Spring Martini Ideas

15 Spring Martini Ideas

When winter slowly escapes the scene, it’s time to start thinking about spring martini ideas. Here are 15 spring martinis to try this season!

How to Order a Martini

How to Order a Martini Like a Boss

Sophisticate your cocktail order by mastering how to order a martini one step at a time. The days of going to a bar and ordering a vodka cranberry because you don’t know what else to order are officially over!

Keto Martini Recipes

16 Keto Martini Recipes

Making a keto martini is something that’s completely possible with the right recipe. Check out these 16 keto martini recipes to upgrade your next cocktail hour!

Electric Martini Shakers

The Best Electric Martini Shakers

Making a martini at home is a wonderful skill to have. These electric martini shakers will make the process easier than ever. At the end of a long day, you’ll be happy you can whip up a delicious and timeless cocktail!