Electric Martini Shakers

The Best Electric Martini Shakers


Making cocktails at home comes with a serious learning curve. It is no small task to learn what ingredients to use, how to measure them, and how to combine them to create a bar-worthy cocktail. Electric martini shakers are one of the many tools available to make your at-home cocktails easier!

Check out these electric martini shakers we love and amplify your home bar. There’s something for every budget, style, and cocktail preference!

Electric Martini Shakers

Promixx Electric Shaker

The Promixx electric shaker is a powerful electric mixer with a 20 oz capacity. The white and metal design is sleek and elegant. A rechargeable motor makes it easy to take your electric martini mixer on the go too!

This electric shaker was designed to be versatile for cocktails, smoothies, and protein drinks alike. A long-lasting battery provides powerful mixing abilities for multiple cocktails. That versatility is taken to the next level with a built-in storage pod.

The storage pod allows you to store something and keep it dry until it’s time to mix. For a martini, you could easily use the storage compartment for a few green olives to garnish your cocktail.

The best way to clean your Promixx electric shaker is to add warm water and soap to the shaker, then turn it on. The durable design is leakproof and guaranteed to make mixing martinis on the go a breeze!

Helmix Vortex 2.0 Shaker

This cocktail shaker by Helmix is a little different than the others we’re recommending for one reason: it doesn’t require a power source! Technically speaking, it isn’t an electric shaker, but it performs at the same level as most electric shakers.

The Helmix Vortex 2.0 Shaker works because of the unique vortex shake of the cup. With a 28 oz capacity, there’s no limit to the martini recipes you can explore!

To use this shaker, simply add your ingredients, secure the lid, then shake up and down 25-30 times. This simple motion activates the vortex chamber to mix as well as an electric mixer. 

Helmix has demonstrated the power of the Vortex 2.0 by demonstrating with peanut butter and a bit of water. Even such a thick substance is turned into a smooth liquid in no time!

The shaker can be put in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning and comes with a leakproof guarantee.

VOLTRX Premium Electric Shaker

The premium electric shaker by VOLTRX is an eye-catching shaker with black finishes. The mixing abilities of the shaker are strong enough to make a protein shake or smoothie, so crafting a timeless cocktail is no problem.

The rechargeable battery has an impressive charge time. VOLTRX estimates that if you use it three times a week, one charge lasts for an entire year! To be fair, who only mixes one martini in a night? Nevertheless, it’s a powerful battery that lasts for multiple uses.

This shaker has a 24 oz capacity with measurements up to 20 oz on the side. Take the mixer on the go and make your perfect martini anywhere! Add your ingredients, turn it on, then pour it into a martini glass. You can also opt to drink it straight from the shaker thanks to a built-in spout – no judgment here!

Cleaning your premium electric shaker is effortless. Add soap and warm water, and let the shaker do the work. Each VOLTRX electric shaker has a leakproof guarantee and an excellent customer service team to handle any of your concerns.

Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine

The Bartesian premium cocktail machine is a step above your average cocktail mixer. This machine is an investment piece, but it’s worth it if you value having the perfect drink every time.

The Bartesian cocktail machine has four reservoirs. These reservoirs are for different types of spirits. To use the machine, you insert a cocktail mixer pod. The pods are similar to the k-cups you use in a coffee machine. The machine then allows you to select the strength of your cocktail and start crafting.

Spirits will be pulled from the designated reservoirs and mixed with the ingredients in the pod to create the perfect cocktail with no effort on your part! After every drink is made, the machine automatically rinses to prevent mixing flavors with another cocktail.

The only downside to using the Bartesian cocktail machine is that the mixing pods must be purchased separately. Buying the pods does make Bartesian cocktails more expensive than cocktails you’d make on your own, but that’s the price of convenience. All Bartesian pods are 100% recyclable.

The machine can be deep cleaned using the built-in cleaning setting or by taking the dishwasher-safe parts apart and running them through a wash cycle.

Waring Pro Electric Martini Maker

The electric martini maker by Waring is a great in-between option for rechargeable martini makers and more elaborate devices like the electric martini shaker by Bartesian. The black and stainless steel shaker look stunning on display in a home bar or office.

Waring pro professional designed the electric martini maker to have a 1-ounce measuring cap that makes it easy to measure martini ingredients and add them to the shaker. Add ice, and martini ingredients, then turn it on. A green olive light indicates when the machine is turned on and ready for use. Then, select either shake or stir.

The device will craft your cocktail to your specifications. Shaken cocktails are well mixed and come out ice cold, while stirred cocktails are gently combined for a shorter time. When your drink is finished, pouring it into a cocktail glass is a breeze. This is thanks to the built-in strainer at the top of the shaker. 

This shaker has a 20-ounce capacity and is hand-wash only.

Buying Guide – What to Look For in an Electric Shaker

Drink Capacity

Some electric shakers hold up to 28 ounces, while others hold 20 ounces or less. Before you make a purchase, consider how large the shaker should be. For reference, the average martini or cocktail glass is 5 – 9 ounces.

Larger shakers allow you to craft martinis for a crowd quickly, while small shakers may be ideal if you prefer to drink alone.

Cleaning & Care

Not all electric shakers are dishwasher safe. Read the cleaning and care instructions before purchasing. If you don’t like to hand-wash, it’s best to stay away from machines that aren’t dishwasher safe.


Power is one of the things that really separates an electric and manual cocktail shaker. Machines that plug in directly will always have more power than a rechargeable shaker. Reading reviews and watching video demonstrations of the device in action are the best ways to see how powerful an electric shaker really is.


If you want an electric shaker purely for convenience, you might not care much about how it looks. If you plan to display it in your home bar, the aesthetics become much more important. Decide how important the look of an electric shaker is before making a purchase.

Bottom Line 

Making the perfect martini involves a little bit of science and precision, but these electric shakers make it easier to achieve perfection. Put your new electric martini shaker to the test with martini recipes from Cocktails Cafe for all your special occasions! We’ve got recipes to fit every preference. Utilize ingredients you already have in new, creative ways, or get inspired for your next shopping trip. Keep in touch with Cocktails Cafe to be the first to know about our latest recipe recommendations!

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